Saturday, July 30, 2011

Billy Long's addiction is aversion to the truth

StLtoday has this editorial: Billy Long's addiction is aversion to the truth

Someone on his staff should explain the Internet to U.S. Rep. Billy Long, the cowboy-hat-wearing Tea Party Republican from Springfield, Mo.

Mr. Long seems to not understand that his statements, often typed on Twitter, end up being consumed by the general public. For instance, he created quite the firestorm recently when, shortly after British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead, he compared her battles with drug addiction to congressional addiction to spending.

Mr. Long said he couldn't imagine that his ill-timed statement would be taken in a bad light, and then he issued an apology referring to Ms. Winehouse as a "true artist." We're guessing that the "conservative values" Republican hadn't actually paid much attention to the painfully gritty lyrics of Ms. Winehouse's songs before he suddenly became her biggest fan.

Contradictory statements are par for the course for Mr. Long. A couple of weeks ago, he said that "we are not going to raise the debt limit." Then he said that "cut, cap, balance" was the only way to raise the debt limit.

And on Thursday, he said he would back House Speaker John Boehner's plan that completely erased the lines Mr. Long previously drew in the sand.

Truth-telling, it seems, is not Mr. Long's addiction.
Ah, but we've been trying to tell you all that for over a year now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to Chicago For a McDonald's Commercial

Shortly after the 4th of July, while I was still down at the lake and on limited email access, I received the following email:

Hi Jim,
I saw a picture of your beautiful 1954 School Bus on the Stovebolt website and was wondering if you still have it.
I am working on a television commercial for McDonalds in the Chicago area this month and we are looking for a bus from that era. The commercial is a period piece and will be shot on July 27th at the original McDonalds in DesPlaines, IL.
If you still have the bus and think you might be interested in having in a commercial, please let me know.
I replied via my iPhone that it sounded interesting but I didn't feel like driving the bus all the way to Chicago and back.

I shared the email with my brothers and a couple of friends. They all encouraged me to do it. I was still ambivalent about the deal, I hadn't been feeling too good lately and I thought this was one of those deals that talked better than it was.

Then I got another email asking if I would be interested in driving the bus in the commercial and, if so, please send photographs of me. I did.

Then I got an email asking for clothing sizes and hat size.

I called the guy back up and during the course of the conversation he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So tomorrow, my grandsons Trey and Austin are heading to Chicago with me in the Suburban.

Yesterday (Saturday) my brother Tom came up with his flatbed, we re-wired the trailer, put a new fuel pump on the bus, bought a new battery for it, bled the brakes and loaded it on his trailer and hooked it up behind my Suburban.

Today, I detailed out the bus, it's cleaner than it ever has been since I owned it.

Here's what Bungalow Bill had to say about the trip--
The Bus is Headed to De Plaines
Just a mile or so from where I used to live in Chicagoland was the McDonald's museum. It was a classic style McDonald's missing Ronald because back in those days it was Speedy.

Well, it just so happens, Springfield's most famous bus is about to receive some fame in Europe. Busplunge blogger Jim Lee has negotiated a deal with Oak Park based McDonald's to drive the bus up to Des Plaines, Illinois, to the McDonald's museum to be featured in a new McDonald's commercial that will air in Europe.

Congratulations to Jim for this honor. The bus has been featured in numerous parades and political campaigns. Even Congressman Billy Long wanted to go for a bus ride at one time before he was elected.
The boys and I are planning on leaving at 4 am tomorrow morning. We will be tweeting and blogging and facebooking, so watch for us!

It's our great summer adventure, Part II. Ain't life grand!

Friday, July 22, 2011

LA TIMES discovers our "Smack talking Auctioneer"

Yep, Congressman Billy Long, our own 'smack talking auctioneer, made the LA TIMES with this article by Andrew Malcomb:Missouri Rep. Billy Long shows how D.C.'s deficit talks could be improved.

