Thursday, January 27, 2011

Branson's Baldknobbers present artifacts to Smithsonian, Billy Long misses the Ceremony and a special Billy Long WTF moment

KY3 and the SN-L have a story about Branson's Baldknobber's Country Music Show presenting artifacts to the Smithsonian Institute.

From the SN-L story:

In a ceremony today in Washington, D.C., several members of The Baldknobbers, Branson’s oldest live music show, officially donated many artifacts to the Smithsonian.

The performers flew out to Washington make the presentation at the National Museum of American History. Before flying out, performer Brent Mabe talked about how much had changed from when the show began performing, primarily for vacationing fishermen, along Lake Taneycomo in 1959.

Where's Billy?

Well, last night Billy was stuck in the snow at Dulles Airport and ended up, he says, spending the night with a staffer of Michele Bachmann..

Of course he tweeted (why, the man's a serial tweeter) about getting stuck which was captured Al Kamen, who writes a gossip column for the Washington Post:
Going once, going twice

Freshman Republican Rep. Billy Long, the Missouri auctioneer and tea party favorite, was among those who took a chance but failed to get a flight out of Dulles during Wednesday night's snowstorm.

He tweeted of his plight, our colleague Philip Rucker reports. "Stranded at Dulles with Reps. Michele Bachmann & Dr. Phil Gingrey & his Wife Billie plus everyone else in the free world - no more flights," he typed.

Then: "Dulles PA 'Don't accept ground transportation offers from anyone - REALLY? They could charge $200 if they could get to the terminal!!!"

Three hours later, Long tweeted: "Midnight at the Oasis - and we're stuck in a for real Cul-De-Sac, we surrender after 9 hours of this Dulles/Subdivision adventure."

Thursday morning brought better news for our hardy travelers. "We dug out in light of day - crashed at a Rep. Bachmann's staffer's house - like Willie Nelson put on my cleanest dirty shirt - Dulles bound."

After reading that account, FishbowlDC, a Washington D.C. media blog posted this on their twitter account this morning (click on image to enlarge):

He seems amusing?

The link embedded in the post links to this entry in their daily round-up and Long's tweet about spending the night with Representative Bachmann's staffer.

Too bad he missed the Baldknobbers presentation at the Smithsonian Institute today. Roy was there. Billy missed a great photo opportunity here.

A quick check of FEC records indicate Billy received no contributions from the Mabe Family. Apparently Billy still had time to attend his breakfast happy hour meeting(I think that's what he calls them) with his five lobbyist friends who forked over at the most two grand a person to eat sausage and bisquits with Billy at the Capitol Club. He's got his priorities set.

How many times does a constituent family get enshrined in the Smithsonian? This reminds me of the time Billy missed the reading of the Constitution on the floor of the house because he was busy meeting with a lobbyist.

Wherever Billy was, that he missed the Smithsonian presentation, it must have been important, don't you think?

I know, I'll check to twitter to see if he tweeted where he was that was so important he missed the doings at the Smithsonian!

He did! YEA! (click on image to enlarge it):

I guess the pleasure obtained from being a member of the first group to go through the revamped and updated Ronald Reagan Museum (which, as Billy tells us, doesn't open to the public until February 7) was more important, in Billy's mind at least, than attending the Baldknobbers (who happen to be his constituents) ceremony with Roy Blunt at the Smithsonian.

Baldknobbers at Smithsonian or Ronald Reagan Museum. Tough choice, I gather.

"He seems amusing."

Here it is: Billy's WTF moment(click on image to enlarge):
He seems amusing?
Ah, jeez.

This just in, via Billy Long tweet:
General Edwin Meese gave a great after dinner speech at The Heritage Foundation Banquet tonight at the Reagan Library & Museum about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web


Timeshare Jake said...

Billy Long, Tea Party favorite? Maybe in Tera Sukman's neocon Tea Party wannabe movement, but it's easy to see through Billy Long and his dedication to the Constitution. In fact, he is co-sponsoring a bill with Peter King to give the Department of Homeland Security more police state power.

Anonymous said...

Why should Billy attend, they didn't give him any money!!!

Billy's lost touch with his people the minute he got to DC!!!


Anonymous said...

I missed it totally the first time..
now it comes to light!!!
Billy spends the night with a female congresswoman's staffer!!!!
Where is Billy's wife????

Do we have Billy following Ole Roy's way again????

How and why did OleRoy spend the night with his current wife????

Oh you sly Billy Long, you having an affair already??? and in less time that OleRoy took!
Now that takes balls. Ole Roy will be mad at you Billy, out doing him like you are.


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