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Our favorite auctioneer foreshadows his campaign strategy : November, 2009, Long's statement on signing The Freedom Works Pledge

"So many politicians have a habit of breaking their word, telling their constituents one thing while doing another. They know that nobody will hold them accountable as long as they keep their stance undocumented and out of the press...I want people to know what I believe..."

Umm....all I can think of is Frank sings Sondheim.

Oh heck, just read it yourself.
Fed up yet?

It's in Florida, not Iowa. And some other stuff.

Sometimes commentators make connections and notice things that the bus driver doesn't.

For instance, in a post earlier today I made reference to a SN-L story where our favorite auctioneer is talking about those evil, evil earmarks.

We join the tale in progress, Long is quoted, he is speaking of earmarks. The first "They" refers to earmarks. The second "They" -- I guess that refers to career politicians, you know, the ones Long is fed up with:

They also get used as a form of bribery. They say, 'If you vote for my Turtle Tunnel in Iowa, I'll vote for yours in the great state of Missouri.' ...
I used that quote from Moring's story to illustrate how Long tells tales.

A frequent bus rider made the comment that in his stump speech Long said the turtle tunnel was in Florida. Now, in the newspaper, he is saying it is in Iowa.

"Just where is that damn turtle tunnel?", the commentator asks.

It's in Florida, a long, long way from Iowa.

The amazing thing about the internet is that an old guy like me, who doesn't have much short term memory left (where did I leave my keys, wallet, watch, shoes, etc) can google just about anything and find an answer quickly. Sometimes it is even the right answer.

The Lake Jackson Ecopassage, or "Turtle Tunnel" as Long mockingly calls it, has a website that has a wealth of information about the project.
The Lake Jackson Ecopassage is now complete! The last bit of construction equipment left the site on Friday August 27th. After a decade of sustained effort by the Lake Jackson Ecopassage Alliance, under the direction of Dr. Matthew Aresco, the dream has been realized.

It's been a tumultuous ride over the past 10 years, exacerbated by the negative publicity garnered in the 11th hour by the misinformation that was distributed by those against stimulus funds. Despite all of the hurdles, the Lake Jackson Ecopassage Alliance and its 13.4 million supporters have prevailed.

The world's deadliest turtle highway (has been turned) into the world's safest wildlife crossing.
Turtle tunnel. But what is not well known is that these turtles crossing the highway weigh up to twenty pounds.

Can you imagine the damage a twenty pound turtle does to an automobile that hits it? Not to mention what it does to the turtle?

Let's look at the rest of the story, courtesy of Michael Markarian. He's the COO/EVP of the Humane Society.
Ten years ago, a Florida State University graduate student named Matt Aresco noticed a proliferation of dead turtles--some weighing 20 pounds--littering the side of Highway 27.

When he got out of the car to take a look, he picked up 90 dead turtles in a third of a mile stretch of highway. Through painstaking research, he documented the highest rate of turtle mortality on any road in North America--more than 2,000 turtles per mile per year. Ninety-eight percent of the turtles who try to cross, Aresco found, get killed.

Highway 27 was constructed before there were rules about protecting wetlands, and it sliced Lake Jackson, a state aquatic preserve, into two. The turtles--and alligators--follow the same route they've traveled for thousands of years, but now it's a death sentence. Sixty-two species of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals have been found attempting to cross Highway 27.

"I got sort of callous finding the dead turtles," Aresco told the St. Petersburg Times. "But it's the live ones you see die right in front of you that get to you. In seconds, they are in pieces. Some of these turtles are 30 years old."

Aresco was the first person who ever tried to do anything about the problem. He started a citizens' group to advocate for the Lake Jackson Ecopassage. Joined by scores of local schoolchildren, the citizens brought the problem to the local county commission, which agreed immediately to do something to ensure traffic safety and wildlife protection. The county commission brought it to the regional transportation planning agency, which brought it to the Florida Department of Transportation, and after a decade of discussing, voting, planning, and designing, the project is ready to go. In federal stimulus-speak, it is "shovel ready." A private donor purchased the additional right-of-way needed for the project for $370,000 and donated the land to the state -- a perfect example of a public-private partnership that benefits the entire community.

Who would second-guess a community's very deliberative and measured solution to a problem that has gone on far too long? And who would want to hit a 400-pound alligator, or a turtle the size of a cinder block, at night while speeding down the highway?
An answer to the first question is Billy Long. An answer to the second question is NOT ME!

But getting back the title of this post, that other stuff: the lack of attention to detail, the hyperbolic statements, the duplicity.

The turtle tunnel is NOT in Iowa, it is in Florida.

Long's campaign has NOT received 'jillions of surveys'.

Long is NOT, as he has identified himself on at least two of the 'no earmark pledges' he has signed, a member of congress.

(In researching this post I found several more pledges Long signed. He is, indeed, a serial pledger!)

