Thursday, January 31, 2008

Riding the Bus With The LA Times

Our new best friend is the LA Times. They write about what we like to read about. They write like we read. Yesterday it was the baby faced reporter, today it is candidates' buses. The link is here. (The picture is of our big bus that was referred to by a commentator on a previous post.)

Things I Remember About 1968: The Tet Offensive

US soldier during the Tet offensive, Hue, Vietnam, 1968. (Photo by Don McCullin)

January 31, 1968, the turning point in the Vietnam War, The Tet Offensive.
The Tet offensive brought the war to the cities for the first time and the resulting devastation created many refugees. Taken by Eddie Adams, this photograph shows war in its purest, most personal form. Adams died in September, 2004. The Washington Post ran this story.

"Some day this war's gonna end."

Baby Faced Reporters At KY3

When the LA Times featured Baby-Faced reporter David Catanese in the lede of a story on John Edwards, it struck us as funny. So we posted about it yesterday, the link is here.

To read David's take on the story, link on over here. Thanks for riding the bus, David!

Ozarkpolitics is having some fun with this also. The link is here,

As a comparison, following are a couple of photographs of a reporter who may have been baby faced at one time:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Knoxville TN Hero Appointed Bishop Of Springfield - Cape Girardeau

Vatican Appoints Fr. James Vann Johnston, Jr., JCL, The Sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield - Cape GirardeauThe great grandson of the founding editor of The Mirror reads the article on the back page of the January 25, 2008 issue, "Are Children Punished For Parent's Wickedness?" while Bishop designate James Vann Johnston, Jr. JCL, graces the front cover. Not only is he the new Bishop, he is also a bonafide hero , rescuing a child from a mountain stream. Johnston, 48, replaces current Bishop John Leibrecht, 77, who has retired. Previous bishops were Bishop Helmsing, Arch-Bishop Strecker, Cardinal Baum, Cardinal Law (yes, THAT Cardinal Law), and Bishop Leibrecht.

Mitt Lost Without Matt

"I spent all this money and I still can't pull it off. Maybe I ought to do what Matt did: Say I accomplished what I set out to do, then pack it in and go home. Dang, I spent a lot of money. Sorry boys, I didn't set out to spend all of your inheritance. It's just one of those things. Maybe we'll put the Winnebago on eBay like Rudy did with his car. Dang, I miss Matt. It'll be hard to quit..."

LA Times: David Catanese Baby-Faced

KY3's Baby-Faced Reporter David Catanese From today's LA Times:

On this night in southwestern Missouri, it comes after a rally at a Teamsters hall, where the Democratic presidential candidate has just brought union workers, teachers and farmers to their feet, shouting in affirmation.

"Senator," says a local television reporter, in the post-rally quiet, "if you continue to take second and third place in these primaries, what are you going to do with your delegates at the convention?"

The former senator from North Carolina does not miss a beat. "I'm gonna be nominated president," Edwards says. When the baby-faced reporter persists, the candidate's eyes narrow as he drawls: "I'm gonna be president."

"Shut Up! You're Distracting Me!" School Board Wants To Limit Public Input At Board Meetings

The Springfield R-12 School Board is considering limiting public input at the monthly school board meetings.

Apparently it is "distracting" to board members when the press questions commentators at the board meetings about their comments.

Kris Callen, board president, said the intention of the speaker makes a difference. She added that if someone uses the format to get media attention and are followed out of their room by reporters after a statement, it can be distracting.

Board members also questioned if there was a better way to get people to attend meetings and express opinions about the topics that are on the agenda.

Many citizens feel that School Boards and City Councils only listen to community input if it agrees with their vision 20/20 or SP5. I commented on this in a post on the City Audit, scroll down and read the comments. I received a barrage of hate mail (most of it from the same two places, I must have touched a nerve. btw,the internet is not as anonymous as some people think), so much that I started moderating my comments.

Mayor Tom Carlson got upset over the public comments in the January 14, 2008 City Council meeting. Read the comments posted at 9:15 PM.

While you are reading those minutes, note the conversation over the use permit in the 3600 block of Chestnut Expressway (7:36 PM). Those citizens were heard by the council, loud and clear in last week's Council meeting, 8:47 PM.

Yes, they want your input, when it is convenient to them.

