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Attention All Bus Riders:

I am going on an extreme undercover assignment. You may not recognize me.

You can send me emails but I will not be in a position to read or respond to them.

I will touch base with you all as soon as I get back.

Keep up the good fight.

If you receive any ransom demands, Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pay them.

If this man approaches you and says he has information about me, he may or may be in a position to know.

Until I return.....Vaya con carne!

Former Nightclub Owner Billy Long: "We Never Said We Would Do Ten Courthouse Debates". Uh, I Think You Did, Billy

I transcribed the interview former nightclub owner Billy Long** had with Nick Reed on KSFG early Thursday morning.

It is interesting You can read it over here

Also interesting, after you read Billy's account ("We* never said we would do ten courthouse debates"), link over here and read KSMU's story ("A spokesperson for the Billy Long Campaign, Royce Reding***, told KSMU on August 4 and August 17 that Long would participate in the 10 courthouse debates.")

*Is that the royal "we" or the editorial "we"?

**Wild Bill's on North Glenstone

***Wonder how long it is before Royce goes the way of Curtis?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth!

Billy's been believing his own press releases again.
this from twitter, developing:

# FiredUpMissouri
.@Auctnr1's campaign mgr 'told @KSMU on Aug 4 and Aug 17 that Long would participate in the 10 courthouse debates' #MO7 about 1 hour ago via web

# Busplunge
@auctnr1 "We never said we would do ten courthouse debates." August 26, 2010 KSFG morning show with Nick Reed. about 1 hour ago via web

I am almost finished with the transcript of the Billy Long interview with Nick Reed on KSGF this morning.

Billy Says The Darndest Things; Billy Speaks On KSGF This Morning

I am in the process of preparing a transcript of Billy Long's appearance this morning on KSGF.

It is not easy to do because Billy rarely speaks in complete sentences or completes a thought.

As a teaser, here are some quotes and comments that I tweeted this am:

"There will be debates."

"I can campaign all season long and not do debates."

"I ran for 18 months never running against my opponents." (What about that anti- Goodman and Nodler ad you ran late in the primary?)

"...debate at high noon?" that will "stroke me out, (I'm a) big old fat boy."

"...never said we'd do 10 courthouse debate, we did 17 debates, forums, whatever you want to call them."

"I AM ANXIOUS TO DEBATE HIM." KSGF morning show, "Not going to try this thing in the media."

"I'm not going to let Obama, Pelosi Reid cram this thing down my throat."

"I am anxious to debate him (Eckersley). There will be debates." KSGF August 26, 2010

When you compared Obama and Kim Jong Il to you and Eckersley on KSFG this am.... which one are you? The evil communist dictator or the socialist?

After listening to KSFG, it becomes clear why Billy's handlers want to speak for him. I guess his out of town people weren't in town.

Listen to the 18.5 minute (or so) broadcast from KSFG here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Billy Backs Out.....Again

This just in from the Eckersley Campaign:
Springfield, MO 25th August 2010:

Billy Long continues to take voters for granted by rejecting invitations for public debate.

Since backing out of his agreement to participate in the Courthouse Debate Series, Billy has bailed on Springfield TV station KOLR 10, popular conservative radio station KSGF 104.1 FM, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and a previously arranged forum at the Springfield Metro Bar Association. Other similar reports continue to flow into the Eckersley for Congress Campaign office and Billy is nowhere to be found.

“Billy doesn’t want to debate in each county at noon, he doesn’t want to do radio, he can’t handle TV, and he rejected a simple head-to-head debate at the Springfield Chamber today.” Said Eckersley, “This is the kind of gutless representation Billy plans to take to Washington. I plan to save him the trip.”

The Eckersley campaign will move forward by visiting all 10 counties and 19 cities.

Mr. Long is (again) invited to reconsider his decision not to debate, and meet Eckersley at any courthouse along the “Give „em Eck” tour –or on the radio, or on TV, or at any head-to-head debate.