Long's sloppy rhetoric was noted way back in May, 2009 by the then KY3 political reporter:
The first time Gary Nodler throws a fastball at him, he'll get away with laughing it off as the non-politician. But the second or third time, Long will be expected to articulate a coherent policy response. We're not saying it won't happen, we just point out that it's the elephant in the room. Another shot being quietly asked about Billy: How can the rich guy who lives in Highland Springs get away with being the regular Joe at the same time?

And this from August 16, 2009:
But throughout his humorous and off-the-cuff repertoire, Long has a tendency to make some statements that could come back to haunt him. He mocked the plight of the uninsured ("Get out the crying towel") and claimed that 26 million people under 35 probably don't want health insurance anyway. Claiming that President Obama's healthcare plan might have taken his mother's life back in March of 2008 is also quite a strong charge. It's all done in the loving-aw-shucks Long way, but in a competitive race where a sliver of moderate Republicans could matter, those statements may rub some the wrong way.

Even Steve Helms didn't anything to impress him: "I'm just not really seeing...the type of candidate I'd like to see represent Southwest Missouri." KY3 political blog, April, 2009.

And then there's that comment by Nathan Hale.

WHAT? No Turtle Tunnel? Why Is Billy Long Still Supporting Roy Blunt?

Our favorite auctioneer signed the "No Pork Pledge" last November. The Springfield News-Leader, September 27, 2010:

Long said he would not support earmarks.

"Projects need to be based on merit, not a congressman's seniority," said Long. "They also get used as a form of bribery. They say, 'If you vote for my Turtle Tunnel in Iowa, I'll vote for yours in the great state of Missouri.' ...

No earmarks, no earmarks, who'll give 100 billion, 100 billion, no earmarks, no earmark, repeal Obamacare, replace Obama, Pelosi and Reid, no earmarks, privatize Social Security, no earmarks, no earmarks.

Billy accepted the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) endorsement earlier this week. The CCAGW seems to be the lobbying part of the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW).

“I will not take any earmarks and I believe that the practice of earmarking should be eliminated.” Billy Long, CCAGW questionnaire, 06/17/2010.
No earmarks, no earmarks, no earmarks.

From the auctioneer's campaign website: "The government cannot keep committing future taxpayers to pay for today’s frivolous projects, political patronage, and pork barrel spending."

And another pledge! Why, the man's a serial pledger! Jeez, how many of these things did he sign? I know the auctioneer loves hyperbole -'jillions of surveys', 'millions of deals'- but this is ridiculous!
Also from the auctioneer's website:
Billy continued, “In order to keep free society from being overwhelmed by the government it has become clear that the federal government must be restrained in its ability to tax and spend the people’s money. That is why I support the principle of a Constitutional amendment limiting government’s taxing and spending authority in the same spirit of the Hancock Amendment. The lifetime politicians in the national government can no longer restrain themselves so it is up to us, the free citizens of the United States, to restrain them.”

The auctioneer has repeatedly stated he was "FED UP with career politicians and their cronies." Again, from his website:
(Billy) is concerned about the damage that career politicians have done to our great country, and he will fight against the policies of entrenched legislators, corrupt pork-barrel politicians, and all others who are more concerned about their legislative career than doing the right thing for southwest Missouri...

Billy is not the type of Republican who will say one thing to constituents and another to liberal lobbyists and legislators...
(Here it comes, are you ready for it?) The CAGW gave Roy Blunt a D+ (68 out of 100) on controlling government waste. According to the CAGW, (remember Billy accepted this group's endorsement and signed their pledge{s}), Roy's support of earmarks and pork barrel spending cost us $20 Billion Dollars. A year!

Why is the auctioneer Billy Long still supporting Roy Blunt?

Remember this? I do: Billy Long speaking to the MSU College Young Republicans, September 15, 2010: "...We need to turn out the vote, particularly in my race and Roy Blunt's race..."

And my personal favorite: listen as the auctioneer tries to explain why he gave a $1,000.00 campaign contribution to Roy Blunt, one of those career politicians Long says he is 'fed up' with.

Why is the auctioneer Billy Long still supporting Roy Blunt?

Billy Long Endorses Nancy Pelosi

Billy Strongly Agrees with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Democrat Controlled Congress: wants to restore spending to 2008 level.

It was a story all the pundits missed. It was right there in front of us and we missed it.

Roseann Moring, September 27, 2010, Candidates express differing views on federal budget, Springfield News-Leader.-

Long would like to see federal government spending rolled back to 2008 levels.

"That would save us $100 billion a year, just by doing that."

Spending rolled back to 2008 levels?

Let's refresh our auctioneer memory: The Democratic party took control of Congress (both the Senate and the House of Representatives) in November 2006; they won the presidential election in November 2008 and took over the office of President in January 2009.

By wanting to roll back spending to 2008 levels, when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, Billy is telling us that he thinks Pelosi and Reid did a pretty dang good job in controlling spending.

Of course Billy knows that congress controls the purse strings, not the executive branch. I am sure he remembered that when he said he wants to roll spending back to 2008 levels.....the democrat congress approved budget.

Ah, the irony of it all! Long endorses Pelosi! And he didn't even know he did it!

