Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Somebody's Watching Me!

Google analytics-- friend showed me an interesting thing about Bus Plunge blog---

A computer in the U.S. House of Representatives visits my blog daily, sometimes 7-8 times a day.

And the only bus posts this D.C. bus rider stops at are those that feature Billy Long.

He's still blocking me from following him on twitter.

Photographic recreation of Congressman "Call me Billy" Long reading bus-plunge on his House of Representatives computer.

Photographic recreation of President Obama after meeting Congressman "Ozark Billy" Long at a White House reception last night.

And, just because I like it, here's how you keep a free market free!

I'm only a small thorn, it's only a small prick.


Anonymous said...

I got my daily dose of laughter. Honestly Bus, you should have been a comedian.

The FBI is probably on your doorstep! You're a threat for sure!

Too funny!

Brian K said...

What does he keep looking for? Does he think you're going to drop some info that he doesn't want to get out?

hardyp3 said...

We're watching too. Loved the Laurel and Hardy bit (for some odd reason). And you're just one in a long line of LEE comedians!

Anonymous said...

What a was of quality time by someone getting paid by our government.
Obviously that person has not enough to do, and if he worked where I work, he would be laid off because he/she (sorry) has too much time on their hands.

Because I live in Missouri and haven't forgotten my roots.
Ole Roy and Billy, are you listening.... I sometimes wonder if you can still read the printed word.