Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Talk in the abstract is cheap.

From the New York Times story on Pentagon budget cuts:

In an interview, Representative Vicky Hartzler, a freshman Republican from Missouri who was backed by former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, said that her priorities were jobs and “reining in runaway spending.” But when asked about the Pentagon budget, Ms. Hartzler, who defeated former Representative Ike Skelton, the longtime Democratic chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that “now is not the time to talk about defense cuts while we are engaged in two theaters with men and women in harm’s way.”

Ms. Hartzler said she questioned the $78 billion in cuts to the military budget over the next five years, and added, “I will be a staunch defender of military installations in my district and across the country.” Ms. Hartzler’s district has two large military bases, Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base, home to the B-2 stealth bomber and a new ground-control station for unmanned Predator drones.
I miss Ike already.

Flashback February, 2008


Anonymous said...

It's not just Vickie.

None of these teaparty wingnuts don't know how to govern.

Anonymous said...

I don't miss Ike. He inflated the military budget and was instrumental in putting this country in the ditch and he needed to go.

He simply should have been termed out, but since we don't have term limits he had to be voted out. Not to worry, he's got his salary and excellent health care and benefits FOR LIFE. Nice huh? He surely wouldn't have given that to US but was gracious enough to help himself to the taxpayer's money --- FOR LIFE.

That said, I don't agree with this Tea Party nut case either.

Defense is a joke. Those people waste millions a minute and they are freaking proud of it.

I say bring the troops home and end the wars, both of them.

Cut the military's budget until they have to have bake sales to buy damned bullets. Fire the first one who gripes and keep firing until those who disagree are all gone.

Retire the budget deficit and start acting like adults.

Oh, and vote this Palin wanna be out too.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Jim, why are so many Bus Riders anonymous?

Anyway, I am sure I have a different take than many riders would expect.

End all American overseas military expenditures systematically and in an orderly fashion. I would imagine this could occur in about a 2 year period in active conflict areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. For other areas, such as Germany, Japan, South Korea etc, we could do our best to sell our assets, and end our subsidies of foreign defenses.

I would cut all foreign aid especially in the light that we give more in foreign aid to Israel's enemies than we do to Israel itself.

We could bring home all the American troops spread out all over the globe, and save hundreds of billions of dollars a year. I would actually increase true defense spending, not total military spending.

Busplunge said...

Jeremy D. Young asked "Jim, why are so many Bus Riders anonymous?"

Because I allow both anonymous comments and signed comments here.

Until they get obnoxious then I throw them off the bus.

If you don't like that, well, it's my blog, my rules.