Why Are Billy Long And His Handlers Afraid Of Eckersley? Billy Long's Handlers Fed Up With Debates Agreed To By Billy Long's Handlers

A follow-up from

Democrat Scott Eckersley and Libertarian Kevin Craig have accepted KOLR/KSFX's proposal for a 7th District debate. As of 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, our newsroom has not received official word from Republican Billy Long's campaign.
Billy Long's Handlers Fed Up With Debates Agreed To By Billy Long's Handlers

KOLR/KSFX has a fascinating story out of the 7th District about the Billy Long's willingness to debate debating -- but unwillingness to actually engaging in actual debates. Long apparently isn't even allowed to discuss the idea of debates with Scott Eckersley on camera -- consultant James Harris has kept those responsibilities to himself.*

Remember as you watch this clip that Billy Long's campaign agreed to the debates Harris now says are "some type of media gimmick"

DC: On a serious note, I mean, that,that is a major (unintelligible)

BL: This whole thing hasn't been serious?

DC: Well, but you diverted me earlier. But the president...

BL: How'd I do that? I didn't mean to...

DC: Well the president...

BL: I'm not that good. I'm new at this Dave, don't be saying I diverted you.

DC: The president, well you know what I was talking about earlier, the president's plan to bring home most of the troops...

BL: How would you like to debate me?

DC: I'm doing that right now.

BL: Yes, no you're not. How would you like to do it on the campaign. I hear it's gonna be fun.

DC: I want to I want to hear some of your auctionering voice.

BL: I think you get me up against some of these people that are prim and proper and their handlers have told them just what to say and then you get me out there and I think it's going to be very interesting.

*From Auctnr1's twitter: Had a great meeting today with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott - very interesting to hear what's going on and learn his greatest concerns about 4 hours ago via web There is no indication if during this meeting food was involved or whether lunch or snacks were served.

See Billy. See Billy Run. See Billy Run Away. Run Away, Billy, Run Away. Billy Long Runs Away From Debate Invite From KOLR

This is a photo of Billy Long running. Look at the determination in his face. We can tell he is serious about running. Can you see what he is thinking? "Lift left foot, move it forward at the hip, place foot on pavement. Now I got remember what I did and do it with the right foot, and I gots to do it fast. Oh man, all this hard work makes me hungry. Let's eat!"(Ok, this is a photo of Billy Long attempting to run. Ok, this is a photo of Billy Long walking but if you squint your eyes, it sort of looks like he's running. To see Billy walk really fast, watch the video below.)

The race to replace Roy Blunt get more interesting with each passing day.

Frequent bus riders will recall that one of the candidates has dodged debates before. Trying to pass off questions and answers at a candidate forum ain't gonna cut it.

Billy Long is running away from something. You can't hide that anymore. Watch Billy run away from Eli Yokely just as he's running away from Scott Eckersley, just as he's running away from the debates. Run,Billy Long, run.

It is one thing to first accept, then spin it and then back out of a debate challenge issued by your opponent, it is one thing to pass your twittering off as a discussion of the issues, it is one thing to try turn this election into a three ring circus featuring you and Bozo the Clown".

Some of us take this democracy stuff seriously Billy, even if you don't.

A couple of days ago I posted "How would you like to debate me, it's gonna be fun.

All shucks, jollies and grins. Yes, how in the purple permission did it come to this? It is one thing to ignore a couple of bloggers, one on the left side of the aisle and the other on the right side of the aisle--- we're not MSM, but these guys are:

(Springfield, MO) -- When it comes to the 7th U.S. Congressional District race, the only real debate we're seeing is when and where to debate.

And there are only 70 days until Election Day, so time's running out.

At first, Republican Billy Long appeared to accept Democrat Scott Eckersley's invitation to debate on the courthouse steps in every county in the district.

Eventually, Long backed out, disagreeing with the format. With time ticking away, there's still no debate -- yet.

Throughout history, political debates have resulted in the most memorable moments of all time.

But when it comes to 7th U.S. Congressional District voters making a choice, they want to hear from the candidates.

"If you have a debate, they have to say what they're thinking about at the time of the debate," says voter Toni Storch.

