Monday, March 28, 2011

Airstream polishing in progress

It is taking longer than anticipated due to the bad weather this weekend, but it's getting there....

First, all the clear coat had to be stripped off the trailer. Most of the clear coat on top had been burnt off by the sun, this is what the sides looked like as the stripping was in progress.

After the clear coat was removed, one of the men buffed out around all the doors and windows and on the seams around the rivets. The area between the "Airstream" letters and the license plate has been stripped. It is shinier than it was but not as shiny as it will be.

You can easily see which areas have been buffed and polished.

Buffing out the front end cap. The side is stripped, washed and ready for buffing. See how the men are buffing around all the doors, windows and seams. Those two doors under the window are the battery compartments.

Those silvery things sticking up in the air are the support brackets for the awning. They have been detached so as not to be in the way of the buffing. The area beneath the blue stripe on the bottom of the trailer will not be buffed out. That is the area that gets most of the road dirt, tar, and rock chips. It is shiny and that's about all I can say about that.

Groundbreaking set for Isle of Capri Casino to be located in Cape Girardeau

From the AP wire comes this story-- Groundbreaking set for Cape Girardeau casino:

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — Isle of Capri is preparing to begin work this week on a $125 million casino in Cape Girardeau.

The Southeast Missourian reports the groundbreaking ceremony for the state's newest casino is scheduled Thursday afternoon.

The Missouri Gaming Commission awarded the casino license to Isle of Capri in December.

Plans call for a casino along the Mississippi River with 1,000 slot machines, 28 table games, three restaurants, a lounge and a terrace overlooking the river, along with a 750-seat event center.
The following comment on this story was left by Bransonman at 8:06 AM on March 28, 2011:
"The first and most important thing that defeated Rockaway Beach's chance of getting casino gambling was the opposition of Branson. Under the leadership of Peter Herschend (of Silver Dollar City) and with the full support of the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Branson, the majority of the Branson tourism industry, and a lot of members within the community, that opposition out maneuvered and out politiced the better funded Rockaway Beach effort at every turn.

A formidable factor that contributed to the issues defeat was that the other casino gambling destinations, for obvious reasons, did not support Rockaway Beach's efforts. Boonville residents wanted to protect their casino from competition and for that reason, the Boonville Chamber of Commerce voted to oppose Rockaway's efforts. It's not very likely that the voters in Kansas City, St. Louis, and other areas that have casinos felt very much different." (Branson Courier 2006)

Our Missouri Congress ruled, casinos have to be on a river that can be "NAVIGATED" ie, Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This was a scam created to keep Rockaway Beach from having a casino. Crooked politics!

S. W. Mo. Representatives and Senators did not do a d**med thing to help Rockaway Beach. They walked the Hershend line. Just a few years prior they used OUR tax money to build the Ozark Mountain Highroad which is a fabulous 7 mile driveway to Silver Dollar City.

Kansas City, Boonville, St. Charles, St. Louis and now Cape Girardeau have casinos, meanwhile a casino 1,000 ft. from the Missouri state line near Joplin (Downstream) is making tens of thousands of $$ each day. Much of that money comes from S. W. Missourians.
Busloads of people from Branson travel to gamble every day!

We could be making money right here if our politicians stood up for us.

Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Mo. Congressmen WILL YOU GO TO BAT FOR US and try to get a casino in S.W. Missouri?

NL, will you ask them?

Missouri needs $$$ and we know where it is!
Billy Long's our congressman and he frequents casinos, maybe he'll come through for Rockaway Beach?

Or maybe he's got his hands full, not of aces, but with the mess he got himself into by supporting Peter King's internet kill switch bill. The summer bus garage is the "B's Nest", located across the street from the proposed Rockaway Beach casino.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting the Airstream polished: Thanks Mom!

Regina and I got an old 1978 Airstream Sovereign, 31 feet long. We bought it from some folks in Pennsylvania and drove out there after the 2007 icestorm to get it.

We brought it home and started in on it. I knew when we bought it that it needed some work, just not this much. We took the trailer down to the frame and re-built it.

We took it on a few trips, one to Tulsa, one to Iowa, we even took a couple trips to Branson!

Since then, the trailer's been parked in a field behind Regina's mother's old house.

This year, we decided to use that trailer and take some trips. Last fall, we got a new Suburban to replace the old one. It is all trailer ready.