UPDATE: Jackehammer has a post that speaks to the same issue as this one. The link is here. Surely we aren't the only two people in Springfield who are concerned about the direction these posts indicate we are heading.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Like To Play Scrabble?

If you like to play scrabble, head on over here

East Bound And Down In A Black Trans Am

420 Alert: Not Only Are You Going To Go Crazy, You Are Probably Going To Get Cancer Too

Last July we learned pot smokers were nuts. Now we learn from a just released study shows that pot smoking is a bigger cancer risk than cigarette smoking. The link is here.

The researchers interviewed 79 lung cancer patients and sought to identify the main risk factors for the disease, such as smoking, family history and occupation. The patients were questioned about alcohol and cannabis consumption.

In this high-exposure group, lung cancer risk rose by 5.7 times for patients who smoked more than a joint a day for 10 years, or two joints a day for 5 years, after adjusting for other variables, including cigarette smoking.
A joint a day for 10 years? Two joints a day for 5 years? Dang, that's a lot of pot smoking. You'd think they could have found something else to do.

Anyhow, this is good news for Bill Clinton, he didn't inhale. Not so good news for Barak Obama, he did. President Bush, remaining true to his character, denies everything at least since 1974.

Update: Bush admits to being alcoholic? 01/30/2008

And then there is this stuff, Salvia Divinorum.

Bob's House - Pepsi's New Super Bowl Ad

Whew, I'm Glad I Can Cross Global Warming Off My List Of Things To Worry About!

Do those Christians who believe in global warming need to say we could wipe out human life with a man-created catastrophe? If that’s true, why wouldn’t we say it? Because Jesus won’t let it happen and upstage his return
An unconventional movie review. The link is here.

A Kennedy / Obama Connection

JFK and Obama have a connection that goes beyond smoking cigarettes* and political endorsements by relatives of JFK. This article explains more. The link is here.

The bond began with Kenyan labour leader Tom Mboya, an advocate for African nationalism who helped his country gain independence in 1963. In the late 1950s, Mboya was seeking support for a scholarship program that would send Kenyan students to US colleges - similar to other exchanges the US backed in developing nations during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Mboya appealed to the state department. When that trail went cold, he turned to then-senator Kennedy. Kennedy, who chaired the senate subcommittee on Africa, arranged a $100,000 grant through his family's foundation to help Mboya keep the program running.
One of the first students airlifted to America was Barack Obama Sr, who married a white Kansas native named Ann Dunham during his US studies.
The bitterly fought presidential campaign of 1960 pitted Kennedy against Richard Nixon, then the vice president, who tried to steal his opponent's thunder by winning state department money for the airlift before the Kennedy family's grant could go through. A thoroughly modern political scuffle erupted over who would claim credit for supporting Obama's father and the other Kenyan students. Kennedy ultimately prevailed.

*Photos of Barak Obama smoking cigarettes are relatively rare. This is the only one that I found and I found it on only three sites. I can not verify that it is not photoshopped, there is no smoke coming off of the cigarette. I have read various news articles and background stories that mentioned Obama's smoking habit. His brand of choice: Marlboro Reds. ABC News had a story about Obama's smoking. The link is here.

Separated At Birth?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Missing Hiker Overtakes Bus Plunge

The Horror, The Horror!From Wikipedia:

Bus plunge stories are a journalism phenomenon of reporting passenger bus mishaps in short articles that invariably describe the bus as "plunging" from a bridge or hillside road. The phenomenon has been noted in the New York Times, which once published as many as 14 "bus plunge" stories per year in its foreign news section. The stories made the news not because of their perceived newsworthiness, but because copy editors could edit the details into a few lines and use them to fill gaps in the page layout. The adoption of computerized layout tools has reduced the need for such filler stories, but news wires continue to carry them.

I first noticed the "bus plunge" when I was a junior at St. Agnes High School, sitting in study hall and reading the New York Times. They just flat jumped out at me. For over forty years I have been following the bus plunge, some might venture more literally than figuratively.

I've written about this before. Since the advent of computer generated layout of newspapers, the bus plunge has been on a long downhill slide.

Some past commentators have opined that this blog has been on a long downhill slide also.

For instance, some one said this: "Is busplunge the blogger headed right. I see some evidence of this with pictures of you in the military and pics of giant buses (I am assume to compensate for smaller things in your life)"

And someone else said this: "bus plunge doesn't deal with criticism well."

