Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long on mental health; Eckersley on election fraud; Local blogger on FBI visit; Tie your shoe, Billy Long

Congressman Billy Long (R MO7), in an interview with Jennifer Moore of KSMU radio here in Springfield, MO, weighed in with his opinions on the Giffords shooting.

And so I’ve got every confidence that we’ll, you know, do everything we can to remain safe and also remain accessible to the public. Because that’s what being in Congress is all about. It kind of comes with the territory as far as [taking] some chances you’d probably rather not take, but you’ve got to be accessible to the people and keep doing the work of the people. That’s what I was sworn in to do—to uphold the Constitution—last Wednesday, and that’s what I plan to do.
Long also said that "And no one’s even thinking about the deceased, or the ones that are laying injured in the hospital. So to me, all this talk about whose fault it is and what is rhetoric getting to, you know, to me, it’s a lot of window-dressing for personal gain.
And that’s not the time for personal gain on the left or the right.”

Moore reminded Long that her network has had extensive and in-depth features on them and their legacies and suggested to him would he not think "that it’s also important to look at the various factors that may have caused this?”

Long's long reply sort of responded to her comment:
“Well, I think we need to go to the mental health officials there. The mental illness is what needs to be looked at in this country, because the young man was obviously deranged. I mean, you know there’s always an insanity defense. Well, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. from MIT to figure out someone who would do anything even close to this horrific, you know, is mentally insane, is deranged. So, I mean, who knows why someone, you know, is that way.

"So this talk of, you know, who caused it, or…and now, they’re all trying to out-clip each other, to out-sound byte each other, going back [and forth] saying, ‘Well you said this seven years ago about Republicans,’ [and] ‘Well, you said this seven months ago about Democrats.’ I mean, to me, it’s repulsive that they’re even having that discussion.”
In other news, KSMU reports that Scott Eckersley, whom Long defeated in the November election, has issued a statement that the FBI office in Springfield contacted him this week and confirmed that the Department of Justice has opened an investigation into his complaint against Long for election fraud.

Moore reports that "Eckersley filed a complaint after a fake email was sent to local media in his name just days before the election, falsely claiming that he had dropped out of the race."

Moore also reports that
The US Attorney’s offices in both Springfield and Kansas City would not comment on the matter. The spokesperson for the Kansas City office said the US Attorney’s office does not comment on any internal investigations unless charges are actually filed.

Also, the supervisor of the local FBI office, Josh Nixon, told KSMU that, as per the Department of Justice’s policy, he could neither confirm nor deny that there was even an investigation open.
Congressman Long issued the following written statement:
“I am not aware of an investigation from the Department of Justice. Anyone can file a FEC claim and I have complied with all requests by the FEC for a response. Given the nature of this claim we expect a positive outcome in the coming months,”
Meanwhile, stories are flowing out a local blogger's report of a visit by an FBI agent and the Greene County Sheriff. The blogger, who lives in Christian county, said he was surprised to see a Greene County Sheriff's car outside his home. The law enforcement officials indicated to the blogger that "Long's office had been in touch" concerning anti-Long blog posting originating from this area.

After a brief interview relating how the blogger approached Long at his vehicle on at least two occasions, and the viewing of videos made by the blogger of the encounters with Long, the agent and sheriff left but not before they told the blogger that other bloggers can expect a visit from them.

Here are two videos of encounters constituents had with Billy Long prior to the election.

During the campaign Long repeatedly said he wasn't going to run to a camera or microphone whenever one is put in front of his face.

Long's twitter account: I missed the first part of how Freshman members of Congress should deal with the media because I was in the hall doing 2 TV interviews & Mag Friday, December 03, 2010 10:06:14 AM via Mobile Web

Tie your shoe, Billy Long, so you don't trip running to the microphones.


Anonymous said...

ah, jeez.

Anonymous said...

Billy's a scarety cat.

But it makes exciting press.

Jim Evans said...

According to Palin and Long only the individual who commits an act of violence is culpable. Does this mean they will stop vilifying all Muslims, undocumented immigrants, and liberals?