Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pastor Charged With Statutory Rape, Sodomy

Yawn, it's old news already.

But it sure drives up the traffic!

New Horses.....

Austin in the 1/2 scale Springfield Wagon, from several years ago.
Jaycee with Haven Lee's Sweet Surprise<Momma and baby doing fine!
My daughter Sara, author of fiveacre dream, did a little horse trading last night. Tango is long gone and in his place is a smaller gray horse. I will have photos when she sends them to me.

South of Fiveacre Dream and south of Eye Farty Fore, is Haven Lee Farms, a minature horse range. It may be a small ranch, but that's ok because they are small horses.
Here is niece Stephanie's account:

Hi Ya’ll,
(yup, been in Missouri too long) I wanted to send you a picture of our newest arrival here on Haven Lee Farm. Isn’t she a beauty. Her name is Haven Lee’s Sweet Surprise. And she was most definitely one.

Dad woke us up so we could share in the excitement.

Jaycee is doing well in school! She likes taking tests, well most of the time. I am enjoying school tremendously. The classes are fun and exciting; kind of like CSI on TV, but much much better.

Anyway I hope you all have fun and enjoy the summer. Talk to you, hopefully, soon.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Matt Calls The Bus! Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Calls The Bus Seeking Input On Matters And Affairs, As His Father Frequently Does!

Like Father, Like Son. The Blunts Know the Bus is Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me
These are a couple of photos of 7th District Representative Roy Blunt. (Bus note: Roy's PAC is called Rely On Your Beliefs, get it, ROY B.) He has called me before to ask my opinions about matters and affairs. I told him I felt knowledgeable enough to talk about matters, but I was uncomfortable talking about affairs. I said what he does in his private life is his own business, as long as it doesn't affect me.

This is a photo of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. He called me up this afternoon, wanting to know if I had any questions to ask him about him, Missouri, or just about anything that came to mind. I did have a couple of questions, (like is your hair really that red and do you wear a buzz cut because you don't like the color of your hair or did you get used wearing one when you were in the Navy?) but I decided to just sit back and listen. The following is a liveblog of the phone call between the Bus and the Governor.I am currently on the phone, live with Governor Blunt. How many other local bloggers have received a live, not recorded phone call from the Governor? Not many I am sure.

I will try to, ala LifeofJason, to liveblog the phone call. Excuse mistakes as my fingers are fat.

Lady caller--sales tax holiday on appliances
Blunt-sometime in June, all major appliances, furnaces, hot water heaters, dishwashers, etc will be exempt from sales tax. (Bus note: to those governmental bodies that depend on sales tax revenue, sorry). The saving in energy costs because we are conserving and not using so much will increase bottom line for families (Bus note. Didn't City Utilities say gas has gone up because we used less of it?)

Lady caller lives on Social Security of $800 a month and ain't making it. What help can she expect?
Blunt---song and dance, property tax relief, blah, blah blah, (Bus note: I was talking to my wife during this portion of his call, she wanted to why I was listening to a radio call in show. No, no I told her, it's the Governor! And he called me! She shook her head and walked away and I missed the rest of the answer.)

Lady caller, Gov Blunt you are doing a wonderful job, Missouri is in good shape, You did a good job, why aren't you running again?
Blunt--I accomplished everything I set out to do,turned deficit into surplus 3 years, passed laws, cleaned up medicaid and won't run just to run.

Lady Caller---my grandfather molested me when I was 6 years old. If molesters are given the death penalty, I couldn't have done that to my grandfather, it would have ruined my family. I never told anyone until I was 50
Blunt, family members won't be put to death, only nasty bad men.
Man Caller--photo id for voting question. (Bus note: I had to see a man about a dog so I missed this part of the call.)

Lady caller--Springfield schools don't recognize autism syndrones, all the teachers do is fondle children and look at porn on the computer. She says she is mad
Blunt---I'm sorry. Call your school board and talk to them.

Man Caller....illegal immigration.
Blunt is agin it.

Man Caller.....English as official language
Blunt is for it.