Here's a little Friday entertainment we've been saving for crunch time in Washington's deficit talks that have been going on longer even than the heat wave back there in Washington. Or, wait a minute. Heat wave. Swamp. Hot air. Congress.

Anyway, here's a little video from the good folks over at C-SPAN who capture virtually everything official in D.C. It's a brief speech by Rep. Billy Long of Missouri. He's a former auctioneer. And he wants a day to honor auctioneers.

We thought the new House management was doing away with this sort of celebratory hooey. But Long got the floor and goes on about the economic import of those fast-talkers who peddle for a fee just about anything anyone wants to sell.

Auctioneers, Long asserts, annually sell nearly twice as much stuff in value as the nation's $14.2 trillion in national debt. and who knew that auctioneering has been going on for 2,000 years? Or cares?

But hang in there. Billy gives a little sample of his trade on this deficit doodah. and it occurs to us maybe if Speaker Boehner and President Obama got to talking this way, we could get this unending hot air wave over with sooner.

Take a listen. Or give one:

Frequent bus riders will recall that the Auctioneers asked Billy to "drop a bill" and of course, he obliged.

Billy's words:
The National Auctioneer's Association called the office and they said, "We want you to proclaim the third Saturday in April, which a lot of states already have an auctioneer's day, a lot of cities already have an auctioneer's day. They say, "We'd like for you to 'drop that bill'.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Billy Long lied to us, he knows it and he knows we know it too and he is running scared.

Remember this exchange? I do:
“Are senior programs on the chopping block?”]

“When I ran for congress, I said, ‘we have to honor our commitment to our seniors,’ and that’s exactly what I plan to do and that’s exactly what we’re going to work on in Washington D.C.”

Congressman Billy Long, April 19, 2011, Springfield, MO

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An FOB says Billy didn't sell the auction company to Bob, he's just running it for him.

Lot of talk on the streets lately about what did Billy Long dowith his auction company(ies).

His Financial Disclosure report is inconclusive.

From Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom--

Anonymous Comment Provides More Insight to Billy Long's Business Interests

An anonymous comment was left yesterday on an old blog post discussing a rumor that former Congressional candidate Dean Moore shared with me shortly after the election last year. Moore said he had been hearing Congressman Long sold his Auction business. If you remember, KSPR reported this too.

First let's review Billy Long's big promise to voters on Josh Marsh's show.
Today, we have a little more insight to the status of Billy Long's big promise thanks to someone who left an anonymous comment claiming to be a friend and supporter of Billy's.
Dear Bugalow Bill,You sir are an idiot. Billy Long is a good family friend and a representative of my federal district. I have supported him before he was a politician, back when he was an auctioneer. Bob has taken over Billy's auction company but hasn't "bought" it. He is the new manager until Billy's return. As far as the gambling goes,it was just a tussle between he and his opponent. One claimed racism, the other claimed gambling. Neither of which has proven true. Billy Long has done a great job so far, standing against the Obama administration. I will definitely re-support him in 2012.
Sounds like Billy Long didn't tell his good friend of the family to keep his mouth shut concerning the status of his business.
Posted by Bungalow Bill
Lots of inconsistencies in Billy's stories.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is this why Billy Long walked away from questions about Eric Cantor's comments on Joplin Disaster Relief:

We all know that Billy Long voted for the Paul Ryan Bill which kills Medicare as we know it.

We all know that one of the first if not the first bill Billy Long sponsored was National Auctioneer's Day.

We all know that Long, the day AFTER he voted to make a $125 BILLION dollar settlement in a lawsuit most thought was frivolous, suddenly sponsored a bill to end frivolous lawsuit.

We all know that one of Billy's first acts as a congressman was voting against HCR, denying us healthcare reform while at the same time he chose to accept it for himself.

But what we didn't know was why Long was not vocal and sticking up for his constituents when Eric Cantor said no aid for Joplin.

Several bloggers questioned why Billy backed away and didn't stand up for his constituents.