And of course, my personal favorite: "Where's our daily plunge? too busy screening comments not to your liking? Hey, you're either in the daily commentary game or you're not!"

Then, this morning, as I got up early and read my daily blogs, I quickly realized that I was precariously close to plunging over the edge into the land of non relevance as had the "Bus Plunge".

The fact of the matter is I had long suspected this day would come, but, in my cock-eyed optimism, I had always hoped it would be later than sooner. I had long suspected that it would be "correction" (like this example or this example) that overtook the bus plunge.

I was wrong.

It came out of nowhere, first noticed by an alert bus rider from Nebraska who conveyed the disheartening news to me via a third party.

Forwarded Message: In a message dated 1/24/08 2:12:43 PM, writes:<< Observation..."Missing hiker" has overtaken "Bus Plunge" as favorite of headline creators. >>

Missing hiker.
Missing hiker.
Missing Hiker

Disheartened, I turned, for comfort, to three blogs I read everyday, this one and this one and this one. But they knew,as our email forwarders knew and constant bus riders had suspected, even before I, that the bus plunge, the elderly crank, seemed to be horribly out of the loop.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

It is fitting, therefore, on this, the darkest of days in the land of the plunging buses, to announce the winners of the 2007 Yellow and Black Plunger Awards.. It is ironical, given the foreshadowed and, by some, much hoped for demise of the bus plunge, that it was nominated in every category by the crackerjack panel of judges

2007 Yellow And Black Plunger Award Winners:

Best Special Event Coverage: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Comical: Thursday, October 4, 2007

Best News: Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Entertainment: Sunday, December 16, 2007

Best Photography:Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Best Personal: Friday, December 7, 2007

Best Local Coverage: Three Way Tie: August 24, 2007 and August 24, 2007 and August 24, 2007

Best Resource: Saturday, July 21, 2007

Best Sports: Monday, August 6, 2007

Best Political: August 22, 2007

Most Improved: October 24, 2007

Rookie Blog Of The Year: December 29, 2007

Blog Post of the Year: Three Way Tie: Saturday, September 15, 2007 and Wednesday, June 20, 2007 and Friday, September 7, 2007

Blog of the Year: With 1199 referrals and 2,498 page hits,The Blog Of The Year!BTW, check out my new blog

Separated At Birth?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Blunt Stepping Down Is National News

Blunt Won't Seek Re-Election, Wants To Spend More Time With Family.
This blog has an interesting take on the Missouri Governor's race.

In MO, the stakes are higher. The state is losing a seat. If Republicans (who have a 21-13 lead in the Senate and a 92-71 lead in the House) can hold the governorship, they can ensure that the eliminated district is Ike Skelton’s (D-Stone Age). By eliminating Skelton’s district, the Republican areas can be used to shore up Sam Graves’ Sixth District, while the Democratic portions of that district can be pushed into the already-Democratic Fifth District. On the Eastern side, Lacy Clay’s heavily black district will need to be pushed out farther due to continued population losses. Republicans could remove the portions of St. Louis City and County that are currently in Russ Carnahan’s district and place them into Clay’s district, transforming Carnahan’s “Lean Dem” district into a “Lean Rep” or pure tossup district. In short, the state’s 5-4 Republican delegation could be transformed into a fairly solid 6-2 Republican delegation, with the Republican seats being in much better shape than they are today.

Some bloggers are projecting the Repubicans will chose JoAnne Emerson or Kenny H. (he has absolutely no name recognition down in SWMO, Tony Messenger seems to be the only one who isn't saying, "Kenny who?, although Banker George certainly knows his name.
The Missouri Political News Service post this blog:Republicans narrowing the field
High ranking sources in Jefferson City are telling us Missouri GOP leaders have been meeting regularly by phone and in person to pick a candidate to replace Governor Blunt in the 08 governor’s race. The list of potential candidates has reportedly been narrowed to two. The remaining candidates are Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. Leaders see these candidates as the most likely to gather the financial and grassroots support necessary to defeat the Democratic nominee in November.

One reason Emerson’s star is surging is that, on the Democratic side, Robin Carnahan has been calling donors to gauge support for her potential candidacy in a primary against Jay Nixon. Emerson would match Carnahan’s name ID (her late husband Bill Emerson was a legend in MO politics) and equalize the female vote in a critical year for Republicans. Additionally, leaders say they are attracted to the fact that she is a rural Missourian who has done very well in a poor district by appealing to Missourians who might traditionally be safe Democratic votes.

Sources we talk to say the Democrats are sticking with Jay Nixon. Carnahan would be better to stick as Secretary of State and, when Kit Bond comes up in 2010 for re-election, run for his seat. Missouri would then have two democrat senators, Robin and Claire.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Republican Playbook For Beating Clinton OR Obama, Chapter 2

We posted last week about this secret Republican plan to beat Clinton or Obama. A Man, A Plan, Rove's Plan!

Here is chapter two: A Man, A Plan, RNC's plan!

Chaos In Missouri: Governor's Race Creates Scramble in Missouri

The Washington Post Political Blog, The Fix by Chris Cillizza, lists the players and possible players in the upocoming Missouri election. Pretty good article, the link is here

His lede in his earlier posting (link here) says he left because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

The governor also listed as a reason for not seeking reelection is that "we have achieved virtually everything I set out to accomplish, and more" This morning he said he lost his senses of mission.

Red-Headed Boy With Hats

Last fall, I did a post that I called "Men With Hats". I followed it up a little later with another post that I called More Men With Hats". This evening, over on our other blog, safe for work, is Red-Headed Boy With Hats.

Sara Steals Slogan: Power To The People!

Sarah Steelman's new campaign slogan, "Power To The People" was used by radical groups of the 1960s, including the Oakland, California based Black Panther Party. Surely Sarah is not, by use of this slogan, calling for armed resistance to societal oppression caused by the slash and cut policies of the now very lame duck governor! But I would bet big bucks, if I were a betting man, that there are groups who live in her neck of the woods who are calling for just that, but not for those reasons! Power To The People! Sarah Steelman's announcement yesterday that she would seek re-election to the office of state treasurer was greated with ho-hum-ness. Then, in political life, a minute later Matt Blunt announced he would not seek a second term. That changed everything. Now, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to run for governor. A lot of positioning is going on. Lincoln Days shure oughta be fun this year!I was going to blog on this yesterday, but other things happened. Several blogs mentioned Steelman's video in her parent's kitchen and her two boys unfurling blue banner with "Power to the People" on it. The political blog of the Columbia Tribune:

Steelman, the wife of former Rep. David Steelman, made the pitch with her parents and family. Her sons helped unfurl a blue banner with the words ‘Power to the People’ striding across a blue background.

One noticeable thing missing on the banner was Steelman’s Republican Party affiliation. She said there was no particular reason why such a designation was left off.
No particular reason, but one major reason: People in Missouri aren't going to elect Republicans this year to statewide offices, especially the Governor's office. As an incumbent, Steelman had a good chance to get re-elected. She ran a pretty good ship as treasurer and, as Bob Holden knew, she has great name recognition, she signs all those checks we get for income tax refunds. But that's about it. Oh yeah, and she doesn't want to draw attention that she is a Republican. So what does she do? She adopts the Black Panther slogan as her campaign slogan! Power To The People!
Sara Steelman uses the Black Panther Party slogan, "Power To The People" in her campaign for state treasurer or governor of Missouri. Black Panthers plan protest in Rolla?

Maybe she's channelling Patty Hearst, I mean Tania and the SLA?
Or maybe she's a James Brown fan? Or maybe she's a big James Brown fan?

How Bizarre!
John Lennon, not only have you been co-opted, but you've been co-opted by a Republican!
Power to the people

Say you want a revolution
We better get on right away
Well you get on your feet
And out on the street

Singing power to the people
Power to the people, right on

A million workers working for nothing
You better give em what they really own
We got to put you down
When we come into town

Singing power to the people
Power to the people, right on

I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
How do you treat you own woman back home
She got to be herself
So she can free herself

Singing power to the people
Power to the people, right on
Now, now, now, now

Oh well, power to the people
Power to the people, right on

Yeah, power to the people
Power to the people, right on
Power to the people
Power to the people, right on -John Lennon March, 1971
Power to the people

Sarah Steelman May Change Her Mind

Sara Steelman had this to say this afternoon:

"I want to wish Governor Blunt, Melanie and Branch all the best as they have decided to open a new chapter in their lives as a family.

Just yesterday I announced my intent to seek another term as Missouri State Treasurer at my parents home in Jefferson City. Since my announcement, I have received hundreds of calls from Missourians of all walks of life who have encouraged me to seek the office of Governor. These Missourians have shared one message with me, "return the power to the people."

My family and I are earnestly considering the many calls we have received with one criterion, how I can best serve the people of Missouri. We will be announcing our decision soon so as to help lead Missourians in the best possible direction."

Who Should Be The Republican Candidate For Governor, An Internet Poll

With 535 votes tabulated, well do remember this is electronic voting ala Diebold, Rod Jetton is ahead with 39.1% of the vote. Remember this voting is just like the Republicans hoped it would be, you can vote as many times as you want!Vote Here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He Quit Us Heath Ledger 1979 -2008

Bush Lied

ARE YOU SERIOUS? This blog post is from January 22, 2008 and reflects an editorial opinion which later was found to be fact not just opinion. From the AP:

WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses."

The study was posted Tuesday on the Web site of the Center for Public Integrity, which worked with the Fund for Independence in Journalism. White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said he could not comment on the study because he had not seen it.

The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period. It found that in speeches, briefings, interviews and other venues, Bush and administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to produce or obtain them or had links to al-Qaida or both.

"It is now beyond dispute that Iraq did not possess any weapons of mass destruction or have meaningful ties to al-Qaida," according to Charles Lewis and Mark Reading-Smith of the Fund for Independence in Journalism staff members, writing an overview of the study. "In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003."

Named in the study along with Bush were top officials of the administration during the period studied: Vice President Dick Cheney, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan.

Bush led with 259 false statements, 231 about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 28 about Iraq's links to al-Qaida, the study found. That was second only to Powell's 244 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 about Iraq and al-Qaida.

The center said the study was based on a database created with public statements over the two years beginning on Sept. 11, 2001, and information from more than 25 government reports, books, articles, speeches and interviews.

"The cumulative effect of these false statements — amplified by thousands of news stories and broadcasts — was massive, with the media coverage creating an almost impenetrable din for several critical months in the run-up to war," the study concluded.

"Some journalists — indeed, even some entire news organizations — have since acknowledged that their coverage during those prewar months was far too deferential and uncritical. These mea culpas notwithstanding, much of the wall-to-wall media coverage provided additional, 'independent' validation of the Bush administration's false statements about Iraq," it said.

Remember Mitt and Matt? Well Read This!

Romney's Statement on Matt Blunt
Multiple addresses seperated by commas From:
Message :
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008
CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on Governor Matt Blunt's (R-MO) decision to not seek reelection:

"At the end of this year, Governor Blunt will leave office knowing that he has accomplished much for the people of Missouri. As a conservative leader and dedicated public servant, his efforts to improve the lives of others will not end when his term comes to a close. Ann and I wish Matt and Melanie the very best over the next year and in all their future endeavors."

Hey, Matt, come on over, you were in the Navy, you're from the evangelical SW part of the state, maybe you and I can overcome John and Huck! What the hey, let's put on the holy underpants and give it a whirl! Come on. whaddaya say?

Matt Blunt Quits: Peter Principle In Effect: "Our Job Is Done Here": Republicans Hand Over Governor's Mansion To Democrats

THE HELL WITH IT, I QUITSomething is happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. What started off as a ho-hum news day with State Treasurer Sarah Steelman announcing her plans to seek re-election as treasurer, she won't be running against Governor Blunt in a Republican primary.

Then, later this afternoon, the Governor says that he has accomplished all he set out to accomplish as governor and will not seek re-election, opening up the Republican side of the ballot to all sorts of scenarios.

OH, GOODY, GOODY, GOODY! I AM SO HAPPY!Meanwhile, KY3's political blog says that Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, of bike race fame, announces he will run for Governor, he thinks he's the right person at the right time.

THAT SNARLED HAIR GNARLY LITTLE PUNK, HE JUST RUINED MY CHANCES TO BE GOVERNOR<Sarah Steelman(who is 50 years old btw and doesn't look at day over 35), meanwhile, sits at her kitchen table and cusses the boy Blunt. Do you think Matt clued anybody in on his decision? Well, I am sure Melanie had a say in the matter.

Kicking all those people off of medicaid, destroying emails, firing Eckersley, signing the Village Law, these actions caught up with the boy governor.

Whoever the Republicans end up with, Jay Nixon has the momentum on his side.