I went over and brought the Airstream to our house and parked it in Sam and Frank's spot in the back yard.
I set up camp in the backyard and fixed the thermostat, bought new batteries, repaired the step, cleaned the vents and fixed all those things that go wrong with something is not being used. It's like a big boat, stuff breaks just sitting still.I had a good helper fixing the step!

I ordered a new refrigerator from a company in Arkansas and will install that in the trailer when it arrives sometime next week.

Sophie and Sadie like the trailer, they can open the door and come in and go out, many, many times a day! Sadie needs a little help sometimes.
All the trailer needs now is to be polished. But that is dang expensive and it really doesn't affect the handling of the trailer and it really doesn't need it, but dang, a polished Airstream sure does look purty!

So, after discussing it with the PvtRN, I made up my mind to spend the money and get it polished. Yesterday, I brought the Airstream out to Clever. A guy I know is going to strip the clearcoat off and polish it.

In today's mail I received a check from my mother's estate which just about covers the cost of getting the trailer polished!

Thanks MOM!

Mom has helped me before, read about it here and here.

Brother Tom's take on H.R. 607 and his congressman Billy Long: Why read the paper?

My Dad, Bob Lee and my brother Tom in the old "Haven Lee Farms" truck that one of our other brothers, John to be specific, wrecked while crossing the bridge over Turnback Creek that got you into our farm. This photo was taken 40 years ago.

My little brother Tom was in the Navy for over twenty years, most of them years he spent underwater as a corpsman on a nuclear submarine. He has so many medals and ribbons that when he wears his uniform he can't bend his arms from all the salad on the sleeves and chest.

Before he retired from the Navy, my dad told me Tom was the ranking non-com in the WESPAC fleet and worked with admirals and such. Like most vets of this era, Tom doesn't talk too much about his war experiences. Those who laced up combat boots know what I am talking about.

Tom also was first responder, drove an ambulance, was a volunteer fireman, and, while stationed in Guam, was a race car driver.

Tom writes a blog also, Haven Lee Farms HQ. He and his family are "Living in southern Missouri on a small farm we raise miniature horses, cattle, chickens, cats, rocks, dogs, chihuahuas, kids, and an occasional coyote. Not much we know, but then not much we keep quiet about."

Like his older brother, Tom has opinions about dang near everything and is not afraid to share them.

Here's Tom's take on H.R. 607:

Why read the paper?
Southwest Missouri's infamous cowboy Congressman - Billy Long, made the statement the other day that he was upset because Obama was keeping Congress in the dark on the Libia matter and stated "all I know about it is what I read in the paper".

So today's Newsleader - Springfield's only newpaper - has an article about our good ole congressman Billy Long meeting with Ham Radio operators, Emergnecy Management and Fire personnel about the upcoming house bill 'THAT BILLY COSPONSORED'.

This bill would sell off radio frequencies the Hams use. And I might add, use to a good purpose during disasters and emergencies.

One of the comments in the article was by JKROWHAMMEER and sums it up:
9:43 AM on March 24, 2011
Long said earlier he wasn't aware of the provision when he agreed to co-sponsor the bill...... So he co-sponsored a bill but didn't know what was in it. That is just wrong!!

The Nixa Fire Chief was happy that Long listened to everyones' comments during the meeting "closed to the press".

What everyone failed to realize is the other article in today's Newsleader


"But to offset the cost of setting aside those frequencies for public safety, the bill also instructs the government to sell for commercial use the 420-440 MHz frequency, which amateur radio operators currently use.:

So Ole Roy supports the bill, and Billy is told to Support the Bill...........

WAKE UP HAM OPERATORS ---- the bill is going to be passed and you will lose those freqs.....

Another example of Billy doing what Roy said to do.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Billy Long says anybody would be a better president than Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi?

Harry Reid?

Jerry Brown?

Claire McCaskill?

Bill Clinton?

Hilary Clinton?

Sara Steelman?

Over on KZRG this morning, Billy Long said he's in the dark over what's going on in Libya.

"I'm like Will Rogers, all I know is what I read in the paper."

ah jeez.

Long also said that anybody would make a better president than Barack Obama.

ah double jeez.

Say Billy, how's that "no earmark" thingie working out for you?

Now, let us watch a video interview between the man who thinks "anybody would be a better president than Barack Obama" and Sarah Steelman. Draw your own conclusions.

