Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tie Your Shoe, Billy Long!

The photos of Long were taken early in December, 2010, when he attended a seminar for freshman legislators at Harvard University.

Long tweeted about his experiences on his twitter account Auctnr1:
Just finished a 2 hour session w/ Sec. Condoleezza Rice - I quizzed her on Wikileaks and she autographed her book for me - very informative! Wednesday, December 01, 2010 2:12:52 PM via Mobile Web

I asked Secretary Chu about the future of the Mini-nuclear reactors being developed - he said 'we are bullish on small nuclear reactors' Thursday, December 02, 2010 10:55:09 AM via Mobile Web

I missed the first part of how Freshman members of Congress should deal with the media because I was in the hall doing 2 TV interviews & Mag Friday, December 03, 2010 10:06:14 AM via Mobile Web

Riveting discussion on Education & Congress' role w/ Margaret Spellings, Michelle Rhee & Pedro Noguera at Kennedy School of Gov't @ Harvard Friday, December 03, 2010 9:20:38 AM via Mobile Web

Starting the Autographed copy Condoleezza Rice gave me last week of 'Extraordinary, Ordinary People' - On deck is W's 'Decision Points' Sunday, December 05, 2010 11:37:45 AM via Mobile Web

Long and a constituent had the following exchange about his meeting Condoleeza Rice at Harvard at a Fair Tax Meeting here in Springfield that the SNL's Roseann Moring chronicled in her blog for the News-Leader:

"He also spoke about his preparation for Washington. He attended a seminar at Harvard University where he spoke former officials such as Condoleezza Rice and the architect of No Child Left Behind.

“Did you shoot her?” asked an attendee about the NCLB architect.

“She wanted to shoot me,” he said.

About his freshman class, he said: “We’re very aware of the tea party. We know that’s why most of us got elected.”


The CDM said...

What the phrase they say for photos like this?

"He looks so...peaceful."

Anonymous said...

He could have gone either of two directions -- Texas or Florida.

He chose Texas.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Jim, you just have to torture us with this stuff don't you? I want to hide ;).

Don't you know Rice was really, really, impressed?

Anonymous said...

I bet they have this posted all over Harvard as a joke.

Mikey D said...

I'm embarrassed for his wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

"He looks so...peaceful."

All laid out like a Christmas turkey


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed for Southwest Missouri. His wife and kids have their hands out knowing who their sugar daddy is.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God.

When I travel I'll say I'm from Seattle or anywhere but here.