Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Oh, where have you been, Billy boy, Billy boy? Oh where have you been Ozark Billy?

This old bus has been busy, really busy doing important things and hasn't been paying too much attention to Ozark Billy Long across the holidays.

I missed Ozark Billy telling the the people against the recently passed puppy mill legislation that if there's anything he can do for them, on a Federal level, he'll do it. (Is Ozark Billy advocating overthrowing the will of the people as expressed in the voting booth? If so, why stop with puppy mill legislation? Let's throw all the bums out!)

I missed Ozark Billy speaking to a group of 50 supporters of the fair tax plan--- a death blow to the middle class-- that he thought that plan made sense.

I missed Ozark Billy because, while he believes in constituent service, he has blocked me and several others from following him on Twitter. I've been blocked for over 55 days --- so much for keeping in touch with your constituents.

Meanwhile Billy (I don't run a microphone every time one is put in front of my face) has been busy too.

Duane Graham starts us off with Ozark Billy catch up day.

Bungalow Bill follows with this report of Ozark Billy disin' the speaker elect.

Randy Turner also reports on Ozark Billy being not sure of the wisdom of working with Republican leadership.


Ike McBatt said...

It looks like you aren't the only one who has been busy

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like Billy will lose your vote for sure next time!