While I was standing and watching Diane Sawyer live on ABC News’ evening broadcast from Joplin, I got a call from my brother, who informed me of Cantor’s comments. I confess I haven’t been following closely the national news, focusing rather on what has been happening in Joplin related to the tornado. So, I didn’t hear that Cantor had actually said what he said.

Across the street from St. John’s Medical Center, where ABC News was set up, was the site of a just-concluded press conference by the FEMA folks and local politicians—including our U.S. Congressman, Billy Long—updating progress on the post-tornado efforts. Naturally, I moved across the street and tried to find Mr. Long to ask him about Cantor’s ridiculous comments.

I found him.

Immediately—I could see it in his eyes—he recognized me as, I suppose, his local tormentor. I shook his hand and ask “Mr. Long” about Cantor’s comments, about what he thought about them, about whether we could expect federal money.

And instead of answering me, instead of telling me what he thought, he ignored me. He turned and walked away. My congressman, the man elected to represent me, simply walked away without a peep. Without a single bleeping word. Without answering whether the victims of this disaster in Joplin could expect federal help or whether they—meaning, really, President Obama and the Democrats—would have to fight the goddamn Republican leadership for it.

Now, we know why Billy walked away from the blogger's question: Eric Cantor's Every Republican is Crucial PAC (ERICPAC) gave $5,000.00 to Billy Long for his re-election.

Billy Long, you can take all the photos you want, you can ignore all those who question you and your votes but you can't run away from your record.

Congressman Billy Long paid a visit to the Volunteer Reception Center at Missouri Southern State University. He thanked AmeriCorps members for their hard work and posed for a picture with Shiela Smith, an AmeriCorps NCCC member. (Photo by Scott Julian, 2011)

Billy Long and his mendacity suck the spirit out of freedom loving Americans everywhere.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bus Photos July 9, 2011

Friday, July 01, 2011

The tapes don't lie: Why are these Billy Long videos being removed from Youtube?

Billy Long is learning quickly that no matter how hard he tries to remove Youtube videos of him being him, it ain't gonna happen.

First they tried to squelch Billy's "How do you keep a free market free?" video, all 3 minutes and 39 seconds of it:

Then there was the video of Billy Long ignoring a young reporter in the western portion of the 7th district. That disappeared too.

A couple of posts ago the bus reported on Billy Long's financial disclosure report and how the information contained in it didn't jibe with what Billy Long told Joplin talk radio host Josh Marsh in an interview.

We linked to that interview (Auctioneer Billy Long is told, "I don't trust you") which has now been removed by the owner.

This is the video where Long told Marsh that not only would Long have to sell his auction business, but whoever buys it would have to remove his name from the business. Long also said that he would have to sell his third interest in the largest real estate firm in Springfield AND give up his broker's license:

“You have to sell your business. If you have a fiduciary business, you have to sell that, so I’ve gotta walk away from a business I built up for 30 years. Who’s gonna buy it without me there? Answer: Nobody. Whoever I sell it to has to take my name off of it. Now, what’s it worth? Absolutely nothing.

“I own a third interest in the largest real estate company in Springfield; I have to sell that. Do you want to buy a real estate company today? You know, they’re not worth anything, and I have to give up my real estate broker’s license.”
The financial disclosure forms Long filed with the FEC reflect a different accounting of Long's business dealings.

Marsh removed that video transcript since we posted it. I sent Marsh the following text message this afternoon:
What happened to your "Why should I trust Bill Long" video on Youtube? What he told you doesn't match what he put on his financial disclosure form. Tnx, Jim Lee
As of the posting of this piece, I have not received a reply.

Here's the video containing Billy's statements:

Another video of Billy Long is gone from Youtube. Matthew Block's video analysis of Duane Graham's encounter with Billy Long (Billy Long denies bribery charge)has been made private. If Matthew Block's name is familiar, it may be because he has announced he is running for State Representative-- not sure what district, but it looks like one in Christian County.

Here's Block's video analysis of Long talking to Duane Graham:

This video is still up: