Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does Billy Long have an 'enemies list'?

It's beginning to look like it.

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And there's even more here.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott says Billy Long's staffers gave authorities Bowler's name.

Like Bowler, I too have been critical of Long both during the campaign and after his election.

Does that make me, as Sheriff Arnott says, "worrisome to Long"?

Long has blocked me from following him on his twitter account Auctnr1.

Last September, then candidate Long and I had this exchange at a local trucking company:

BL: Where’s your bus?

JL: My bus is parked, I always park my bus.

BL: I want to see your bus, it’s, I wanted you to bring your bus.

MM: Well, I’m glad we came out here, I wanted you to hear

JL: I, uh.

BL: Well, thank you, I didn’t know this would be a public deal, we, we’re just touring and visiting with small business guy

MM: We don’t get to ask questions

JL: Well, that’s just

MM: The regular people don’t have much access to ask our questions. As you can see, we’re not here to attack.

BL: No. (overtalk about taking photos between group)

JL: You’re a public figure, we’re gonna make fun of you, no, not make fun of you, we’re gonna take, we’re gonna jab you. I mean, that’ part of the business.

BL: I know, Jim.

Harry S Truman said a lot of things, but it might behoove Long to heed this advice.

A frequent bus rider suggested I do a google search using the words "Billy Long FBI."

I did and I recommend you do too.

The following is from
Greene County Sheriff Jim “Arnott confirmed to KSPR News that Bowler isn’t the only local person who’s been scrutinized in the wake of last weekend’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) during a meet-and-greet with constituents in Tucson, Ariz,” states the report, affirming that the authorities are compiling new lists of Americans who are now considered to be potentially violent threats for the crime of asking their own public servants uncomfortable questions. Separately it was reported that the FBI was preparing to visit other bloggers in the area.

Targeting anyone who exercises their First Amendment right to redress their grievances against local representatives who are paid to serve them with home visits accompanied by FBI agents only has one outcome – it chills free speech and discourages other Americans from speaking out against the government. These tactics also have the impact of making asking questions of elected officials, the lifeblood of a free society, seem somehow abnormal or suspicious.

Once again, vultures are still busy circling around last weekend’s tragedy, using it as a vehicle through which to advance their own authoritarian and anti-American agendas of political repression.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and any move to imply that asking questions of public officials or engaging in criticism of government is somehow suspicious or indicative of a violent individual is a damning indictment of everything America is supposed to stand for. Circumstances like these should only encourage Americans to become more vocal in their dissent while they still have any semblance of free speech left at all.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone besides me think this is outrageous?

And when the hell is the day-late-dollar short SN-L going to mention this?


Anonymous said...

An anonymous republican operative contacted Eli Yokely and its apparent Billy Long and the GOP are inavding the privacy of constituents in Southwest Missouri.

Ghost of Disgruntled Whistle Pig said...

I find it fascinating that Long is able to abuse his power in this fashion. There were lots of folks critical of Long ... part of our Democratic process. I sincerely doubt any of the folks who were critical of Long are a danger to him or anyone else for that matter. The deranged young man in Arizona was mentally ill, that much was apparent by his YouTube postings and his actions leading up to the shooting in Tuscon.

And I agree ... the N-L has egg on it's face. Two local networks have the story. Why don't they?

Anonymous said...

Jim, you crack me up, I nearly choked on my muffin buddy just laughing when the "list" popped up. Too funny, but true.

I told you guys they would reload.

GOPer's will USE this opportunity to get even with their opponents. Not to heal, not to change the tone in the country and stop declaring war on anyone who has a differing opinion or asks a hard question, but, to persecute unfairly those who make them uncomfortable.

It will all backfire on them.

PS Katie Couric look out...I'm sure the FBI is on their way to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

According to KY3, Jan 14-"Greene Co Sheriff Arnott says the interview [with Clay Bowler] had nothing to do with Bowler's blog."

Is this believable-particularly when we understood the FBI was going to talk with other bloggers?

"Arnott said Friday he initiated contact with the FBI after being contacted by Rep. Long's office. Arnott said he does not believe Rep. Long even knew his office staff sent out any concerns regarding Bowler."

Is this believable?


Anonymous said...

no, it is not.

More to come.

Jim Lee

Anonymous said...

"Greene Co Sheriff Arnott says the interview [with Clay Bowler] had nothing to do with Bowler's blog."

So there's no threat. There are videos showing the only confrontations that occurred were political questions Long wouldn't answer, and now they want you to believe this had nothing to do with the blog? Without the blog, Billy and Bowler may be friends. Heck, they might even tip strippers together in the back rooms.