Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republicans (Billy Long included) want to gut Social Security. Does Long want these widows and orphans to go to the poor farm?

In the Republican response to last night's State of the Union, Republicans made clear that they intend to cut Social Security.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said only those currently "55 and older" would be spared and House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) said only "people in and near retirement will be protected."

Translation? For everyone currently less than 55, and for all future seniors, Republicans want to gut the most popular and successful government program ever -- a program that has a $2.5 trillion surplus and which American workers paid for and earned.

Where does Billy Long stand on this issue?

He's already told us


Anonymous said...

Billy Long goes to cut my Social Security.......

hey only those 55 and older.....

how old is Billy?
How old is Ole Roy?

Where did the 55 yr age come from??

Why don't they cut their salaries by about 50 K each to show us they are concerned about saving money. They can make up the difference from carpet baggers.


Hey Billy and Ole Roy, I'm from MO and haven't forgotten my roots.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans want to weaken Social Security and Medicare and eventually privatize because their Wall Street buddies are jonesing to dip their filthy paws in the trust fund.

And their big insurance company donors could really streamline Medicare.


Anonymous said...

Touching Social Security will be the end of many Republicans and Tea Party folks.

The Dems need to be quiet and lay low on this one, let 'em step on their own dicks. Privately, cheer 'em on.

I guarantee they have over estimated where they are on this and the elderly will rip them new butts when it's all over.