Lady caller believes true love is not wrong and never will be. When will Missouri recognized gay marriage?
Blunt--I respect all people in state. Missouri voters said marriage sacred relationship between one man and one woman, I support constitutional amendment defining marriage. I am not in support of gay marriage and don't share her position, oppose any and all efforts to legalize gay marriage in Missouri.

Blunt says only time for one more question
Thank you he says.

One last question.....stimulus checks. Her husband had a company and IRS garnished his wages. IRS is not letting her have her stimulus check, why is that?
Blunt-- can't speak for the IRS, if household owes money they won't receive the stimulus check . Call your member of congress or the IRS.

Thanks everyone, I am going to transfer everyone to voice mail so I can answer any more questions, someone will get back to you. And I get transferred to voice mail.
(If you want to call the Governor, his phone number is 573 751-3222.)

So there you have it, a live blog of the Governor's phone call to the Bus! Gosh, it was sure exciting. I am so glad that I was able to be at home at 2:45 PM to receive the Governor's call. As Life Of Jason points out, most people were at work at this time and didn't get a chance to participate. There were no guests, so the Governor could have made the call after 6, by which time most people would have been home from work.

I'm not being critical, it just seems that if the Governor really wanted to seek input from ALL citizens of the state, he would not have called at a time when most Missouri citizens were at work. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just saying. But then, maybe he just called his friends and those people whose opinions he values. I mean, Matt's Dad has called frequently in the past couple of years to speak with the Bus.

This is the first call the Bus has received from Matt. I wanted to tell him to feel free to call anytime, but he knows that, I don't have to give the Governor an invitation to call me, he can call me anytime, and he has, he's got my number, probably on his speed dial.

Gosh, a real live, personal phone call from the Guv! Mom was right, I am special!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Jeep.....yet

I drove to Independence MO yesterday to look at this jeep:It looked good in the pictures.

This one looks interesting. It is a 1947 CJ2A, same as the one above, except for one year newer (that one is a 1946). You got to 'see' through it sometimes to see what it can be. Just squint your eyes and picture it green with yellow wheels...

Friday, April 25, 2008

While Searching For Beer Did I Stumble Upon An Answer To A Most Peculiar Question?

I know this was a long time ago, but remember "Deep Throat"? Remember what he told these two guys?* Do you know who these two guys are?

I like beer. About once every two or three months for the last five years, a research group has called me to ask my opinions about the flavory brew which is best drinken out of a white styrofoam cup. I did get a little worried there over this report awhile back.

I also remember reading that Auggie Busch made $12.2 million last year. That's a lot of beer.

And because it looks like rain and I couldn't work out in the yard, I sat here at the computer and I wondered if Auggie spread any of that money around. He did.

I wouldn't have thought that representing the constituency the guy represents, that accepting beer money would be a good political move. But what do I know.

But I did scroll down the whole list to see who else gave money.

It was interesting.

KCP & L Power Pac-MO $325.00
MO Energy Development Assn PAC $325.00
MO Assn of Municipal Utilities $325.00
The Empire District Electric Co $325.00
And those are just the ones I was able to recognize from the names of the PACs. Most of them just had initials like AMECPAC ($325.00) and District 7 MHCA PAC ($325.00) ---heck, I don't know who these guys are or who they're PACin' for either.

And then I came to this entry:
Aquila Inc Employee Federal PAC $325.00

And I remembered the question I had posed in an earlier post.

Was it not that great chronicler of Ozark tales, Vance Randolph, who said, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining?"

*Follow the money. Oh Yeah. Follow the money.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trey and Austin In The Pool and Sophie With A Kewpie Doll. Bus Riders Top 25,000

In other news, tonight the bus surpassed 25,000 riders. Thanks for sticking with us and riding the bus!

Below is a digital photograph has captured a moment in time in the lives of the more than 25,000 people who have ridden the bus.
Oh Yeah.

How Peculiar: What Does A Freshman State Representative From Willard, MO Have To Do With A Power Company In Kansas City?

Some things are bizarre, this thing is just dang peculiar. What does a freshman state representative from Willard, MO have to do with a big power company in Kansas City?Brent Martin of MissouriNet has an interesting post about a Peculiar occurrence. I'll let him tell the story:

A problem power plant south of Kansas City that has caused considerable controversy might be spared by the legislature. The House has voted in favor of Aquila even though the representatives closest to that plant urge it not to.

Aquila, the Kansas City utility, built a $140 million power plant near Peculiar in 2005 without getting approval from Cass County. The State Public Service Commission approved construction a year later, but the courts ruled that came too late and that the plant must come down. The House has given preliminary approval to a bill that effectively overrules that court decision.

Rep. Luke Scavuzzo (D-Harrisonville) argued during House floor debate that Aquila doesn't deserve the break, "because I do not feel they have been forthright with the people of my district, the citizens of Peculiar and the people of Cass County."

Scavuzzo lives in the district as does Rep. Brian Baker (R-Belton). Baker pointed out during floor debate that Aquila lost this battle in the courts twice. He said the proposal tells those who filed suit against the utility and won that the rule of law doesn't matter.

Two other state representatives have a piece of Cass County in their district. Rep. Mike McGhee (R-Odessa) also voted against the measure. McGhee represents a sliver of the county. Rep. Shannon Cooper (R-Clinton)* represents the southern portion of Cass County. Cooper voted in favor, reasoning that it doesn't make sense to tear down a power plant already in production.

That was the argument of Rep. Shane Schoeller (R-Willard) who sponsored the portion of HCS HB 2279 dealing with the Aquila plant. Schoeller told colleagues the court order to tear down a plant fully in operation doesn't make sense.

"That's not the common sense that I know that comes from Missouri," Schoeller told the House.

That portion of the bill passed on an 88-49 vote. The entire bill is poised for final passage. It then would go to the Senate for its consideration.
As I read this, and correct me if I am wrong, please, a big utility company called Aquila, starts building a big power plant in Cass County without permission. The courts tell the company to stop building the plant until they get permission. The courts had to tell Aquila twice to stop building the plant. Aquila, the utility company, ignored the court rulings and continues to build the plant. When they got caught and it came time for Aquila to face the music, they had to come clear to Willard before they could find someone who would sponsor a "get out of jail free" bill** that would let them go against two court orders and continue to operate the plant.

Never mind you that four of the five legislators (both Republicans and Democrats) who represent this area have said repeatedly that Aquila did not act in good faith in this matter and this whole affair was not a good deal for their constituents. These legislators not only refused to sponsor the bill Aquila wanted, they also voted against Schoeller's bill.

My, my, we here in Springfield are certainly naive. To think some of us thought City Utilities was arrogant in ignoring the audit! Ha! We didn't know arrogant at all! These guys at Aquila could teach Twitty and his crew a trick or two. But then again, maybe they have.

I did a quick google on Aquila and Peculiar, the results, and there are several, are here.

The common sense that I know that comes from Missouri is that if the courts, elected officials, public opinion and, most importantly, the people who are directly affected by Aquila's decision to flaunt the law and go ahead and do what they damn well please, the common sense I know doesn't say to Aquila, "go to Willard and find a rep who will carry your water". The common sense I know says it never should have built in the first place without approval.

(Gee, I put a Lowe's barn in my backyard several years ago and had it too close to the property line. Long story short, "The City" told me to move it or tear it down or get a zoning variance that would cost me $1,000, win or lose. I moved the barn and I got the pictures to prove it. Cost me almost $800.00. But I did what the city required and got it legal. Now, why can a big utility company find a state rep to sponsor a bill that allows them to ignore the law and not me? Heck, Aquila ain't even the guy's constituency!)

My neighborhood got "the City" to agree that there were areas of the city that needed sidewalks more urgently than our streets, we were glad "The City" listened to us. But to those poor folks in Peculiar, sidewalks are a walk in the park.

Here's another article about the state rep and the power plant. The best part of this story is this quote from Representative Schoeller:
Schoeller said Aquila thought it was on sound legal ground to build the plant, despite the court injunction barring its construction. Aquila regretted its decision to build the plant without state or local approval and had tried to make amends with local officials and nearby landowners, he said.
Former Republican turned Democrat Senator Chris Koster (who's running for AG in a crowded Democratic primary) represents Harrisonville, MO and vicinity. I wonder what his position is on this affair.

*Cooper may also be a Parrot-Head.

**The bill would reverse a court decision ordering Aquila to remove a $140 million peaking facility constructed in Cass County, south of Peculiar, and remove local zoning controls from where utilities site generation facilities in the future. Aquila constructed the plant despite a permanent injunction barring them from doing so.

Is this an answer to the most peculiar question?

That Thud I Heard Earlier.......

In the post below this one I wrote:
(as I was writing this post, I heard that dreadful sound of screeching brakes and a loud thud. Sounds like somebody got rear-ended on Sunshine, east of Fort. That seems to happen a lot and, when the atmospheric conditions are just so, it sounds like it is happening next door.)...

There was an accident at Sunshine and Fort, West Bound inside lane, someone got rear ended, fire trucks and ambulances, lots of sirens. As I approached the scene on the Malaguti Yesterday (yes, I was wearing a helmet), I thought it might have been a T-Bone crash coming off the left turn lane, sometimes the turn lane is not protected by the green arrow. It was a rear-ender. Here are some photos:

What Ever Happened To This Car, Part II

A while back I did a post on 1940 Ford Woody Station Wagon my grandfather owned. I wish I still had that car.

Here is another installment in what I now call "Whatever Happened To This Car?"

Lotus Europa, probably a 1970, I'm don't remember. European model which meant it didn't have safety glass, the speedometer was in kilometers and it ran on cheap gas and had yellow headlights. The steering wheel was on the left hand side.

It was very fast, very nimble and was cheap. That's about all I remember about it. It broke down a lot and was a very good example of why the English didn't invent computers*. (Cars could be bought very cheap at this time, so many GIs were getting out early and it cost quite a bit to ship them over to the USA, if indeed they could be imported. Somewhere I got a slide of a Citroen 2CV that I shoulda bought, it already had my name on it.)

White belt, cut off 501s and orange tennis shoes with no socks, a haircut which pushed the limits on hair length and a bushy moustache all sent the signal that I was one hip trooper.

130th General Hospital, Nurnberg, Germany, 1972

Oh Yeah.*They couldn't figure out how to make them leak oil.

(as I was writing this post, I heard that dreadful sound of screeching brakes and a loud thud. Sounds like somebody got rear-ended on Sunshine, east of Fort. That seems to happen a lot and, when the atmospheric conditions are just so, it sounds like it is happening next door. The same thing goes for the PA system at JFK Stadium. Sometimes that is so loud we have to turn our TVs up real loud.)

Missed It By That Much.... Looking For A Flat Fendered Jeep CJ2 or CJ2A

One day last week I spent the morning searching out places to get the Cushman inspected. My old reliable had moved to West Kearney so I drove up Grant Street. Alas, they hadn't had their paperwork transferred so I couldn't get an inspection.
Since I was already on West Kearney and it was a wonderful, sunny day, I decided to head over to the "blind store" and do a quick reconnoiter to see if they had anything I could sell on ebay.

I bought two Breyer horses for daughter Sara and when I went to start the Cushman, nothing happened. Two men came over and decided the battery terminals were corroded from sitting all winter. We cleaned the terminals and it started right up. Then one guy said it smelled like bad gas and did I leave gas in it all winter.

I had, about a half a tank. But I told him I filled it up with high octane to level it out. He told me that the worst thing I could have done, as the high octane dislodged all the varnish in the carb and I'd need to clean the carb now.

His wife asked if it was for sale. I said yes and told them the price. They said ok, we'll buy it.

I told them I had to ask my wife before I could sell it, thinking, shoot, do I really want to sell a vehicle that gets about 40 miles to a gallon when gas is $3.25?

But, I want a flat fendered Jeep.I knew that I had to sell something before I could even begin to think about buying anything else. (I've been down this road before.) I had sold my 1953 Chevrolet pickup about a week ago so I was building up cash for a Jeep purchase.

The couple bought the Cushman and I am looking for a flat fendered Jeep, like this one I found in Colorado which is what I want and it is all done but it is 600 miles away, but the price is right.This jeep is up in Independence, but it needs to be finished, or even started. Compared to other jeeps I have been looking at the price is too high for the condition. But it's up by Kansas City. Then, on Ebay I found the jeep I could afford, which is a tad bit different from the jeep I wanted. But this one was close enough both in price and distance. And the auction was ending soon. I waited all morning for the last 30 seconds of bidding, 20 seconds, 10 seconds....I made my bid and my computer froze up and my bid didn't go through.

Dang! I hate it when that happens. The Jeep went for $4,000. I was a little bit concerned about the T90 slipping out of second gear, it will be due for a transmission overhaul, but I know a guy in Nixa who used to do them for about $600.00 (I've been down that road before also). Anyhow, someone made a very nice buy on a nice column shift CJ2A. Unfortunately, it wasn't me. Dang it! I missed it by that much!If you are interested old cars and trucks, and you've got the time, here are a couple of links to some of the vehicles my wife and I have owned over the past 40 years: Old Cars and Trucks and this link: 1A Chevy and others.

For A Minute There, I Thought We Were At Silver Dollar City

Here is an interesting little article from MSNBC. These look like the costumes the workers wear at Silver Dollar City. Or SDC customers. The only thing missing is the denim skirts.(That one woman holding the purse looks like she is airborne or levitating. Where did she learn to walk like that? Is this what the phrase, "light on her feet" means?)

Thanks to Happiness, Anyway for the link to the MSNBC story. Chatter steered me over to the spot. It's got a good beat and I can dance to it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Controversial Republican Ad To Be Aired In North Carolina?

Scroll down to the bottom of this post. Did Steve have advance knowledge? Is Rove still sending emails to undercover operatives?

Generation Y -- The Future Of America

Yes, this is photographic evidence of the future of our country. With a combined IQ that disproves the bell curve, these two young men know which way the wind blows, how the cookie crumbles, which side of their toast is buttered and why the chicken crossed the road. They also want to know just exactly what does 'coerce' mean.

And to think Charlie and Bob are fighting over who gets to lead the boys around the capitol.

Meanwhile, here's one former leader who won't be leading the boys around. In this case, Charlie's right: "You don't do that!"

Sidewalks Going To A Street That Really Needs Them. Thanks To Those At "The City" Who Took The Time To Listen To People Living On The Three Streets

Remember this post and this one too?
Almost everyone who lives on New Street and Ferguson Street signed the following statement:

We appreciate the sentiment that lead to the decision to build sidewalks in the 1600 blocks of South Ferguson, South New and South Weaver. However, as residents who live on these streets, we believe that the money expended for this effort would be better spent if it were allocated to the Police and Fireman’s Pension Fund. If that is not possible, we would suggest that the money be spent on sidewalk improvements to South Fort Street and South Campbell Street as identified on page 25 of the Fassnight Neighborhood Assessment Report, accepted by the Springfield City Council on October 18, 2004: “Increase pedestrian safety on sidewalks located along S. Campbell Avenue and S. Fort Avenue by realigning them so they are separated from the street by a grassy parkway.”
Today, the dig rite people were repainting the street and curbs and right of way with purple and yellow spray paint and placing the little flags. As I got ready to take photos of the little flags and lament what we in the neighborhood thought was the coming of the sidewalks, Doug Thomas, a Senior Engineering Technician with the Department of Public Works came by and told me the sidewalks were being moved to Stanford Avenue, between Portland School and Grant or Campbell.

Thanks to those at "The City" who took the time to listen to the people who lived on these three streets in our neighborhood.

Thank you.

Three Decorating Ideas For Back Porch TVs. Yet Another Reason To Love The Ozarks!

Back Porch TV Decorating Idea #1This option has larger TVs and a smaller fridge. The big console TV is a nice touch in this idea. It provides space for small decorative touches. Some think the fridge needs to be on top the console TV for ease in obtaining cold beverages. The homeowner has chosen to go with the smaller TV on top of the larger TV, providing the opportunity to watch wrestling and NASCAR at the same time and eliminates the need for a TV stand. In a nice Ozarkian touch, both the console TV and the beer fridge are elevated off the concrete slab with concrete blocks, thus avoiding the unsightly wet particle board flaky mess. The rain coat over the top TV is used on rainy days and nights when the roof leaks. (The storm window is there so it will be easy to find next winter when the homeowner takes down the screens and puts up the storm windows, usually the first week in December.)

Back Porch TV Decorating Idea #2This option has smaller TVs, a larger fridge, built in storage and the ever so nice styrofoam cup dispenser. Nothing says outdoor fun like cold beer drinken out of a styrofoam cup. Even Cook's beer tastes good out of a styrofoam cup. The shower curtain on top of the TV is held down by objects day art, like a naked lady with wings and no hands, but she's got a space for a candle in her back. The shower curtain serves the same purpose as the rain coat in idea #1.

Back Porch TV Decorating Idea #3This idea, which only has one TV, incorporates back porch shrubbery and functionality into the design. Note the obsolete but still working rotary dial telephone on the industrial designed stainless steel cart. The operational bar-be-que grill also adds utility to the design. The beer fridge had been relegated to the basement in this plan, a feature pleasing to some of the residents of the residence. Thus the origin of the phrase, "There's beer in the fridge in the basement, if you want some". Barely seen in this photo is the black plastic trash bag used to put over the TV in case of rain. While some may use shower curtains or rain coats to protect the TVs from inclement weather, this homeowner, who is eco-friendly, uses recycled black plastic trash bags, after he washes them.

Some have asked, "Why have two TVs?"


Though not shown in the accompanying pictures, all of the back porch TVs treatments shown also incorporate picnic tables and comfortable chairs from which to view the TVs. Contrary to a popular myth, couches are not deemed appropriate to use in back porch TVs designs. Couches are, however, entirely appropriate for front porch TV usage, city ordinances notwithstanding.

Do you have a Back Porch TV decorating idea? Send photos of your Back Porch TV to us at the email address featured in our profile. We will feature them in a later posting.

Perhaps we'll even have a Back Porch TV Tour someday!

Harvesting Used Bricks And Brick Rustling

I like bricks. When I was a kid, my Dad bought several dump truck loads of 'dirty' brick when I-44 was being built through St. Louis. We cleaned those bricks and made a large patio in our back yard that went all around the summerhouse. I am pretty sure we got pictures somewhere, probably my sister has them.

I have picked up bricks here and there, mostly pavers, for to build sidewalks around the house. I have harvested and stockpiled bricks from Habitat for Humanity Restore, the building salvage yard at Nichols and Bypass, houses torn down in flood plains (with permission), used sidewalks and driveways, and Craigslist building materials (there's more to that site than the personals, although they are the most fun to read. Who knew all that stuff is going on Springfield!). I even got a big truck to haul them in. I am going to add a dump bed to it this summer so it will be easier to unload.

Oh yeah. I like bricks.

The picture above is the sidewalk the neighbor and I built between our houses. The bricks came from a driveway at a house on South Jefferson, just south of the cemetery. My folks lived there and blacktopped the driveway and gave me the bricks if I would dig them up. The sidewalk was built in 1992. It has started to settle, but it has a very nice patina.

I found this website about St. Louis brick rustling.

Build Springfield

Last night the City Academy went on a tour of Springfield Public Works Department and related areas: the Erie Sinkhole, Some storm water sewer renovation, the sewer treatment plant and we got close to the yard waste recycling yard out by the sewer plant. It was interesting. We also got a close up of the traffic management system control center.

We took the tour in a Fisk provided bus. I hope I never have to do that again. The leg room wasn't and the seats were not designed for those who shop at the big and tall shops. It was uncomfortable. I like to think the seats in the bus, Plunge, are a lot more comfortable. If not, at least I hope they bring back pleasant memories of riding a school bus. One other thing, on the Bus, Plunge, the windows open.

But riding around in the bus, I saw things I don't see as I drive around Springfield. Things like all the trash in Jordan Creek between Mount Vernon and Grand. How different the houses on Division are from houses in my neighborhood which is different from Parkcrest or Ravenwood.

Riding in the bus last night, I got a flavor of how the city grew.

Which brings to mind this post from late 2006. Other than the library's site, does anyone know of a website that chronicles Springfield such as the build St. Louis site does?Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Build Springfield

Reading this morning's paper about the Heer's building lead me on multi tour of the web's documentation of old buildings, specifically St. Louis.

I tried to find information about the developers vying for the redevelopment of the Heer's building: McGowan, Gill of St. Louis and Magers of Springfield.

I ended up at this site

I grew up in St. Louis, my family moved to Springfield in the early 1960's. My grandfather worked for ACF, American Car and Foundry. This company built railroad cars.

I can remember riding downtown with him in the early 1950's in his 1947 Chevrolet when he had to work on Saturdays. This was pre-computers and all his work with figures was done with pencil and paper.

I, and sometimes my brothers, would walk around the building, looking at the railroad cars and trucks parked downtown.

These are pleasant memories.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATTN CHUBBY CHASERS*! Want Half A Mil? Got Three Years And Know How To Cook? Lay's Chair Filled, Let The Chips Fall Where They May!

From Springfield's Craigslist:46 5/9 light tan very soft skin non hairy 330 so far.. seeking a slim atractive female or couple to invest 3 years or less of there time to move me in and start fatteing me fatter every day at the end i'll grant them 500,000 wishes.!!$!! if interested hit me up.Oh yeah!

*Remember "The Ritz"?

In related news, Lay Chair filled. The chair’s namesake, former Enron CEO and MU graduate Kenneth Lay, gave $1.1 million to MU for the creation of the position.

Lay was indicted for conspiracy and fraud in 2004 and was charged with six counts of conspiracy and fraud and four counts of bank fraud in May 2006 after trading scandals involving the Enron Corporation were revealed. He was scheduled for sentencing in October of that year, but he died in July while vacationing with his family.

Read about one blog's take on the Lay Chair here and another take is on this blog. And read this blog also

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ethanol Mandate Hurts Us All

I had some dirt work done in our backyard. Three loads of dirt brought in and spread. This summer I am going to try to raise some grass.

The guy who did the dirt work and I were talking about the high cost of fuel. I believed it affects the most those who make minimum wage or just above it. He said it's not about fuel, it's about corn. All the corn being diverted to ethanol production is raising the cost of food. And not only food for us but food for the food we eat. He was speaking of cattle feed. Corn.

Ethanol is made from corn. Jason Rosenbaum has the story here.

A Republican state lawmaker will present legislation tomorrow to a House committee to repeal the state's 10 percent ethanol mandate.

While a study is of a study paid for by the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council claiming that the fuel will save the state millions of dollars, state Rep. Mike Dethrow, R-Alton, says that the mandate is causing unintended consequences.

Dethrow, who operated a livestock farming business for year in rural Oregon County, said today that the mandate is driving up cost of feed. That means a "meltdown" for farmers raising livestock.

Even though he voted for the mandate a couple of years ago, Dethrow said that changes in the agricultural economy warrant another look.

“Two years ago when we voted to implement the ten-percent standard — and I voted for it at the time — but things do change," Dethrow said. "And the situation’s been changed. We want to make sure that we’re still doing the right thing. I’m concerned that a mandate is not the right thing to do. I’m concerned that it has distorted markets in other areas in the feed grains and those issues.”

Similar charges were made when the Missouri Senate approved a five percent mandate of biodiesel - which is made with soybeans.

Dethrow's legislation will be heard tomorrow at 8 a.m. in front of the House Transportation Committee. Even if it manages to pass through the legislature, it would likely face scrutiny from Gov. Matt Blunt. Blunt signed the E-10 standard into law and has touted the move as one of the key accomplishments of his term.

0 to 60 In 2 Seconds! Staff Recommends Approval! City Council, Staff Continue To Talk Without Articles. Steve Helms Continues Cold War

My brother Tom and his granddaughter Jaycee going from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.

In other news, if you are a city management team member or city management team secretary and you want to give information, solicited or unsolicited, to a member of City Council, you must have Bob/Evelyn's approval before you can do that.I can understand Bob/Evelyn wanting to know what is going on in the city and wanting to know what questions Council is asking city employees and what city employees are telling Council. I can understand it but this sounds like filtering what Council hears and knows. So much for transparency in government.

