Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If we are going to be drug testing anyone,

maybe it ought to be that guy who gave $30,000 to Melissa Leach who in turn is co-sponsor of a birther bill in the MO house.

Who is Melissa Leach? She used to go by Lisa Leach, she lived out west, was born in July, 1960, graduated from MSU in 1994 with an individualized bachelor of science degree, is a single parent who was on food stamps for a while, is a senior fundraiser at Strategic Fundraising, Inc (member of the "Strategic Million Dollar Club" - you may have seen their ads in the SN-L) and she is the state representative in the 137th district in north Springfield.

In a video produced by her campaign, (probably what the $4,200 inkind donation from Rachel Young Design and Photography was used for - but we won't know because line 18 shows -0-) a banner text on the bottom of the screen states: "I support the Tea Party Movement - Taxed Enough Already". Her video is on youtube.

But that still doesn't answer the question of why a Car dealer in Fayatteville, N.C., gave $30,000.00 to a political rookie in Northwest Springfield.

Leach also appears to have the same problem delineating 'in kind' contributions and expenses as does Bob Dixon.

Look it up on the MEC website, her MECID # CO91126

Maybe those ethics reformers in Jefferson City ought to make it a part of the package if you can't vote for a person you can't give her money?

$30,000.00 from a Cadillac dealer in North Carolina! Maybe she met him while she was doing fundraising for the republicans? Maybe they used to date? Maybe he likes her? Maybe it's her brother? Or did he give her thirty grand because she's a teapartier?Photographic recreation of Melissa Leach soliciting.


Anonymous said...

anybody who'd give her $30,000 has got to be on something-- maybe he was hoping for a cialis moment?

Anonymous said...

Now, that's one ugly bitch.

A Republican Tea Party nut case that was on Welfare? Beautiful.

This has always bothered me, the fact we live in such a conservative area and it is the conservatives and their children and grand children who draw the welfare dollars. The one's that don't WORK for government and get a tax payer sponsored check and health insurance every month.

Republicans always talk out both sides of their mouths. Always.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Aw, come on now Jim, you're just recycling your wild speculation and baseless accusations.

Rachael's work for the campaign was Graphic Design. All of the banners, signs, and most of the print materials.

If tea partiers are all crazy, then maybe you could produce more than just one picture of them. You've posted that one probably half a dozen times or more.

I'm still waiting for you to finish your thoughts on what David from North Carolina got for his money. Is Representative Leach going to introduce a bill that requires government agencies to buy cars from North Carolina? What could he possibly be "purchasing"? Isn't it more reasonable that he just agrees with her politically and wanted to see her win?

Busplunge said...


Thanks for riding the bus.

We have no assigned seats here.

You are welcome to come and go as you please.

But please don't piss off the bus driver or you will be thrown off.

Busplunge said...

Jeremy D. Young said: "If tea partiers are all crazy, then maybe you could produce more than just one picture of them. You've posted that one probably half a dozen times or more."


Busplunge said...

ah jeez

Jeremy D. Young said...

I'm not going to deny that I identify with the Tea Party, but I would hope that my communications are civil and reasoned enough to be a counter-proof to the craziness that you cast about. It doesn't hurt my feelings to link my picture.

Also, I don't see any evidence that Ellen Brandom is Tea Party. She seems to be fairly garden variety Republican. They're not the same thing no matter how many establishment Republicans try to wear the Tea Party hat to ride the wave.

I'm not trying to make the bus driver mad. Are you informing me that disagreement or presentation of contrary facts are unwelcome?

Busplunge said...

facts is facts.

Is you is or is you not.

You come to my blog and you say that your comments are "reasoned enough to be a counter-proof to the craziness that you cast about"

I going to start enforcing Jason's rule.

Anonymous said...

I hope this blog is not ressoreting to the Billy Long Syndrone of denying access to open communications.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05 PM
Your thinking is a distorted as your spelling.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...


It's the palsy. Thanks for your concern.

I'm just shaking.

Anonymous said...

She just goes to show that anyone can get elected. What a nut...