I wonder what happens to the millions of dollars in Blunts campaign treasury?

My 80 year old Mother watched KY3 news this evening and took notes while I went to the pharmacy to get her medicine. Here's what she had to say: Kinder is from Cape Girardeau, he is the one with the bike race. Kenny somebody might run, he may be from Cape Girardeau too. She didn't think running a bike race made for a good governor. Matt Blunt's wife needs to have a make over, she looked horrible and she needed to get her hair done, it was all flat and her make up looked bad.

Life Of Jason hopes that "If Blunt is really stepping away to spend more time with his wife and child then I commend him for that decision. I know that I cherish every day I can spend with my sons and I don’t think Governor Blunt would regret that decision." But even he's not sure that is the reason, but at least he's givin' the guy the benefit of the doubt, which is more than I am doin'.

The reason Blunt is quitting? He is quitting because he knows he can't beat Jay Nixon. He is quitting because of the fallout over kicking kids like yours off of Medicaid (and it still ain't fixed). He is quitting because of the fallout over not realizing what bills he was signing into law (like the village law, he didn't think it was important). He bowed out because he and his aides destroyed government documents and fired the guy who told them they were wrong to do so. He bowed out because he could no longer, if indeed he could ever, control the excesses of the Republican party in Jefferson City. He is a perfect example of the Peter Principle: Everyone rises to their own level of incompetence. Blue Girl lists even more reasons why he quit.

Meanwhile, Tony Messenger remains on the Governor's Christmas card list and quietly celebrates at his desk in the basement of the SN-L

Governor Won't Seek Re-Election--Will It Be Mitt And Matt?

Slow news day my ass! Tony Messenger drops this bombshell": Governor Blunt won't seek re-election, he has accomplished all the goals he set out to accomplish!

Holy Cow, maybe there is some truth to the feeling that Old Mitt Romney will be picking him up for a spot on the ticket as the VP--The Mitt and Matt Show!

As you can read from the previous post, Sarah Steelman announced she will run for re-election as state treasurer. Then Blunt says he ain't gonna seek re-election. And Steelman says, DANG! I spoke too soon!

Money quote: "After a great deal of thought and prayer, and with the knowledge that we have achieved virtually everything I set out to accomplish, and more, I will not seek a second term in the upcoming election. Because I feel we have changed what I wanted to change in the first term there is not the same sense of mission for a second."

Sarah Steelman? Not Becoming A Democrat, Not Running Against Blunt, Not Very Exciting News. Yawn

Must be a slow news day, Clinton falls asleep and Steeleman will run for re-election. Well, old boy Matt dodges a bullet! She coulda beat him.
Fired Up Missouri
Columba Tribune Politics Bloga
Missouri Political News.

Bill Clinton Can't Hardly Keep His Eyes Open....He Has A Dream?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things I Would Not Know If I Did Not Read The Springfield News-Leader, Part 2

Last summer the SN-L posted as series of "how to" articles. I posted to this blog about them in an blog posting I called Things I Would Not Know If I Did Not Read The Springfield News Leader. Link on over to it and refresh your memory if you so desire.

The SN-L continues its tradition of enlightening readers by not only providing just about the funniest comic currently in syndication,but also by printing this how to article.
Remember, Electricity can kill.

Wife's Manic Spending Led To Bankruptcy Filing

According to a posting on Life of Jason's blog, the reason behind the recent bankruptcy filing by Springfield City Councilman Doug Burlison and his wife, Mellony, is $40,000 in credit card bills incurred by Mellony while she was in a manic phase of bipolar illness.

In an email sent to Jason Wert, author of Life Of Jason, Mellony Burlison wrote:

“Our financial situation is all my doing. I went on a $40,000 shopping spree unknown to Doug. I have Bipolar Disorder Type 1, and this was all done during a manic phase. I opened over 15 credit card accounts in Doug’s name, over the internet, without his consent or knowledge of anything that was going on. I lied to hide my purchases, unplugged the phone when I was gone so he wouldn’t get any phone calls about the cards.

I am not proud of my actions.”

For further information on this type of illness and what can be done on a local level, link over to this site.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Faded Photographs

Back when I was a kid, it was quite a process to develop photographs. They might be called snapshots, but in our house, when I was a child, photographs were taken on special occasions like the family Christmas photo or the Easter egg hunt.

