Thursday, January 27, 2011

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In Steve Helms' world "Firearms Equal Freedom".

The guy's name is Gerald Gay. He's a state rep in Wyoming. Here's more


Anonymous said...

He's a typical attention seeking, sociopathic tea party person wishing he could kill someone. I mean, these people REALLY WANT to kill someone, most all of them want to pull the trigger and then taste the blood. They-are-crazy.

They all want to be famous and this tea party gig is a way to be famous. AND kill stuff.

Ignore these nuts--it's hard but it may save your kids life. It won't be long before these crazies start shooting up school buses calling it "socialism" that they are forced to pay for schools and buses and's coming.

Why the FBI cannot stop them is beyond me. This guy is as whacko as you can we wait for him to kill someone innocent? Another little girl maybe?

Anonymous said...

He was discharged from the Army for reasons unknown; arrived in these parts of the country with fewer papers on birth, education and employment history than President Obama; drug out of bankruptcy by some woman active in the Republican Party; appointed to a top legal community position in the courts system with no prior skills by a Governor who quit his position after supporters had spent millions of dollars to get him elected, and, this is almost a novel but not as good as Winters Bone.