"Billy Long has made it very clear that we're very open to discuss debates," says Long spokesman James Harris.

"It's obviously clear that there's one candidate in this race who wants to discuss what's important to folks, and who wants to learn and listen and there's one who doesn't," says Eckersley.

But will it happen? Will Republican Billy Long and Democrat Scott Eckersley go at it?

"Meeting at noon at the courthouse steps really doesn't work for many voters here in Southwest Missouri," says Harris. "People are working, taking care of their families, in school."

"If they're on the courthouse steps, I want to be there," one voter tells KOLR/KSFX.

Be it radio, television, newspaper -- the two claim they're ready to talk. They just can't agree on how to talk.

"What we're not going to participate in is some type of media gimmick," says Harris.

"I'll go so far as to say my opponent is a gimmick," says Eckersley.

Regardless of whether they debate long distance --

"I put most everything I had into this race because I didn't want to depend on special interest dollars like my opponent," says Eckersley.

-- or face to face --

"Scott Eckersley will be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi," says Harris.

-- on Election Day, the voice that speaks the loudest will be the voters.

"If you're not ready to step into the fire, you'd better step out," says a voter.

For the record, KOLR/KSFX talked to Libertarian candidate Kevin Craig Tuesday. He says if Long and Eckersley decide on a debate, he'd be happy to be a part of it.

To all of the campaigns, KOLR/KSFX extends this offer: call our newsroom at (417) 862-6397. We will sponsor a debate in our studios.

To our viewers, stay tuned. We will tell you Tuesday on KOLR10 News at Six whether the candidates are willing to debate.
Has anyone else noticed that whenever Billy Long gets cornered, he trots out Nancy Pelosi? Is he in love with her or what?*

*It's 'or what'. A frequent bus rider comments, "Because that's what misogynistic, insecure Republican types do. I see it regularly. Find an aggressive, "threatening" female in political power and make her a target."

Now THIS Is Funny

Billy Long may not like debating...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roy Blunt’s Unforgivable Role In The Life and Death of Terri Schiavo

By Duane Graham

More than five years have passed since the death of Terri Schiavo, the reportedly quiet and shy Pennsylvania girl, who those five years ago was the center of worldwide attention, as her husband Michael—the first man Terri ever kissed—finally succeeded in allowing her to pass away with not much dignity to spare.

click here for the rest of the story.

I Can Predict The Future!

Blunt Staffers Kick Out Senior Citizens During Chamber of Commerce Endorsement Tour: "This Is A Private Deal"

It's too hot to mow and my lawnmower is broken anyhow. So I sit here at the computer and surf the web.

Look what I found:

Monday, August 23, 2010

"I've Been Busy": Why Billy Won't Debate

Last week as news broke Billy Long's campaign team made debate negotiations impossible, my sources gave me two comical excuses used by the Long campaign to dodge the debates. The first excuse is Billy Long has already debated 17 times during the primary. Of course this isn't true because there were no actual debates during the primary--rather they were question and answer forums without any rebuttals.

The second excuse the Long campaign made was Billy Long's schedule is too busy right know for these debates. I guess they should have thought about that before agreeing to the debates in the first place.

So what does too busy mean in Billy Long's world? It means Billy Long is too busy playing to take the issues facing our country seriously.

Here's what we know Billy Long has done since backing out of the debates last week taken from Long's Twitter entries.

Had a nice visit with @johnesellars over lunch @ Whole Hog Bar-B-Q. We traded campaign trail stories & discussed a couple of upcoming events 4:23 PM Aug 16th via web

Had a nice visit this afternoon with Spook Whitener - He's excited for November as I am. 4:32 PM Aug 16th via web (Spook owns Trailiner Truck Lines)

Beautiful morning at Governor's Ham Breakfast @MoStateFair in Sedalia
6:17 AM Aug 19th via mobile web

Visiting Missouri Beef House @MoStateFair 'Beef - It's What's For Dinner' 9:10 AM Aug 19th via mobile web

