Saturday, January 08, 2011

ah jeez.

Are you happy now?


Unknown said...

After posting that you had better not ever. And I mean ever show your face around my home again. I mean it. You are insane.

Unknown said...

Just so it is clear. This is Kirk A Hall. I don't want you to get confused since it is obvious it happens to you pretty easily. If my wife and I are on a walk and you see us. Stay indoors. You are too scary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk, I live next door to him and sure hope you aren't telling my Dad to stay inside when you are on the sidewalk, Methinks maybe you should alter your route, you're previous posts kinda come off a little like a veiled threat...just saying...-Lil Jim

Anonymous said...

Kirk if you want to blame someone for being insane, bloame Palin for putting her on the target to begin with. It's not Jim's fault, that maybe,one of your nutjobs actually shot a sitting Congresswoman for for having the temerity to be a Democrat.
I agree that sounds like a veiled threat...ya think? KathyG

Anonymous said...

Just reread your comment and decide that wasn't really even veiled. How can you tell someone you think they are crazy and follow it up with you better stay inside when you are walking on the sidewalk? Forget your meds again? See you around the hood, neighbor.

read this said...

Fox News employee Sarah Palin's violent rhetoric caused concern back in March 2010, when she released a map of the United States with gun crosshairs over 20 congressional districts, including Arizona's eighth.

The representative for that district, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), now lays in a hospital after a gunman put a bullet in her head, shooting 18 others before his violent eruption ended.

Anonymous said...

After comparing the Kirk A. Halls on an Internet search, it appears that this person works for Linda's Flowers on West Battlefield in Springfield.

His posts here are threats.


Anonymous said...

If this is the same Kirk Hall, Director Of Information Systems at Linda's Flowers & Karl's Tuxedos & Bridal, I have spent my last dime in that establishment, even though I found the original post to be in extremely poor taste.

Sky Girl said...
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Jim Evans said...

Rush Limbaugh: "I tell people don't kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus.” Ann Coulter: "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building." Remember Columbine, Jim Adkisson, July 2008, Joe Stack February, 2010, Mike Vanderboegh, March 2010, Byron Williams October, 2010. Senator Phil Gramm: "We're going to keep building the party until we're hunting Democrats with dogs."

Sky Girl said...

Holy Crap, Kirk A. Hall, did you miss the boat or what? You follow a condemnation of violent rhetoric with a violent threat? You are clearly one of the people in this country who just don't get it.

While Palin and Michelle Bachmann (who stated she wanted the people of Minnesota "armed and dangerous"
are not responsible for the actions of a mentally ill man in Arizona, leaders of all kinds have to do better.

When you are the leader of a particular group, and you use violent gun-related rhetoric to address your followers, you are being incredibly reckless. Leaders have to realize that their statements may be received by those much more fragile than themselves.

Responsible for what a gunman did yesterday? No. Incredibly, dangerouly reckless? Absolutely.

Sky Girl said...

Palin deleted the "reload" tweet yesterday. What does that tell you about how she perceives her past language?

Anonymous said...

This is all sick and funny in a sick way. Kirk, you're completely nuts --- when do you Tea Baggers STOP threatening people? When? There is nothing wrong with Jim posting the obvious, if he's sick then I'm sick too. I thought the exact same thing of Palin when this happened.

Odd the Republicans would try to repeal the new health care reform bill and use the word "Killing" in the title....I suppose that's no big deal either. I thought it odd when I saw they used such an aggressive and violent word to name their bill.

It's payday. Sarah Palin are you happy now? There's a dead little 9 year old girl that a week from now no one will remember her name, her favorite music, her favorite toys. Are you conservatives happy now?

You make me sick.


Anonymous said...

Kirk A Hall, more like Kirk A-Hole

Anonymous said...

Call Linda's Flowers on Monday and let them know what their employees are up to in their free time.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin is not to blame, then why did she remove the tweet in question and scrub her web site of the target map? Why did Fox News cut away from the candelight vigil when Palin's name was brought up by an attendee? Remorse or protecting the corporate image? We decide!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that pointing fingers at Palin or Democrats or Republicans does not apply to this crazy son-of-a-bitch?

Looks to me like he and his kind are a bigger threat than being politically correct. Ozark County had a next of these bastards several years ago and a very brave sheriff, with the help of the Missouri Highway Patrol, the FBI & ATF put them out of business.

Unknown said...

I did not threaten anybody. I just don't want him to expect a friendly conversation and smiles the next time we happen to run into each other. I have faked it for the last time for reasons I am not going into here. That's it, nothing more. But I can kind of see someone taking it the wrong way and I apologize for my wording. I should have just said the post was insane and left it at that.

If you would have asked I would have told you where I worked and saved anyone who cares some time. I do not hide on the internet which keeps my off the cuff rhetoric to a minimum (usually).

And I am not surprised one bit that some lefties want to try and damage someones ability to make a living when they don't agree with their politics. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"After posting that you had better not ever. And I mean ever show your face around my home again. I mean it. You are insane.

"Just so it is clear. This is Kirk A Hall. I don't want you to get confused since it is obvious it happens to you pretty easily. If my wife and I are on a walk and you see us. Stay indoors. You are too scary.

"I did not threaten anybody. I just don't want him to expect a friendly conversation and smiles the next time we happen to run into each other."

Fooled me.

Anonymous said...

