Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wouldn't it be ironic if Billy Long read the

busplunge blog, but blocked @busplunge from his twitter feed?


Timeshare Jake said...


Congrats on your 200,000 hit. In our conversations, we know since January 5, there has been an increase in hits from the computers to both of our sites. It's obvious Congressman Long's office is watching us closely, but why? Two bloggers can't possibly beat the big money politics Billy Long played to get to Washington DC and will continue to play as the name career politician begins to stick.

Anonymous said...

I think it's perhaps a good sign. If his office cares enough to care what others think and not just his fan club.

Even they must know they'll learn something other than the conservative talking points here.

Besides, are we not right about 80% of the time?

When I said I would have lost my health care without the President enacting (with Congress' help) the new health care reform I wasn't kidding. Is he really going to vote to take it away now? Really?

Maybe the Republican's would do well to come up with their own plan and present IT. Let's have it, I want to read IT. Put IT online and let us have a look at what the smart ones have to offer.

Isn't that their mantra? Well, let's see it.

We have warned of many things that have come to pass and it would behoove some of them to take note of both sides.

Psst. Here's another tip. If gas gets back to $4 a gallon for very long there will be another housing foreclosure crisis that will dwarf the last one sending all of us into a depression. And the rich are coming with us.

Good idea to hold the oil companies accountable this time for raising prices without warrant. Let them know NOW not later.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at Billy Long's Twitter page (thanks for piquing my interest). He has 1,450 Followers and is following 2,002 people. Wait- he's following more than is following him? Sounds about right.

See what I did there? You see, he's not a good leader and I drew a parallel between that and his Twitter stats.

Busplunge said...

Name Billy Long
Location Springfield, MO
Web http://www.billyl...

2,002 Following 1,452 Followers 68 Listed

by golly, he's right.

Anonymous said...

When does he find time to do the people's work?

Anonymous said...

He was doing the people's work this weekend at the gun show.

Anonymous said...

It's the FBI and the Capital Police just waiting for a chance to get you for being some kind of "who the heck knows what" that will soon notify th Christian county sheriff to come talk to you. Hey turn arounds fair play.
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