Just back from .44 Mag Pistol Shootout at Saddlebrooke w/ Mavis- I don't think she's witnessed a lot of that w/ a candidate before- I won! 3:38 PM Aug 20th via mobile web

Big Gun Auction this morning 10AM Central in Springfield, MO - University Plaza Arizona Room 7:46 AM Aug 21st via mobile web

Headed to Branson to do the Benefit Auction for The MO House Republican Campaign Committee Summer Caucus 8:43 AM Aug 21st via mobile web

Springfieldian & former Major Leaguer Jerry Lumpe is in Classic Peanuts w/ Lucy & Charlie Brown Comic strip today about 21 hours ago via web

At Big Cedar Lodge in Branson a friend introduced me to Joe Hickey owner of Washington, DC eatery Bobby Van's Grill - can't wait to try it. about 21 hours ago via web

And this tweet from EricBurlison: Had a great lunch with our next congressman, Billy Long (@auctnr1). I am excited to see what congressman Long does to Washington. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Oh, and we also know from witnesses, Billy Long must read Long is Wrong. Apparently he read the article asking if Billy Long is healthy enough to handle the stress of Congress. He has been seen at the Meyer Center with a personal trainer as well in the past week. You have to guess being Billy Long's personal trainer is a hefty job.

I think we get the picture. Billy Long is just too busy to mess around wit dem dere debate thingies. I wonder where he gets time to study the issues facing our great Republic? It looks like millionaire Billy Long looks to play his way all the way to Congress.
Posted by Long is Wrong at Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Worry, I Ain't Mad At You

Did The Good Doctor Put A Foot In His Mouth By Making Poorly Worded, Ambiguous Declarations?-

The story unfolds with this story by Cory DeVera:

The president of the Missouri Republican Assembly for the 7th District criticized former GOP congressional candidate Michael Wardell on Tuesday for his support of Democrat Scott Eckersley over Republican Billy Long.

At a news conference at which Wardell announced his support, Dr. Scott Magill reminded Wardell that he and the other Republican candidates had pledged to support the winner of the GOP primary at a debate hosted by the Missouri Republican Assembly.

"How do you justify -- change -- a willingness to neglect that pledge and say it was of no importance?" asked Magill.

Magill said he, like Wardell, had served in the Marines, and he held "very sacred" a man's integrity.

Wardell said he could not remember the exact phraseology of what he had pledged at the forum.

"I don't think I would have made that promise," he told Magill. "However, if I did, then I completely apologize for breaking my word."
I was at that press conference. Magill was combative and very aggressive* in directing his statements towards Wardell. Learning that the event in question was on the internets, I drove the bus down the series of interconnected tubes and listened to the podcast. Magill's criticism of Wardell is weakened considerably when one listens to the podcast.

Here is a transcript of that podcast, from the ksgf website, of the Missouri Republican Assembly meeting held on June 30, 2010,

4:47 into the podcast Dr. Scott Magill is speaking:
A couple of things I would like to do before we ask the first question.

First of all we are all family, we have discussions, we have disagreements in family, but we are still family and I think it is important that we understand that and we

I am going to ask each of the candidates to agree to two issues.

First of all, as family, I would like, in order, if everybody would agree to support the will of the voter, and to continue to support the Republican party, the platform and the constitution regardless of the outcome of the primary.

(everyone present agrees to the statement)

The next thing, I, and this is not a surprise, except uh, anybody potentially Mr. Moore and I sure he’s all right with that, uh,

As a family and as a Missouri Republican Assembly I have, I think that it is important all of these gentlemen bring a lot to the table, they bring a lot to the discussion and the worst thing that could ever happen would be to have six at the table now out of the picture after the primary.

So the 7th District Chapter of the Missouri Republican Assembly has, as of today, established a new action group, which is presently chaired by City Councilman Nick Ibarra and this action group will be composed of those who do not come out victorious of the primary.

And their purpose is to stay actively involved with the congressman when he is elected, and to pat him of the back and support him.

And they can pat him on the back with their hand or their foot.

