Monday, January 24, 2011

Billy Long goes to the White House with Jeff Layman

Hey Billy! Billy Long! You made it to Washington! And tonight you are going to a reception at the White House and meet President Obama!

Hey Billy! Will you tell the president how "FED UP" you are with all those politicians in Washington and their cronies?

Willya? Willya? Huh? Huh? Willya?

Oh gee, this is getting embarrassing, you took one of your cronies with you. You said in your commercial that you were fed up with....

Oh, I see, it's the OTHER politicians and their cronies, yeah, that's right, those dad-gum dem-y-crats!

Well, while you're there, see if you can sneak a peak at his birth certificate.

Headed to the White House for a reception but with the traffic we may have to punt about 4 hours ago via Mobile Web

Made it in the White House after showing our photo ID several times - they even let Jeff Layman in about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web

Layman's dying to meet Jon Runyan who's 5 or 6 back of us in line - wants him to unretire and help his Steelers at Superbowl about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web

#BreakingNews President Obama just fessed up to Jeff Layman that with Chicago out he's now officially rooting for the Steelers- Jeff's happy about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web

Layman thinks he died and went to Heaven he's now met Jon Runyan, Allen West , Tim Scott & Rick Berg - stick a fork in him he's done about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web

Dennis Ross another Freshman just asked if I know Auctioneer Marty Higgenbotham? DO I KNOW MARTY- Great Guy- Great Auctioneer #112thFreshmen about 2 hours ago via Mobile Web

If someone would teach me how to Tweet pictures I could really do some damage - like a friend of mine at Politico about 2 hours ago via Mobile Web

I think I understand now 'We're not asking you to go home but we have to clear this room'- they've cleared enough rooms we're outside & cold about 2 hours ago via Mobile Web

Think Billy will send back a photo of him and Layman and Obama like he did with Pelosi?

ah jeez


Timeshare Jake said...

It sounded to me like Billy Long had an Obamagasm and didn't want to leave. Layman was ogling Obama, loving Obama for his football pick. We would have pictures if only Billy Long could figure out his iPhone. Good grief Billy, are you really that stupid that you can't figure out how the Twitter ap you are addicted to on your iPhone works with pictures? Click the picture icon, choose the picture file, and click OK or Send.

Anonymous said...

If Long's staff wasn't so busy surfing the Internet to build files for Long's enemies list, they could probably teach him how to use Twitter to send photos.

Anonymous said...

'for cryin' out loud. Don't teach him to take pictures he'll never get anything done. Take that damn phone away from him.

For this stuff they get a lifetime pension and health care? Of course all these receptions, dinners and such are on our dime. Oh of course.

Not in a fair world. None of them would get squat. Definitely NOT health care and that's a question even I will ask him. Hey Billy, how come you get the best health care for LIFE and at the same time you vote me off the island with the repeal bill?

I've got to go to work now to pay taxes and support these big fat blowhards. We sure wouldn't want any of these people in congress to do without anything.