Saturday, January 29, 2011

Something's happening here, what it is aint' exactly clear.

There's a man with a gun over there, telling me I've got to beware.

Bus riders: have you ever heard of Gregg Hartley?

He describes himself on his twitter page as a Republican policy advisor., however, sees it another way and The Washington Post reports that "He (Hartley) has reorganized the firm and turned it into a predominantly Republican operation."

The firm with which he is, for now at least, Chief Operating Officer of, Cassidy & Associates, is one of the largest lobbying firms in D.C. One of their clients is City Utilities of Springfield, MO.

According to their website, Cassidy & Associates has "helped businesses, non-profits, and political figures navigate their way through once-in-a-lifetime crises that resulted from federal action."

Hartley also understands social media. Tweeting under the name GreggLHartley and listing his location as "The Shady Side", Hartley clocks in this morning with over 4,000 tweets.

Earlier this month, The National Journal's Jeremy Jacobs reported:

Former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman picked up a big endorsement for her Senate bid on Thursday: Gregg Hartley.

Hartley is one of the top lobbyists on Capitol Hill, currently working for Cassidy and Associates. He has deep ties to Missouri, having served as Sen. Roy Blunt's (R) chief of staff as he was ascending the leadership in the House.

In an email to his personal email list -- obtained by Hotline On Call -- Hartley threw his weight behind Steelman. The email had the subject, "Steel Magnolia from Missourah," and in it Hartley wrote that he is ready to back Steelman even though it is unclear whether there will be a contested Republican primary.

"Too early to know for sure if there will be a serious primary or to predict winners," Hartley wrote. "But supporting a solid candidate isn't always that big of a choice. I've made mine."

Hartley also encourages the recipients of the email to visit Steelman's site and to consider making a contribution.
Talent this week announced that he would not seek the senate seat he lost to a Mccaskill in 2006.

Hartley, who supported Gary Nodler in the August primary, quickly shifted his allegiance to Billy Long and frequently tweets about it.

This morning, after I finished reading the print edition of the Springfield News-Leader (I love the smell of newspaper ink in the morning, it smells like...home), I switched to electronic media.

There I tumbled upon a series of twitter exchanges that started several days ago between Bungalow Bill (remember him? he's Christian County blogger who got a visit from Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott and the F.B.I. for being critical of Billy Long.) and Hartley -- back in the day, we'd call it a 'pissing contest'.

Does anyone else wonder why Gregg Hartley, the COO of one of the most, if not the most powerful lobbying firms in Washington D.C., Cassidy & Associates, is allowing himself to get ruffled by a constituent of Billy Long's who asks tought questions and who was labeled by the Springfield News-Leader as a "thorn"?

The F.B.I. agent who, with Sheriff Arnott sitting on the couch next to him, conducted the interview, said to Bungalow Bill, the blogger in question, "You are absolutely in your right to do just that (question Long)and more power to you. That's what you're supposed to be doing: holding people accountable. Because that's the people we elect and they are supposed to be accountable to us. And somebody's got to do it and more power to you."

Yesterday, Hartley retweeted this from JamesMNHarris (as Bus riders may or may not know, Harriswas part of the Billy Long campaign team with Jeff Roe. Harris also achieved some sort of notoriety, I guess, caused by some stuff that went on in Washington MO during the election-- another pissing contest?): Amazing how individuals w/ no journalism training, but email or blog now think they are now reporters. Self proclaimed importance.

Sure looks like somebody is ruffling some feathers!

Getting back to what started this post, also on Hartley's twitter feed this morning is this:
Hill COS agreed this week to help with efforts for Veterans in Defense of Liberty..... about 6 hours ago via web from Shady Side, MD
I don't know who the "Hill COS" refers to, but I sure do know who the "Veterans in Defense of Liberty" are: That's the group formed earlier late last year by Scott Magill

They have a website and a member of the board of directors is Sam Paredes.

VIDOL also endorses candidates. Their website boasts "75% combat efficiency with 2010 endorsements".

"Combat efficiency"? WTF does that mean?

Angry people with guns who are mad at the government.

And Gregg Hartley's working with them.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the attempt to shut the bloggers up by using the police failed, so now they are trying to do it via social media and the internet.

Remember Sara's slogan?

Anonymous said...

BIlly Long is an American Hero. He fought for our freedom in the bloody sands of Desert Storm and now he does the same in the hallowed halls of Congress. God bless him as he battles evil in the form of liberal socialists that threaten the fabric of our society. This is our America and we are taking it back from those who would try to destroy it by imposing their minority views on the majority. The majority that still gets a tear as they see Old Glory pass by, or a brave soldier hug his/her family one more time as they answer the time-honored call of duty to God, yes GOD and Country.

Anonymous said...

He fought for our freedom drinking Bloody Marys at Metro Grill?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54PM--- please tell me your source for Billy being in Desert Storm, I want him to join VIDOL.

Jim Lee-- Combat efficiency is the ratio of kills to units lost.

Anonymous said...

These people are completely crazy. I am so glad I do not live their lives of the hatred and evil thoughts that consume them.

It must be a burden to be so paranoid and mentally disturbed. Every fiber of their mind and body seems to be about killing someone or something either with bullets or quieting them with intimidation and harassment.

God won't endorse these people no matter how many times they invoke His name. They will not prosper and He will never acknowledge their evil hearts.

The T Party/Republicans are already on the way out.

Now we wait, for in the wait lies the answer. We wait for the budget they must put forth and to know once and for all where their heart does lie. $100 million in cuts (but keep the earmarks for friends and family) will tell the whole story.

The American people are about to revolt for sure and God WILL endorse that and no amount of tweeting or twittering or tittering or anything else is going to candy coat what's coming for the old, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the handicapped, the vets,,,,for they and they alone will suffer the brunt of the T Party/Republican cuts.

What a show we have coming!

Our President was right to just give 'em some rope. They will walk right into it because while they have brainwashed themselves with their hyped hogwash they have forgotten a couple of things.

All politics is local.

And...people want you to cut the other guys program, not theirs.

So, as they prepare to make those cuts to domestic spending we Dems will whistle while they work.

This will be big fun.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long in Desert Storm??????

You'd better come up with some good background to prove that!

Billy Long was in the backroom playing poker........

oh that's it, they had a map of Iraq on the table and played with their little army jeeps and tanks and plane


Billy Long, all hat and not brains, following OleRoy's commands.

Billy couldn't even make the reading of the Constitution because he was meeting a lobbyst..
FED UP, B_ LL S _ _ T

Tomlee mo

Anonymous said...

I think it is a moot point if Billy Long served or didn't serve in Desert Storm. Maybe my facts are wrong on that, but that does not detract from what the man is attempting to do to save this country. We are all God's children, but some in this country forget that..mainly Democrats. They have tried to ruin this country with their DADT this and that. Billy, as Mr. Hannity would say, is a GREAT AMERICAN. If the problem is too big for him to handle, BIlly knows what to do....devour it. God bless William Long III and God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of great men, I have compiled a list of the top 5 men that have most influenced me in my career as an on air talent. 1. Walter Cronkite 2. Will Asby (anchor of 6:00 news is Lancaster Pa.) 3. John C. Fremont (that's right, the Pathfinder) 4. Colonel Parker (he coined the phrase, "Are you sure Elvis done it this away." and last, but not least, shirtless Jim Lee. Great Men...and Anon 3:54, these are Great Americans. Cue Lee Greenwood, I am out.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog while doing a search for "shirtless Jim Lee" Three words A MA ZING.....keep up the good work and...peace out dawg.