Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is Billy Long afraid of Clay Bowler? Would Billy Long lie?

The Erstwhile Conservative voices his opinion on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Yes and yes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Billy is afraid of Bowler but he definitely abused his power as a congressman by turning Bowler's name over to the FBI and pretending to be scared of the guy. All he was doing is getting even with his enemies. Billy's not the 1st to do this, Cheney's office did the same thing with Valerie Plame when they outed her at the CIA because they were upset with her husband.

It's nice to see Billy getting oriented to Washington politics. I think he'll fit right in.

Let's see....he's got the "fund raising, kiss the lobbyists ass for money" part down, and he's got the "get even with your enemies" part down too.

Yep, he's getting to be an old hand quite early on.