Damn liberals... What's the world coming to when you can't publicly threaten someone and sign your full name and middle initial to it without some leftist wanting to hurt you financially by letting your employer now what you do on the weekends. Damn commits ruining my country...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/09/2011 1:49 PM:

We point fingers at anyone with political-financial-power driven motives, and that includes preachers, who uses incendiary, violent language.

These people, especially by virtue of their access to the media, arouse the worst in us and add to a climate of violence.

Giffords had been threatened numerous times and her office vandalized.

A year ago a tea party hothead dropped a gun while heckling her at a similar event.

That didn't deter Palin from declaring Gifford a "target", posting "reload" and the crosshairs of a gun sight over Giffords' district.

The same fighting Mama Grizzly Palin who made herself into a perverse folk hero associating herself with gun violence.


Anonymous said...

I'm a neighbor to to Jim as well. I am also a conservative. Having said that, I have never met Kirk, but I hope I never have to. I don't much care for people who threaten my neighbors(whether they share my views or not)and I'm downright unstable when I am threatened.

Anonymous said...

I've seen you Kirk. I think you let your mouth overload your ass, realized it, and apologized. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, shut the fuck up already.

You conservatives have gotten away easy for too long for advocating violence against anyone or anything that doesn't agree with your ideals.

You and those you support perpetuate violence, however subliminal, against many.

Gays, blacks, Mexicans,the poor, the soon to be poor, have all been targets of your pundits, and your elected officials (of late Palin who brought it to a new level).

Now you do what all Republicans do when cornered, you "crawfish". You guys do the same thing when you get caught banging kids, cheating on your wives, diddling in the airport --- it makes no difference, you start whining. You want mercy. You want tolerance. Oh really?

Do you ever consider the consequences of your actions? How 'bout we picket your store tomorrow in the name of that 9 year old girl you guys got killed by "tolerating" hate speech and violence?
Killed by the conservative supporters NOT demanding Rush, Beck, Hannity, Levin, Savage, and Princess Palin STOP the hate rhetoric. Drop the gun shooting at campaign events, stop the "cross hairs" and the "reload" crap. You can do that you know? How about you call John Boener's office tomorrow and ask that they rename this repeal health reform bill and take the words "job killing" out of the title of the bill. It was a cute little subliminal message that's a little inappropriate now wouldn't you say?

When we picket, maybe we should wear guns strapped to our legs like the Tea Party folks do? Or have slogans that say if we don't win with ballots, we'll win with bullets? That's my personal favorite.

Kirk, just shut the fuck up man.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, you need help. Please, please consider seeing a professional before your anger spills over and you hurt someone.

We hope that Linda's will not tolerate this type of public behavior by an employee.

Anonymous said...

Probably not your politics that has people wanting to contact your employer, more the fact that you have publicly threatened a person twice and signed your name to it...even off the clock you are a representative of your employer and in the same thread confirmed you work there

Anonymous said...

Not only will I contact Linda's Flowers, I will pass the word on this person in their employment.

Anonymous said...

Ah jeez, If it wasn't for busplunge, all of you Democrats would not have a place to vent. And you need someplace. After all, you got the dogcrap kicked out of you in the last election. Even Norr and Coonrod got whooped. After venting, you need to recruit some candidates, raise some money and trot them and these viewpoints being expressed in this thread before the voters for school board, municipal, county and state elected positions. I mean you got to start somewhere. Until then, keep venting. This is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Odd the Republicans named the bill to repeal health care "Job Killing...bla, bla, bla" bill.

Can the Republicans not have a thought without using THAT word?

Enough about that, it's just one word right? "Killing". Big deal. I'm sure no Democrat in Congress will even notice they're so used to the daily assaults where words of violence against them are common now. One word that says it all now....."Killing". Hmmmm. I think the Republicans should take the word out of the name of the bill. It's for crying out loud the least they could do.

Wouldn't we be missing the point if we didn't ask, "Is Palin happy now?" All her huffing and puffing about bullets, guns, cross hairs, her constant image of killing whether from an airplane shooting defenseless animals in the snow below or tearing the heart out of a majestic creature for ratings and money has finally done it.

She got her kill. Isn't that the message she's been sending for the last couple of years? She and her Tea Party wanted it, put the images and messages out there and now she's got her big "kill". And she got it the best way. No fingerprints or paper trails leading to her --- she thinks. And hey Sarah, you even got a young liberal! Only 9 years old! Way to go. Rush said we should kill the liberals and only leave two on each campus. Sarah did even better than Rush suggested. I'm sure he'll send her a plaque or something, maybe some bullets.

When the Republican Party/Tea Party put the hate rhetoric out there in campaign ads, radio, TV, printed media, signs at their campaign ralleys, etc. and those words fall on the unhinged (c'mon that's the plan right?), they may commit acts of violence. And with all the educated, smart people in the Republican Party, the Tea Party let's get honest, Sarah knew that it would lead to violence eventually. Are they high five-ing one another behind closed doors? Good shot huh?

Sarah and the rest of the Right got your kill. Are they happy now? Or will they just RELOAD? I think they will reload.

I think they are all crazy, rabid and nasty, nasty, people.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Anonymous 10:59 PM for being the Horse's Ass of the Day!

Anonymous said...

"After all, you got the dogcrap kicked out of you in the last election"

Yet again more oozing violence, this time from Anonymous 10:59 PM.