How do you keep a free market free, Billy?

Elephants playing follow the leader.....

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Friday, March 18, 2011: Job-Killing Terrorists; First half of legislative session was fantasy camp

Before leaving Jefferson City last week for the spring break that marks the midway point of the legislative session, Missouri Republicans took the initial steps toward keeping the state safe from Sharia law-following, non-English-speaking illegal immigrants who may or may not also be sex offenders.

So, rest easy Missouri.

Oh yeah. They also talked about jobs. Well, they didn’t talk seriously, but they did put the word “jobs” in their news releases.

Take the note that House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, sent to his constituents on Thursday. His first sentence made a passing reference to some amorphous “jobs” agenda, but he then went on to talk about a bill the House passed that would require the Missouri Highway Patrol to check sex-offender lists for illegal immigrants.

You didn’t know Missouri had a problem with rampant sex attacks by illegal immigrants? Well, it doesn’t. That’s exactly the point.

The Republicans who control the Legislature ended the first half as they started it: distracted by ridiculous rhetorical battles against straw men and phony issues.

The Post-Dispatch’s Rebecca Berg reported that one House committee last week took a phone call from an alleged ex-terrorist named Kamal Saleem. Mr. Saleem, whose bona fides as a terrorist are in dispute, now makes a living talking to credulous conservatives about how bad he believes Islam is, and how Americans should be very, very scared.

The House is considering two bills that would stop state courts from enforcing Islamic Sharia law. Never mind that no Missouri court ever has attempted to do so, nor would it be possible under the state and federal constitutions. The bills, sponsored by Reps. Don Wells, R-Cabool, and Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, are an unfathomable waste of time. We’re quite sure that Mr. Tilley and other sane Republican leaders in the Capitol are aware of that futility.

But when the speaker lends his time to news conferences in which the sponsor of a purely anti-Muslim bill can’t point to a single American case — not one — in which a judge applied a religious litmus test to his ruling, it demeans the entire legislative process.

Mr. Tilley says the House is merely being a “mirror to the people we represent.” Well, we doubt that most people in Perryville, Cabool and Pacific spend much time worrying about marauding bands of Sharia law-abiding sex offenders in their midst, but, admittedly, we don’t live there.

We live in a city, a state, a country and a world in which very real people — Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants, blacks, whites, Republicans and Democrats — have real things to worry about. Such as where their next paycheck will come from.

These are serious times and they demand serious people. There’s no reason to spend time debating unconstitutional legislation that has a sole purpose of attacking a group of people who are the right wing’s bogeyman du jour.

It’s offensive and downright scary. This nation’s history with German-Americans during World War I, the internment camps for Japanese-Americans in World War II, and the scourge of McCarthyism in the early 1950s remind us of a very dangerous road that Republicans are staking.

Oh, and it does nothing to create a single job in Missouri.

Jobs and justice should be the task at hand in the second half of the legislative session, not sending messages about how low the lowest of the bottom-feeders can go.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WOW watch out, new museum opens in Strafford

from the website:Creation Museum of the Ozarks We are open!
New headquarters and museum building has opened in Strafford, MO.
Please come by and visit us. Rare fossils and artifacts on display, resources also available.
112 Pine St., Strafford, MO. 65757 ph. Toll-free, 1-866-771-8783
WINTER HOURS TILL MARCH 1, 2011: Monday through Thursday CLOSED. Friday and Saturday OPEN 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday - CLOSED.
EXCEPTION: We will be glad to open for groups or individuals Monday through Thursday by special appointment. Call 1-866-771-TRUE (8783)

Is it Right or Politically Correct? Another Steve Helms WTF Moment.

by Steve Helms, Greene County Circuit Clerk, 2010 salary $67,888.08

Of all things, government should do what is right, not what is politically correct. One of the worst laws in Missouri and the United States is the minimum wage law.

A minimum wage law is wrong for at least three reasons. It is morally wrong. The Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our Creator with the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Economic freedom is a part of those rights and government doesn’t have the moral authority, nor does it have the legal authority to tell me what I have to make or what I have to pay for a certain job.
As our nation was founded, the majority of people don’t have the right to interfere in this area either. That is the concept of the Rule of Law. Because we are a republic and not a democracy, others have no right to interfere with another person’s unalienable rights.

