Thursday, January 06, 2011

Where was Billy Long during the reading of the US Constitution in the House Chamber?

I was watching C-Span and the reps reading the US Constitution on the house chamber floor.

I saw Vicki Hartzler read her sentence, I heard a lot of reps read their sentences. I also saw a lot of empty seats which led me to post this tweet on twitter at around 11:20 AM:

Billy has constantly told us folks down here in MO 7 how important the constitution is to him and how he carries his rode hard and put away wet copy in his hip pocket.

So, when I didn't see him in the chambers during the reading, I thought he might be in the restroom, or maybe taking a break in the house lounge or perhaps in the house cafeteria getting a quick sugar fix or even in the lobby outside John Boehner's office trolling for reporters.


HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BUILDING!Eight minutes later after my tweet, my Congressman, Bill Long, tweeted this: HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BUILDING!

Ah jeez.

I just called Billy Long's office to express my disapproval that he wasn't even in the building during the reading of the constitution. The person I spoke to told that Billy had a previous appointment with Mr. Phelps. Billy's tweet makes it appear that Phelps just dropped in to see Billy.

What gives Congressman Long?


Anonymous said...

Read the Constitution? You mean you have to be able to read to do this job?

Ah Jeez......

Brian said...

You really think Billy knows his schedule? He's "not a details guy."

Timeshare Jake said...

Good catch Jim. I have been trying to tell the Tea Parties Billy Long is full of it.

Anonymous said...

Really, are we surprised. He'll spend the next two year quoting the Republican's talking points and cashing our checks.

He's bogus. But then, that's what Roy wanted, a warm body to fill the seat, no brains, just a body.

They'll tell him what to think and how to vote and as long as he does what he's told ol' Billy will do just fine. He doesn't have to show up except once in awhile to vote. He KNOWS that.

When the crap hits the fan in about a year, they'll throw him to the dogs, it'll be every man for himself.

Just sayin'.


Does he know we're watching every move and takin' notes....because we CAN read and write?

Anonymous said...

Unless a network of people are regularly writing letters to the local papers and contributing to the network of blogs in the Ozarks, he will run unopposed in the Republican Primary Election.

This is serious folks. He has got to be exposed for the way he represents us in Congress.

The street talk has got to be truthful and factual.

The CDM said...

Perhaps someone should check to see if he tweeted drunk from a casino.

Anonymous said...

Obviously CDM does not have the social skills to help.

The CDM said...

anon 6:34 - If you are the same coward that has been posting after I say anything, you must be infatuated with me, I'm flattered.

Perhaps it is best you stay hidden. How's that for social skills?

Jim Evans said...

I think Billy should be required to stay after and do a detailed analysis of the legal implications of the Commerce Clause as applied to the Federal Government’s authority in mandating a person’s responsibility to secure a protective service.

Jim Evans said...

Anon 6:34
If he did, wouldn't you want to know?

Anonymous said...

I just want him to pay back his student loans

Anonymous said...

You know, you just can't make up this kind of stuff. What a farce:Billy Long, the Absentee Ozarker.

The CDM said...

To my anon stalker, you are still a coward and THAT will never change.

I suppose that if you are cross with me so severely, I suggest you do something about it.