After a roll of film was shot, it was rewound,taken out of the camera and placed on the buffet until my Mother remembered to bring it to the drugstore for developing. The film was sent out of town to be developed. Processing time took about 8 to 10 days. And you had to remember to pick up the photos. They were only in black and white. When color film came out, it cost extra to develop it.

After we moved to Springfield, my Dad, who was a newspaper editor, printed photos in his office darkroom. There are a lot more photos of my younger brothers and sisters than of us older kids.

It always bothers me when I find pictures in a flea market or second hand shop. Someone, somewhere, at sometime took photographs of their family, cared enough to send them off to have them developed and put them in a scrapbook. Yet, they ended up in second-hand store. Along with a lot of other stuff, I buy them when I find them.

I remember when the woman who lived across the street's house was auctioned off, all her photo albums were included in the auction. I asked her son why. He said that none of the kids knew who the people in the photos were, their mother was blind and couldn't tell them and they didn't want them anymore. So they went in the auction.

My wife and I have several apple boxes full of photos. We also have her mother's photo album. I have posted some them on this blog before. Lots of history contained in these old photos.

I have this class photo on my desk. With a wink of the eye to Secret Drinker at the Dive Bar Review, there is a story behind this old photograph. Head on over to Ozark's Offbeat to read it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Going Down To Lawrence County This Afternoon

Plumb tuckered out from taking the boys out to Lawrence County to look at the horses. Stopped at Briarwood Conoco on 60 west and spent $16.01 for three bottles of Nesquick double chocolate reduced fat milk, one bag of Doritos, one bag of Sour Skittles, and one bag of Chex Mix for the boys. I thought some Mountain Dew would taste good, but I didn't want the caffeine so I got me two hot dogs and a big Orange drink. Head on over here for a taste of the good auld mountain dew! It'll tickle your innards! And it's ok for work!

Friday, January 18, 2008

For Those Readers Coming From The (redacted) Blog: See Them Now?

City Councilman Files For Bankruptcy

The SN-L reports that City Councilman Doug Burlison filed for bankruptcy protection on December 18, 2007 in Federal Bankruptcy Court. There are several pages of comments about the article on the SN-L link. Commentators have strong opinions about the Councilman's actions. It is certainly worthwhile to read all the comments to the article. Here are some highlights:

First, Opinionated said, "It's none of our business"

Then, Leevan said, "It is our buissness,"

Then, MO_Joe said, "Everyone should be DEMANDING to know why..."

Then, JCW said: "I know the reason..." Editors note: JCW's full quote is "I know the reason and if people come out bashing Doug they will discover they're going to look like fools when the reason is made public."

Then Lonewolf said, "for a city councilman to file bankruptcy, certainly raises a lot of questions."

Then The Smurf said, "He doesn't have to explain jack crap to anyone."

Then Lonewolf said, "he must explain his actions to the voters who elected him."

Then Painted Pine said, "Leave this alone until the man speaks publicly."

Then DairyQueen said, " This bankruptcy, after he staked his claims on fiscal responsbility, is his iceberg, no matter what the reasons."

It is news because he is on the Springfield City Council, specifically on the Finance and Administration Committee. I want to know the reason not because of schaedenfreud, but because he is an overseer of our money and decides how to spend it. If this bankruptcy was the result of preventable actions, that might change views. But as of now, based on the limited knowledge we have, his seat is safe.

But it is not fair to us to announce the bankruptcy and then tell us you'll tell us why you did it at a press conference to be held next week (that hasn't been scheduled yet at the time of this posting 3:18 pm Friday). The reasons next week should be the same reasons this week, Should we just wait for "the spin"?

JCW, in the SN-L comments on this article, implies that the Councilman told him the reason for filing. If the Councilman did indeed tell him the reason, why can't we be told also? Bad news is best dealt with quickly, succinctly and in a straightforward manner. If the Councilman told JCW and also told him he would release the information at a later date, in effect, embargoing the information until that time, then JCW, however well intentioned, should not have posted the comment.

But, I don't know that that happened, so, JCW...don't tease us like this, tell us the reason!

NOTE: I just surfed over to Life Of Jason's post on the Councilman to see if there is any elaboration on the comment in the SN-L and if he gives the reason in his blogpost. Life of Jason says,

I just finished speaking with Springfield City Councilman Doug Burlison who confirmed to me that he has filed for bankruptcy. He said that he wasn’t releasing details of the filing until after his court date which is scheduled for Tuesday. After that, he will be releasing a statement and holding a press conference about the situation... Until Tuesday, we should just wait and see what develops.