But it is important to have support group that is in communication to make sure that whoever is in that office is indeed abiding by the constitution, by the Republican platform and representing their constituents back at home.

And I can think of no finer group to do that then the people you see at this table in front of you.
Magill's disjointed remarks are par for the course and seem to follow the Michael Feldman five disclaimers school of reasoning by using poorly worded, ambiguous statements.

Wardell, for his part, looks to be following Magill's directive, using his foot to make his point.

Wardell prefaced his reasons for not endorsing Long by stating this is "not about party" but about "integrity, not special interests."

Believing Long is weak on national security and veteran's affairs, Wardell said he also exhibits a "lack of understanding of foreign policy.

"I don't think we need representation in Congress who doesn't know what he's doing, and for that I am not apologizing,"

We will never be able to make that determination for ourselves because Billy's handlers seem to have put a lid on him and are keeping him under a tight leash.

Heh, Heh, I sort of want this Billy back, it's like watching a train wreck:

A little over 9.5% of eligible voters in the 7th District voted for Long.

*here's another combative, aggressive ad---full of anger and finger pointing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anonymous Commentator Can't Sleep At Night: Cruises The Series Of Connecting Tubes

Following comments left on blog posts can be as interesting as the post itself.

Take this series of comments left on several blogs this August Sunday morning between 2 AM and 5 AM. All the comments appear to have been written by the same commentator who posts on the News Leader boards as "Ozarkallmylife". And no, I don't have his permission to use his name here.

The commentator left his first comment very early this morning on the the Long Is Wrong website's story on -Jeff Wisdom's endorsement of Billy Long:

Anonymous said...Quit speculating people. You know nothing that you speak of. I know for a fact that Jeff wrote the press release himself, but the amazing part is what is not being said about it. Eckersly used Jeff's name without his permission when Jeff has pointed out numerous times that he would not endorse Billy until he approached him as is tradition. Jeff heard what Billy had to say and decided all on his own that he would support him. That's the story plain and simple kiddos, so those of you commenting about other things please leave your conspiracy theories in your head. August 22, 2010 1:53 AM
Then, maybe he got a couple of hours sleep, I don't know but I do know he read the paper, online, replying to a comment I made on this story: Writing as "Ozarkallmylife",
Jim don't always believe what you read is correct. A friend of mine that knows Jeff very well explained it to me this way....Ms. DeVera did not understood what Jeff was trying to communicate to her or he misunderstood her question. He assumed she was asking was he prepared to endorse Billy at that exact moment and if that was why he showed up to the opening of the Republican HQ. He wasn't prepared to endorse him at that moment because Billy had not asked for it. Jeff would not want an endorsement he didn't seek so he put word out to Billy's people that if they wanted it he wanted to talk with Billy and that they would ask for it. However he did tell Ms. DeVera that he was supporting the GOP nominee...big difference between supporting and endorsing. He kept his pledge so stop spouting without knowing the whole situation please. 8/22/2010 4:29:22 AM
Then the commentator caught an early bus and left this comment:
Anonymous said...Jeff did not say he wasn't endorsing Billy. Just because the SNL says it doesn't mean it is unequivocally true. Why don't you try calling Jeff Wisdom and asking him before writing about how he said one thing and did responsible in your writing and only then will you be taken seriously. 8/22/2010 4:48 AM
Then, apparently he transferred to another route and deposited this comment:
Anonymous said...Wrong again...Duane Graham is far from being a Republican. Erstwhile Conservative is his blog Erstwhile=Former. 8/22/2010 4:51 AM
In fairness to Graham, I did go back and edit that post, changing his status from "republican" to "former conservative Republican".

"Well, what shall I talk about? I ain't got anything funny to say. All I know is what I read in the papers." Will Rogers said that.

W. Somerset Maugham said this: "The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit."

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Falling On Hard Times And Desperate For Money,

Woody, The Cute Little Cowboy In "Toy Story" And All The Sequels, Turns To The Seedier Side Of The Entertainment Industry.

You Can't Fault One Guy For His Actions And Give Another Guy A Pass For Doing The Same Thing

I was a press conference earlier this week where the president of the MRA---Missouri Republican Assembly, Dr. Scott Magill (pictured above*) severely chastised Michael Wardell for 'endorsing' Scott Eckersley. Indeed, Magill, if I understood him correctly, bandied about the term 'socialist' quite freely.

Magill was upset, as were several of the Republicans who attended Eckersley's press conference, that Wardell, a Republican was supportive of the Long / Eckersley debates. To further fuel Magill's anger, Wardell was endorsing Eckersley.

(Actually I think Magill confused supporting a debate with supporting a candidate.)

So, Dr. Magill, Jeff Wisdom endorsing Billy Long any different?

Wisdom said he would not endorse Long and then he did (SN-L August 18-"Jeff Wisdom said after the primary he would not endorse Long"). Wisdom did just what you accuse Wardell of doing, saying one thing and doing the other.

Where is your outrage now?

How about where Long said he'd debate Eckersley then said he wouldn't debate Eckersley.

Where is your outrage now?

Also at the press conference, Magill apparently couldn't differentiate between Moon, Wisdom and Wardell supporting the Eckersley/Long debates with supporting a candidate who was, gasp, not a republican.

When you 'slam' Wardell for not keeping his word, shouldn't you also 'slam' Wisdom and Long for not keeping theirs?

*I can unequivocally state that Dr. Magill will never give me a digital prostate examination!

If You Think....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Long Speaks

"But wait a minute. I won dammit. I won last week when I knocked off Goodman and Nodler. Who is this danged Democrat nipping at my heels?"

"What? Another election? What do you mean, another election? I already won, dagnabbitt."

"The general election? What the purple-persimmon-pie are you talking about? I already WON the election. I'm fed up."

Thanks to Brian S. for making the laugh. And thanks to Natalie Preston for the great photo!

For another perspective, this time from a former conservative Republican, on Long backing out of the debates, read this post by Duane Graham.

If Scott Eckersley And Billy Long Were Professional Wrestlers...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"How Would You Like To Debate Me....It's Gonna Be Fun

Watch this clip of an interview Billy Long did with David Catanese in April, 2010.

DC: On a serious note, I mean, that,that is a major (unintelligible)

BL: This whole thing hasn't been serious?

DC: Well, but you diverted me earlier. But the president...

BL: How'd I do that? I didn't mean to...

DC: Well the president...

BL: I'm not that good. I'm new at this Dave, don't be saying I diverted you.

DC: The president, well you know what I was talking about earlier, the president's plan to bring home most of the troops...

BL: How would you like to debate me?

DC: I'm doing that right now.

BL: Yes, no you're not. How would you like to do it on the campaign. I hear it's gonna be fun.

DC: I want to I want to hear some of your auctionering voice.

BL: I think you get me up against some of these people that are prim and proper and their handlers have told them just what to say and then you get me out there and I think it's going to be very interesting.

Billy Long Refuses To Debate Or Do Media Interviews: Offers To Send Jeff Roe Instead

It's been a busy day for Billy Long, who won the crowded 8 man republican primary for the 7th District seat currently held by Roy Blunt earlier this month. While Billy was taking in the midway at the Missouri State Fair, his handlers reneged on his promise to debate Scott Eckersley, the Democrat nominee. Long's camp is alleged to have walked out of the meeting in a huff.

Here is Eckersley's take on the matter:

Springfield, MO 19th August 2010: Mr. Long confirmed today he is backing out of the previously accepted Courthouse Debate Series extended to the Long campaign on August 4th. They were concerned about coverage of the debates, and argued that the pre-primary candidate forums qualified as debates.

“For someone who says he’s ‘Fed Up’ with politics and touts himself as an ‘outsider’ these stalling and misleading tactics tell a very different story.” Said Eckersley, “There’s never been a more important time for the people of Southwest Missouri to really get to know the person who wants to represent them. The people don’t want to gamble on the party label - they’re looking at the person. They want someone with the courage and conviction to stand up and fight for their interests in Washington. I’m going to keep talking to the communities of Southwest Missouri and prove to them I’m that guy. When Mr. Long gets back in the district and wants to get to work, he knows where to find me.”

