Friday, January 07, 2011

Repeal healthcare because it is the will of the people!

I received the following email from a bus rider:

A common refrain heard from Republicans is new health care reform law was passed without anyone reading the bill. They shout that "people don't know what is in it." Finally, they promise to repeal the law because it is "the will of the people." People who use logic like that belong in a straightjacket not congress. I have read the new health care reform law. It is a conservative's dream come true.

It lowers the deficit by over $200 billion, slaps freeloaders, encourages state-based action on tort reform, expands private industry medical coverage to million more people, prevents discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, increases the quality and supply of the medical workforce, helps small businesses build wellness programs, reduces waste and fraud, denies government funding of abortions, closes the Medicare doughnut hole, and improves Medicare's solvency.

Maybe the Republicans choose to keep their constituents ignorant to avoid the embarrassment of acting against the best interests of the people who voted them into office. Maybe the Republicans are just ignorant puppets. I wonder about Billy Long?
I wonder IF Billy or Vicki has read the bill.

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