That is why the Missouri Legislature should not only limit our state minimum wage to the federal law, but repeal the state minimum wage law entirely. Minimum wage laws don’t work; they only drive up inflation. If you arbitrarily force the cost of wages to go up, prices will also increase. In effect, a person might see a slight increase in their pay, but they will also experience an increase in their cost of living.

This principle should be evident to all as they travel through cities with highjavascript:void(0)er costs of living and those with lower costs of living. What is the benefit if I get twice the pay, but have to pay twice the costs to live in an area? People should be more concerned with how many dollars they can keep, not just the amount that flows through their hands.
Inflation hurts those who can least afford it; those on a fixed income. This usually includes the elderly and those disabled. Often these groups of people are the least able to take care of things and need to hire low skilled help to do chores around their homes. Minimum wage laws make it increasingly difficult for them to acquire these needed services.

The choice is clear; we can do what is politically correct or what is right. Please call or write your legislator and tell them you want them to do what is right.
In 2006, Missourians voted on a proposition (Proposition B) to increase the minimum wage in the state to $6.50 an hour—it passed Greene County with 74.41 percent of the vote. The proposition strongly passed every single county in Missouri with 78.99 percent voting in favor as the minimum wage was increased to $6.50 an hour in the state.

Helms salary is $67,888.08 a year. And he wants to do away with the minimum wage.

Helms is rumored to be testing the waters for a run for county clerk when the current clerk moves on.

Helms edits, sells advertising, prints, formats, distributes, writes articles, sermons & what not and posts it all on the internet at the Springburg Gazette when he's not busy being circuit clerk.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to set your atomic clock for Daylight Savings Time

1. Remove the battery from the battery compartment for 30 seconds and then re-install.

2. Press the SET button for a few seconds until the hour starts flashing in the display.

3. Press the ADJUST button to set the hour.

4. Use the SET and ADJUST button to set the rest of the time and date. The setting sequence is hour-minute-second-month-date-year.

5. Press the MODE button to exit the setting mode.


1. Press the MODE button to enter the Alarm Time Mode.

2. Press the SET button to change the time zone.

3. Press the MODE button to exit.

If I help just one person set their atomic clock then my life will truly be a purpose-driven life.

Has Billy Long forgotten how to read?

Rep. Billy Long, shown speaking at an event in November, says he was unaware of complaints by ham radio enthusiasts. / News-Leader file photo, 2010

HB 607 -- which some see as containing an internet kill switch, is sponsored by Rep. Peter King.

The bill is co-sponsored by Representative Billy Long MO 7 (R).

You remember Billy, he's the guy who said, in an interview with the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, "Peter King was looking for people who could take the tough votes," Rep. Long said. "So, for me to be named Vice Chairman—for a freshman, that's a pretty tall honor."

Hey, Billy, it looks like Peter King was looking for somebody who would do what he tells them to do.

Did you even read the bill Billy?

Others, when they weren't being visited by Sheriff Arnott and the F.B.I. took the time to read that bill and others Billy is co-sponsoring.

Bungalow Bill, who wrote the "Longiswrong" website and was one of several area bloggers who Arnott said were identified by Long and his office as "worrisome to Long", also tracks Billy's votes and bill sponsorships, writes of Billy's latest actions: "Do as Peter King Does...":

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) has introduced another piece of legislation, and to no surprise, Billy Long is once again the co-sponsor of the legislation. Now this is interesting since Billy Long said he was fed up with career politicians in Washington, because it's obvious now whatever Peter King does Billy Long follows.

So in two months, King has sponsored three high profile bills and Long's name has showed up on everyone of them, including the ones that grow government like the "If You See Something Say Something Act of 2011," which gives Janet Napolitano more power through a citizen spy network that you will soon see take form on video monitors at your local Walmart. As well, King and Long have been criticized for their collaboration to taken HAM radio frequencies and use them for emergency broadband internet WiFi frequencies, something that looks like it might be set up for the Internet kill switch. Now Long has put his name on King's Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Security Authorization Act of 2011, H.R. 901, proving once again, Long is hanging with the career politicians rather than offer anything fresh to DC culture
This morning's SNL story about HB 607 (Ham radio operators are upset over bill) has this comment from Long:
But when asked about the provision in the bill that would sell off the frequency used by amateur radio operators, Long said that was news to him. He said he co-sponsored the bill because King, the homeland security chairman, asked him to and because the bill is supported by many organizations that are committed to public safety, something he values.