The Eckersley campaign will move forward with the scheduling events. Mr. Long was invited to reconsider his decision not to debate, and meet Eckersley at any point along the tour.
Long, who campaigned as a outsider 'fed up' with career politicians, spent the day at the Missouri State Fair and apparently was not at the meeting. Instead he tweets that he was at a press conference at the fair with "Roy, Blaine and Vicky" all of whom fit the description of "Career Politicians."

Other tweets today from Long, who tweets as "auctnr1" include:
Visiting Missouri Beef House @MoStateFair 'Beef - It's What's For Dinner'

Heading to Soybean Assoc. in Agriculture building at @MoStateFair

At the Missouri Farm Bureau press conference @MOStateFair w/ Roy, Blaine & Vicky

Beautiful morning at Governor's Ham Breakfast @MoStateFair in Sedalia

It is also being reported that Long is refusing interview requests from the media and offering to send his hired man Jeff Roe, pictured below with his iphone, to speak for him.Billy Long, with a big grin on his face, is pictured below with his iphone. Earlier this summer at a candidate's forum in Ozark, MO, Long appeared to be receiving, via that device, answers to questions presented to him. All the candidates were asked the same question. Long was randomly chosen to answer the first question at the forum. He didn't know the answer.

The Ad Roy Blunt Doesn't Want You To See

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roy Blunt Cracking Down On Wall Street Fraud!

Yea! Yea!
Oh wait, this was in 1990.
What's he done since then?

Here's one thought:

The Blunt family is now basically a lobbying firm - sons, wife, Roy himself is a great lobbyist for the insurance, drug, banking industries . . . and, his most famous earmark, a rider to help his wife's big tobacco lobbying firm that he attached to the Homeland Security Bill in the wee hours. Even his GOP counterparts thought that was inappropriate, and it cost him his leadership position and gave us all John Boehner. And let's not forget Roy's hard work on behalf of Jack Abromoff's Indian casinos in Mississippi - he actually sent threatening letters to the Department of Interior on buddy Jack's behalf. But that's Roy for you . . . always thinking of ways to help his loyal constituents here in God's Country.

Here's another:
This is typical 'Blunt" speak. Now traveling on the Republican Chamber of Commerce dime. He's saying forget what I did for 14 years, and my voting and lobbying against the middle-class. Just trust me because my opponent is a Democrat.
The 'plan' - Extend the wealthy tax cut, DON'T regulate Wall Street, let big corporate and special interest send more jobs overseas, while repealing health care reform, Social Security, Medicare as soon as I get ANOTHER 3.6 million from banking, securities, and other special interest, I'll find jobs for Missouri.

Here's another

Saturday, August 14, 2010

He Went Where??

From the Longiswrong website:

Since early this year, Billy Long has run from gambling accusations. He has gone as far as telling key supporters he never stepped foot in a casino according to some sources. He's fought against the gambling accusations despite his name being on several high-stakes games hosted by the World Poker Tour and other tournament organizers claiming his opponents started a "whisper campaign" against him.

So what does Billy Long do after denying these claims and alluding to them as smears? Well he does what any addicted gambler would do. He runs off to Las Vegas immediately after winning the Republican primary.
He Shoulda gone to Disneyland.
What do you think Mavis and Roy are discussing? --that local candidates are not jumping on the Billy Bandwagon? (Did Roy endorse Bill Webster after the nasty, nasty '92 gubernatorial primary?)

And who's the guy in the middle? Is he the leader of Mavis' beauties? Do we know now where Purgason's rug ended up?

Unfortunately, the 7th race took a nasty, negative turn towards as the primary date approached. An independent group fired a shot across Billy's bow and Billy, who promised early in the race NOT to go negative, spread a nasty, innuendo filled campaign spot against both NODLER and GOODMAN --- But now that the race is over and Billy's the nominee, Mavis and Roy's attitude appears to be "He (Billy) may be a sum beech but at least he's our sum beech."

