Friday, January 07, 2011

Why Congressman Billy Long missing the reading of the US Constitution on the House floor yesterday is significant:

Bungalow Bill nails it

Fed Up with how things are done in Washington DC was noticeably absent from yesterday's reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives. Running on the Tea Party label claiming to be Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool, Billy Long skipped the first major act of Congress that showed the relevance of the Tea Party. That's the significance of Long missing yesterday's reading.

There is another significance of yesterday's decision to miss the reading. All throughout the campaign, Long reminded voters he was fed up with how things are done in DC. While the reading represents the hope of change of how things are done in DC and the desire of the Tea Party to return to the basic foundation the Constitution establishes, Long's actions yesterday also suggest Long will maintain the status quo of what Washington DC is. Why you ask?

Well it turns out Billy Long skipped the Constitution reading to meet with Bill Phelps, which Long tweeted However, in his tweet, Long gave Phelps the title of lieutenant governor. That's misleading.

While it is true, Phelps is a former lieutenant governor, he is also a lobbyist. Phelps wasn't in Billy Long's office on a casual visit. He was there lobbying. While I admit Phelps lobbies for a good cause, it doesn't change the fact Long put a lobbyist and the status quo before this unique event in the history of our Republic.

Phelps, who doesn't even live in Missouri's Seventh District, is a lobbyist and spokesman for the Americans for Fair Tax. Surely Phelps should have realized the significance of yesterday's reading and allow Long to be on the House floor where he needed to be for the event. To really put this in perspective, even Nancy Pelosi participated in the reading of the Constitution yesterday, where as Billy Long decided to meet with an lobbyist and a career politician/political insider.

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