Bobby Fischer 1943-2008

Bobby Fischer 1943 - 2008

Yellow and Black Plunger Award Nomination Update

As mentioned in the previous post, the judges for the 2007 Yellow and Black Plunger Awards have been hard at work sorting through the award nominations. It is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Right now, the judges are taking a well deserved break from the task.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2007 Yellow and Black Plunger Award Nominations Closed: Results To Be Announced

First, to all our readers out there, from the bottom of our pea pickin' hearts, we say to you: "Thanks for riding the bus!" Now, down to the bidness at hand:You got your Academy Awards, you got your Tony Awards, you got your Golden Globes, you got your Blogaronis, you got your Quick Thoughts on 2007 blog post by, our hero, Desdinova, Supervillian of the Ozarks (what did happen to Brian Lewis?) and you got your Yellow and Black Plungers.

The Yellow and Black Plunger Awards are little different from these other awards, which are determined by the casting of votes by one's peers. Winners of the Yellow and Black Plunger Awards are determined by me and a bunch of judges. The list of judges is at the bottom of this post.

One change has been made this year in the selection process, to simplify matters, we will be using the same categories as the Blogaronis. This is so the Yellow and Black Plunger award process does not get to be too awfully confusing to me and the judges.

The winner (or winners, if there happens to be a tie) in each category will receive a wonderful Yellow and Black Plunger with "2007" tastefully attached to the same. The Yellow and Black Plunger is suitable for framing or displaying on a mantelpiece.
Additionally, the Yellow and Black Plunger is made of a time tested design and is completely functional should you desire to use it for its intended purpose.

The winners will also be eligible to attend the world premiere yellow bus (plunge) tour of totally refined and culturally effete drinking establishments, as determined by The Dive Bar Review, that are located within reasonable driving distance of Springfield, MO. (With $3.00 a gallon gas, we had a choice of spending our money on beer or gas, beer won.) Limited seating on the bus for this tour is available to non-winners of the Yellow and Black Plunger Awards on a first come, first served basis, with a preference given to those losers who have their wallets attached to the belt loops on their pants with a chain, (the utmost in fashion sense). Watch this blog for the announcement of the winners coming soon. Remember, the criteria is simple: using viewer input and my own predetermined taste, a selection is made of the best blog in each predetermined category. Nominations---and we got a ton of them folks---closed this afternoon. Our impartial judges are sifting through them right now even as we post, searching for those that truly deserve the Yellow and Black Plunger award: the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the Bailey's, The Cask and Bottle, the DeKuyper's.

I can't not stress enough that the awarding of the Yellow and Black Plunger awards will strictly be impartial. There will be no favorites played, no back room deals, no politicin', no bribery, no chicanery, no solicitin'. No nothing but straight shootin' and the cowboy way!

Judges include (and this list is not absolut): me, Mr. Belvedere, the Grey Goose, Chopin, this guy from Finland, the Jewel of Russia, Effen, McCormick, Bak Zubrowka, Van Gogh, Van Hoo, Pan, Gordon, Cristall, Gilbey, Oliphant, Ketel 1, and much Mor! (Upon request, stuffed pimentos and Three Olives will be included with each judge's packet.)

While the Yellow and Black Plunger awards may be seen as sort of similar to other stuff, it's not, neither are they intended to distract from other stuff. The Yellow and Black Plunger awards are yellow and black plungers. Any similarity to current or previous stuff is purely coincidental. For a complete list of winners send $25.00, via paypal, to the email address listed in the blog author's profile. This offer void where prohibited. Decisions of the judges are final. As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This recording will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim.

Exactly 30 Years Ago This Evening, The Greatest Moment In The History Of Televised Entertainment Was Broadcast

Denny Crane!To Andrew Sullivan, for refreshing my memories, thank you.

Karl Rove Tells How To Beat Clinton or Obama

While most of us thought "Good riddance" when Karl Rove left the White House last year, we were perhaps, premature in our thinking. It turns out that the Rovian era for architecting elections has not ended, it has just gone in a slightly different direction. It has just gone a little bit further underground.

Dang, it's going to be a long time 'til November.