Here is copy from a press release Long's office sent out on 01/27/2011. It can be read in its entirety on Long's campaign website.
On the Committee on Homeland Security, Long will serve as the Vice Chairman on the Subcommittee for Oversight, Investigations, and Management. Long will also serve on the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee and the Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies Subcommittee.

“Keeping America safe is the No. 1 priority of the government” Long said. “I look forward to protecting our shores and making sure those serving our country have the best tools at their disposal.”

“Billy will be a true asset to the Homeland Security Committee as we work to protect our homeland from terrorists who plot against our nation,” said Congressman Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security. “As a business owner, he understands the importance of sound management. His business experience and skills will be critical as we oversee the Department of Homeland Security to ensure its programs are efficient and cost-effective.”
Yep, Peter King picked Long because Long would make those tough votes! Nevermind actually reading the bill.

Long just might be out of touch with the people he represents. Watch how he tries to deflect the criticism with this statement he gave the SNL:
"I know ham radio operators are important, but this is the first I've heard that they're upset about it," the Springfield Republican said, adding that his office gets thousands of letters and e-mails each week.

Long appears to be justifying not knowing what was in the bill he is co-sponsoring because he gets "thousands of letters and e-mails each week."

I guarantee you that Long knows what time his breakfast fundraiser starts and who's attending and he knows to the penny how much money Mitt Romney's PAC has given Billy's re-election campaign.

I have sent Billy Long several emails and requests. He has never replied to me. He continues to block me and others critical of him from following him on Twitter.

Some think that the 'newness' has worn off and Billy Long is in over his head.

Maybe he'll decide he wants to spend more time with his family.

Meanwhile consider this viewpoint from pp:
The people who voted Billy into office fit into three main categories:

1. The voters who would say yes to the likes of useless politicians like Steve Helms, as long as there's a "R" beside the name

2. The people and groups with the money in Billy's district i.e. Coca Cola, Silver Dollar City etc who funnel $$$ into his campaign who are always looking at "the bigger picture", and of course Gannet SN-L with their transparent endorsement

3. And last, but not least, the bigots who knew all along what Billy's nebulous "Fed Up?" meant.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Me Your Glory! prayer walk and prayer service

From the Missouri Capitol Commission, "Reaching the Capitol Community for Christ"

March 14, 2011
9 AM Prayer Walk
12 noon-1:30 PM Prayer Service
Missouri Capitol Rotunda

Legislators in the Missouri General Assembly have requested that Christians pray again this year for wisdom from God concerning the decisions being made this session, especially noting the budget.

Several legislators acknowledged the prayers and God’s answer in the swift and peaceful passing of last year’s budget.

Several groups, including Capitol Commission Missouri, are teaming up to plan a service in the Capitol Rotunda on Monday, March 14, 2011 from 12 noon to 1:30 PM to kickoff a 40+ day period of prayer which will end on May 6, the day the Missouri budget is due.

Believers are invited to join us at 9 AM on March 14 to begin the day in a prayer walk inside and outside the capitol building, plus praise & worship on the front lawn.

Let us show our support for our legislative officials by lifting them up in prayer at this time. If you cannot attend, please plan to pray during the 40 days.

Where are the jobs?

Избиратель проклят, законодателя слушает не к нам

From today's SNL:

The House passed on Thursday a bill that would make driver's license tests administered in English only.

The vote was 102-56, mostly along party lines.

Reps. Sara Lampe, D-Springfield, Lincoln Hough, R-Springfield and Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City, voted no.

Proponents said it is unsafe to have drivers who can't speak English on the roads.

But the highway patrol has said it is not a problem. And Phillips, a former officer, said he never encountered any issues with drivers who couldn't speak English.
In another article today the Senate voted to repeal portions of Prop B:
Jefferson City -- The Missouri Senate voted Thursday to repeal many of the mandates included in a dog-breeding law approved by voters four months ago.

Some lawmakers fear the law could wipe out the state's dog-breeding industry by forcing costly renovations to facilities and effectively limiting the number of dogs each business can sell.

Senators passed the bill 20-14...The legislation now moves to the House, where leaders said they planned to consider the Senate's proposal rather than their own.

The dog-breeding ballot measure, called Proposition B, was approved by about 52 percent of voters last November.

Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar, is sponsoring the legislation that reverses parts of the voter-approved initiative.

Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer, who supported the Senate bill, said the measure preserved voters' intent.

"This bill, as I said, honors the spirit and the intent of the voters. It protects dogs," said Mayer, R-Dexter.
Area legislators who voted to disregard the voter's wishes:
- Bob Dixon, R-Springfield
- Kevin Engler, R-Farmington
- Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon
- Mike Parson, R-Bolivar
- Jay Wasson, R-Nixa

Meanwhile, while Charlie Denison and his "English only" cronies continued to alienate cab drivers, the Circus came to town.
(Bob Linder photo, News Leader)

From yesterday's SNL comes this story "Tigers get lift":
A Springfield tradition resumes today when the 48th edition of the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Circus opens at the Shrine Mosque.

Tonight's opening performance also will be Latino Night, with commentary during the performance in both Spanish and English and other promotions tailored for Latino spectators.
Dollars spend regardless what language the spender speaks.

In other news, Billy Long and Vickie Hartzler each got a $2,000.00 campaign contribution from Mitt Romney's PAC. So much for being "Fed Up"!

And finally, somebody asked, "How do you keep a free market free?"

I'm only a small thorn, it's only a small prick.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long attends hearing, sort of

I watched the congressional hearings this morning.

I did not see Billy Long.

Politico said he was skipping the hearings to meet with a constituent.

After the hearings I wrote about what else Billy Long skipped in Washington D.C..

This evening I was talking with a friend and we were discussing the hearing and how we were sort of disappointed that Billy Long didn't speak. We felt it would have made good theater if Billy would have had the chance to speak some "Billyisms".

As we were talking, we were looking for photos of Billy at the hearing.

We pulled up the CSPAN3 video and there was Billy. His seat is at the table in front of Rep. King, the chair.

Blake was there too.

But we could never find a shot of Billy and Blake together.

(I do not believe that Billy and Blake are the same person.)

Here are some screen captures of the hearing, in chronological order. Billy Long is clearly visible at the table in front of Representative King.
That's Billy's head on the left side of the shot.

Here's Billy sitting and listening to testimony.

This screen capture, from CSPAN3, at 1 hour, 2 minutes into their part 2 video (which would have been 2 hours approx into the hearing) shows Billy sitting in his seat.

Here's screen capture of 1 hour 26 minutes into part 2 of the Billy.

Here is a screen capture of 2 hours, 56 minutes of part 2, Nope, he ain't here either. Maybe he went to the bathroom or to meet with a constituent. Looks like Billy ain't the only one who cut out of the hearing.

Bill Lambrecht wrote a story about Long and the hearing.

Long mentions a witness who spoke in the first part of the hearing.

Did Billy skip out after the break?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Long skips King hearing tomorrow.

"Only one Republican, Missouri Rep. Billy Long, is not scheduled to attend. His office says he has a constituent meeting planned. Another, Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, will run back and forth between the hearing and another for the Oversight and Government Reform committee."

read more here

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Sometimes it is easier to let others do the talking for a while.

"The House Republican aggressive effort to "defund" Planned Parenthood is probably the unkindest cut, showing hostility when it comes to controlling women's choices. Very few of the 87 newcomers have ever been pregnant. This has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with a pointed political agenda. These guys are taking women prisoners first." Jamie Stiehm

"Take cover, Missouri workers, taxpayers and voters. Your state legislature has an agenda, and lawmakers are not about to let you stand in their way. The agenda is called 'fix the six.' (And it) would surely make Missouri a meaner place to live and work. Shame on those lawmakers who have accepted a special interest agenda so unquestionably."

Same people who exhort the fact that the anti-Obama heathcare bill was voted on and passed with a 70% majority (actually 17% of registered voters). A tip of the bus driver's hat to Len Eagleburger.

Remember this? I do. Yep, Koch brothers here in #SGF last fall.

And civility in government? How about in Springfield? Remember this? How about this? I do.

"I am so tired of beating my head against the stone walls of unreasonable and outrageous legislation. I am putting down my keyboard and withdrawing from the fray for a short time.

Time enough to regroup, recharge and resharpen. I shall return." Bill Fikes.

Friday, March 04, 2011

I've been busy

These are first published photos of a vanishing breed--- America's middle class.