Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do you keep a free market free?

That's a good question and thank you for asking it.

1st, you get a bunch of nails from China, wait a minute, maybe I got the wrong country.
Anyhow, you get a bunch of nails from some place. Where from? I don't care where from, just get some nails and quit pestering me about where they came from, jeez, just put the gosh darn nails in a box and ship them to Mexico.
Then, you take them out of the box they came in and put them in another box and ship them someplace else. I DON'T CARE WHERE.

But don't step on them because if you step on a rusty nail--- we all remember the Alton Giant and happened to him? He died. I don't want to die, that's why I got this good government run healthcare. Quick, get a big block of cheese and put it in a trap....

2nd, you put on a sweater because if "momma's cold, everyone is cold".

3rd, then you open the door and throw away the key, much like that old pancake house on Jefferson Avenue did before they tore it down and built a bank.

4th, that's how you keep a free market free.

Now, enough of this talk about me. Let's talk about you.

How do you like my new shirt?

This just in from Billy Long: "Homeland Security Chairman Peter King appointed me Vice Chairman of The Oversight, Investigations, and Management."

Way to go Billy! You'll be able to put your knowledge of the free market system to good use!


Anonymous said...

Again, you have misread the news release. My copy says he is enrolled in the the House of Representatives Overweight Management Program.

Anonymous said...

Low hanging fruit?

Anonymous said...

Homeland Security??!! Investigations??!!
Billy Long? As in "Jethro Bodine"?
You blogger's are going to get what's coming to you now by God!!!

No more FBI, the nice guys, you guys are getting those goons in black with no insignia on their uniforms!! The People's Tea Party Republican Forces!!

Anonymous said...


Will he be in partnership with Ready Or Not?

Isn't putting Billy in charge of investigations sort of like letting a gambling addict into a casino?

Timeshare Jake said...

I think Anonymous #3 may be on to something. DHS scares me more than the FBI. I mean, Billy Long will have access to TSA uniforms and he might take matters in his own hand, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

From The Turner Report
Anonymous said...
"I've worked for a member of Congress at the Capitol and I've never heard the term vice chairman for anything in either a committee or a subcommittee. You have a chair and then it's ranked on senority. So this is a rather interesting made-up term, obviously used to inflate both ego and sense of importance."

I, too, been involved in government activities for many years and the above description is accurate.

I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Long would rather embelish a story when the truth would better serve him.

A strong candidate in the 2012 Primary Election has enough topics on Long's lack of the ability to do the job that people will easily rally around him or her. And, Long has not even been in ofice 30 days yet.

I'm almost to the point of feeling sorry for him. He has appointed an ag advisor to the payroll that at best mocks the agricultural community because this guy was his business pardner. The rest of his staff is struggling to identify common sense so that they can come to his rescue.