Oh yeah, staff recommends approval!
COUNCIL BILL 2008-114. (Manley) (...staff recommend approval.)
COUNCIL BILL 2008-122. (Carlson) (Staff recommends approval.) (The bill was approved.)
COUNCIL BILL 2008-095. (Carlson) (Staff...recommend approval.) (The bill was approved.)
COUNCIL BILL 2008-096. (Carlson) (The bill was approved.) What? No staff approval?
COUNCIL BILL 2008-097. (Wylie) (...staff recommend approval.)
COUNCIL BILL 2008-098. (Manley) (...staff recommend approval.)
COUNCIL BILL 2008-099. (Manley) (...staff recommend approval.)

Staff recommends approval, staff recommends approval-still without the articles.

Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri. Our governance system is a volunteer mayor, volunteer city council and paid city manager and paid staff. Who runs "the city"? Who is "the city"? Shall we keep the city council/city manager form of governance? Surely staff would recommend approval!

But perhaps it time to explore changing the charter and exploring a paid mayor / paid city council-alderman system? Would staff recommend approval?

I don't know. Springfield went to the city manager form of governance in 1953. I used to own an old truck, a 1953 Chevrolet.What was high tech in 1953 is just an old truck in 2008. I sold it to a guy who kept the motor and interior and junked the rest. Lots of stuff happened in 1953 and lots of things have changed with the times.

Meanwhile, back on the cold front, Blunt Appointee Steve Helms still fighting Communists and reverends who spew distasteful speech:

Rev. Wright made his living on spouting hate-filled words at a nation that has allowed him to live better than 99 percent of the rest of the world. Sheriff Jack Merritt, on the other hand, has spent his life putting himself in harm's way to protect people, even those who spew distasteful speech.
Do I detect a 'tinge' of racism in that statement? I like Jason Wert's question: Steve, is it the position of the Metro Republicans and the Greene County [Circuit] Clerk's office that what Sheriff Merritt said was acceptable speech in today's environment?

Arguement To Beethoven's Fifth.....

More laughs here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eight Rules For Blogging, Courtesy A. Cline, PhD.

Andrew Cline, over at Rhetorica, wrote the following post in April, 2003. When I read this list sometimes I think I can see the bus in there as well as some other blogs I frequent.

1. Never be dull. This is entertainment, not analysis or reasoned civic discourse. Never employ a tightly reasoned argument where a flaming soundbite will do. Argument, of the academic sort, is dull, but a good pissing match is fun to watch!

2. Embrace willfully ignorant simplicity. There are only two positions in the world: yours and wrong. To admit anything more complicated than this is to invite the suggestion that YOU may be wrong, and that can NEVER be.

3. Counter all opposition vociferously. They're wrong, so you must point it out in the most vigorous terms, including using time-honored tactics such as name-calling, red-herring fallacies, and outright lies.

4. Use fallacy as the cornerstone of your "arguments," and scream bloody murder when the opposition does the same thing (assuming you can recognize a logical fallacy).

5. Always ignore facts and the public record when it is convenient to do so. Reality is what YOU say it is. Besides, you're trying to win political battles here (impose YOUR view on the world), not accurately describe events so that democratic citizens may make informed choices. Or, for the more cynical among you (those ready for big-time media jobs), you're trying to get a better job by being more provocative (entertaining). Facts just get in the way of a prosperous future.

6. The opposition is always: stupid, retarded, immoral, hypocritical, disingenuous, dishonest, and devious. Well, duh! They're wrong.

7. The American public is stupid; treat them that way. [sic]

8. Know your spin points, and use them often. Original thinking is off-topic thinking.

Confidential to "a friend": sorry to disappoint you, but that is not a picture of A. Cline nor is it a picture of me or any other local bloggers. That is a picture of a bonobo.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Yeah..."That Boy's Finger Does Not Need To Be On The Button"

"I'm going to tell you something: That boy's finger does not need to be on the button. He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country." Geoff Davis.