I still haven't figured out what it is that he's is Fed Up about--I think it may be career politicians but Roy and Mike and Mitt are career politicians so that may not be it. It may be earmarks but those bring jobs and money to the 7th. I suspect that "fed up" was a slogan dreamed up in a smoke filled backroom at the auction office by the duo of Harris (he's a busy man) and Roe (he's been busy too). Like them, "Fed Up" sounds good but means nothing. But I do like this variation on the bumper sticker:

Billy Long is F'd up!

Paid for by another citizen concerned about Billy Long going to Congress

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Conversation With Some Of Those Who Are Glad Billy Got Elected

I had a conversation with a couple of dudes who live in this trailer down by Merriam Woods (quite possibly the 417 capital of the 7th Congressional District) earlier this evening. They had borrowed my appliance dolly from underneath my cabin and I went to retrieve it. I didn't realize it was playing a crucial role in the structural integrity of their trailer.

Knowing I dabbled in politics, the conversation quickly was steered towards last Tuesday's primary and how the two of them are just plumb tickled pink ol' Billy got elected. In hind sight this was not a dumb move on their part, it took the focus of the conversation off the appliance dolly and how it ended up at their place--which I still have to go back and get and onto the local election scene. But the only race they knew about was one that stuck a nerve with them: Billy's race.

"He's a good ol' boy and we especially like how he's fed up with the gubmint," said the skinny man who was a sleeveless tee-shirt and flip-flops.
The other guy, who was taller, had most of the teeth in his mouth, a mullet to die for and sorta looked like Junior., was more serious. He told me that since Obama got to be president, local law enforcement agencies had been doing a lot of patrolling in their neighborhood. "Hit seems like every time you turn around there's a cop in the neighborhood. A fella cain't hardly light a pipe without have 50 million cops all over you. They're just crawling out of the woodwork."

The skinny guy, who didn't want to be identified in this post---(ok, I didn't tell them I was talking notes or going to blog about the encounter, but I ain't worrying, I don't think they have internet access)--the skinny guy changes his name more often than he changes his underwear (Keeps them hopping, he says --I'm not sure who "them" is--- ex-wives? process servers? bill collectors?) Anyhow, this skinny guy said that it's got so that a man can't make a decent living anymore what with all the cops around.

Both men denied that they were cooking meth or had ever cooked meth in the past or had any intention of ever cooking meth again. (Realize they ain't the brightest sheep in the flock) But they were glad Billy Long got elected.

I asked if either of them voted for Billy. One said he thought his ex mighta, the other said he was fed up with the whole dang bunch in Washington and woulda voted for Billy but he couldn't vote because he spent some time in Jefferson City but he was innocent and he could prove it if he woulda had a decent lawyer. He was not a fan of public defenders.

I asked these men what they liked about Billy. Both of them said, almost in unision, earmarks, Billy will stop the earmarks*.

Finally getting their truck started, they had to use starting fluid (which explains all the empty cans around their trailer), they drove off. They hollered back if I knew where they could get one of those "Fed Up" bumper stickers.*they are for Billy because Billy will stop the earmarks which will cause the police to stop their overtime patrols and will allow the boys to get back to business.

Billy Long In Las Vegas: Some In GOP Celebrate

The longiswrong is reporting that "It has been confirmed by anonymous fliers on an Allegiant Air flight, Billy Long flew out of Springfield, Missouri on Saturday for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada."Also interesting from that same website are the comments on this blog entry. Here's a taste:

This sounds more like the Barnum and Bailey circus than it does any kind of legitmate new political establishment. Long will prove he is a political clown, ineffective because he is in this for himself and not the people of Southwest Missouri. He lacks the political knowledge he needs to be effective, and he will be controlled easily. Perhaps that's why some in the party celebrate.

Some may think Billy deserves this trip to Vegas, after all he's been busy and deserves a break. Unlike most of us who get our break from McDonald's, Billy jets to Las Vegas, what with all the showgirls and strippers and POKER TABLES! Yea! Yea!.