Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Billy Long a 'perceived threat' to President Obama?

A couple of weeks ago, Sheriff Jim Arnott told news outlets here in #SGF that Billy Long or his office had given him a list of names of people who were (quoting Arnott now) "worrisome to Long".

Arnott also said that several bloggers could expect a visit from him and the F.B.I. (No, I haven't been visited yet.)

One local blogger DID receive a visit from the Greene County Sheriff and the F.B.I. for being a "perceived threat" to Long.

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Based upon the criteria used by Sheriff Arnott to justify that visit, it looks like Billy Long deserves a visit also. Bungalow Bill writes:

For the past two nights, Congressman Billy Long has been chasing Barack Obama in a series of events Obama has made appearances at. Oh but it gets worse. Congressman Long actually had the nerve enough, in America I might add, to question Obama's leadership and his words after last night's State of the Union Address. Long, a long-time vocal critic of Barack Obama told the Springfield News-Leader, "The content, to me, was lacking," Long said in a post-speech interview.

"We're in serious, serious problems in this country and we need to cut spending immediately. And he was talking about electric cars," he said.

It should also be noted that Congressman Long was overheard by a waitress in a Springfield trendy restaurant Long likes to refer to as "politics central" supposedly saying "We need to take back this country from the niggers and women running it… that’s the problem in D.C.”, so there could be a racial overtone to the "perceived threat," which makes all all the more serious based on accusations made against Long this past fall.

I mean this is America. You just can't expect people to criticize the leadership of one Barack Obama and get away with it. There has to be justice for Long's critical words despite the First Amendment. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Long and Sheriff Arnott?

By the way, content lacking, this country faces serious issues and there has to be more substance that just "fed up." Boy this does sound more and more like a perceived threat to me considering that's pretty much what I have been saying about Congressman Long for the past year, which is why his office notified the FBI for a "perceived" threat. See what I mean. Congressman Long is definitely a danger to Barack Obama (of course other than a little rehearsed sound bite that will go ignored throughout the country, I am sure Obama isn't too worried about Big Billy Long. In fact, he will probably be the subject of cabinet meeting jokes for along time to come).

Long who has a history of violent propaganda, was seen earlier this summer in a propaganda video looking like a crazed madman shaking his fist, calling Obama and some Democrats "liberal" over the preferred kinder and gentler "progressives" claiming he was fed up. Obviously there could be a threat here, and the FBI needs to take this very seriously and to discover if Long is "fed Up" enough to be pushed over the edge.
That's for me to know and you to find out.
In an interview published earlier this month in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the former auctioneer known for the large cowboy hat he wears, declined to say whether he had a conceal-and-carry permit or planned to travel with a gun, leaving it open to speculation that the ex-auctioneer may be packing heat.

"I don't want to go there," Long said. "If I was or wasn't ... nobody needs to know."

Long has been known to carry a sidearm and has been photographed wearing one.

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Anonymous said...

Billy Long is who?
Never heard of him before now.

A newly elected Republican from Missouri.

From the hills of " Deliverance" country?

Does he pack a gun? Have we checked to see if he is legal or illegal?

Heaven forbid if he wasn't born here.

He must be very well educated and understands the nuances of public policy and is an expert on Constitutional law and the history of the Supreme Court or the enlightened voters in his district would certainly not have elected him.

Looking forward to asking him what his views are on credit default swaps and the role of Gary Gentsler in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Maybe he has prepared a white paper on the machinations of the Dodd-Frank legislation.

Glad to know he's onboard.

Hope he finds the segregated Republican restroom with dispatch and makes friends with the lobbyists who Roy Blunt will see he meets for breakfast, lunch, dinner and R&R in places he has never been.

Now he can upgrade from a bungalow to a bistro on K street.

Welcome Billy to the real world.

P.S. Save money and fly to Baltimore and take Amtrac or MARC south to Union Station in D.C.

And do some sightseeing while you visit for two years.

And learn to drink wine, not just beer and green tea, which is so "out" now that you have "arrived uptown" in the capitol.