Now, Long may not think he is saying that, but, just as accepting an endorsement and checks from a group that wants to cut Social Security signifies that you want to cut social security, his wanting to return spending to 2008 levels, when democrats controlled congress, says he thinks Pelosi, Reid, Obama et al were doing a pretty good job.

Why stop at 2008? Why not got back to 2000? There was a budget surplus then, the deficit was noticeably smaller, people were working, the economy was good, why not go back to 2000?

Once again our auctioneer shows us that, while he can spout the talking points, he appears not to have a clue of their context or deeper meaning or even what he is saying!

Also in Moring's article --
All programs need to be looked at, but one of the first he would target is the added expenses of the health care law. Long said Congress should simply defund it.

"That's a program we cannot afford."
In the closing minutes of our talk at Trailliner on Tuesday, I asked Long if he provided health insurance for his employees.

Billy Long replied "They're all covered, I've offered it to them, the ones that don't have, everybody's got healthcare, I offer it to them either in salary and that, and they always take it in salary, so."

Long told me, "everybody's got healthcare."

Then he inserted this caveat: "I offer it to them either in salary and that, and they always take it in salary, so."

But he said, "They're all covered." Then he said, "they always take it in salary".

Doesn't that mean that no one is covered?

More obfuscate statements from the auctioneer Billy Long!

Plucking Chicken, Hills of Kentucky, 1972

photo by William Gadney

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Because Some Things Are Just Worth Repeating.

Listen as auctioneer Billy Long tries to explain why he gave a $1,000.00 campaign contribution to Roy Blunt, one of those career politicians Long says he is 'fed up' with.

Low Hanging Fruit

Why Do Auctioneers Talk Fast? So The Bidders Won't Have Time To Think About It.

Why do auctioneers talk fast? Mike Brandly cites several reasons-- tradition, economy, the 'yes' factor.

The 'YES' factor? Brandly writes:

As David Palmer, Ph.D, CPA, notes:

“Fortunately, people often say ‘yes’ or agree with requests out of mindless compliance, they are frequently willing to say ‘yes’ automatically without thinking first. It makes their lives simpler and smoother.”

Mindless compliance? How could someone cause someone else to act out of mindless compliance? I think the answer is, “don’t give them a lot of time to think about it.” I’ve discussed with auctioneers all over the United States, and there does seem to be agreement that we talk fast to give the bidders less time, “to think.”
Sound familiar?

If A + B = C ...

A= Auctioneers talk fast to cause someone else to act out of mindless compliance.

B= Billy Long is an auctioneer.

C= Billy Long and his handlers don't have a very high opinion of the voters of the 7th District.

Member of Congress, NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE, Lies? Exaggerations? Embellishments? Cancel The Election, Part II

This is a photo of Billy Long. He is an auctioneer. He is running for congress. He also can sing. And count. And talk really fast. He's a fast talker*TFJ photo/Natalie Preston

A few posts ago, observant bus riders noticed Long signed the CACW "No Pork Pledge" on 11/09/2009 as a "Member of Congress". Signing this pledge as a "Member of Congress" when clearly Long is NOT a member of congress (is this a lie or an 'embellishment'?) is just one of the many reasons why a lot of folks in the 7th District believe the auctioneer's place is best behind the auction podium and not the U.S. House of Representatives.

This lack of attention to details is also noticed in his responses to one of the few of the 'Jillion' of questionnaires/surveys he received that he chose to answer. Long's responses are just a reiteration of the talking points contained in the questions. Simple answers to complex situations. Sort of like "Fed Up".

There is also appears to be some duplicity going on here, too. There is a noticeable difference between Long's handwriting on the "No Pork Pledge" and the handwriting on the CAGW questionnaire Did someone other than Long write down the responses? Now maybe this person has a better handwriting that Long's and for the ease of deciphering thought it better that he or she write down the answers. Or maybe Long's campaign thought the writing sample would be analyzed.

Whatever. But usually when most people see a handwritten response to questions, the logical assumption is that the person answering the questions wrote down the answers.
You know, upon reflection, I think that happened here.

Now on to Part II of why the election is cancelled.

When a member of congress sends out a mailing that is political in nature and the mailing is not 'franked', there is usually a disclaimer at the bottom of the piece along the lines of this: NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE. House ethics rules require it.

Minority Leader John Boehner frequently send me mail. The return address is "John A. Boehner, United States Congressman, Republican Leader, Personal Business, "NOT PRINTED OR MAILED AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE"Someone might, upon seeing that the correspondence is from John Boehner, a United States Congressman, reach the conclusion that this mailing is official business and paid for by taxpayers. The house ethics committee, as noted above, requires the use of the disclaimer on all political mailings sent by members of congress.

So, then, is the auctioneer, by his use of the disclaimer "NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE" on his fundraising letter, sending a subliminal message to that section of the "electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening."

Is he hoping that the inclusion of the disclaimer will give him the illusion of being an incumbent?

Or is he just using an old auctioneer's trick of --not lying-- but exaggerating, you know like getting "jillions of surveys" and putting together "millions of deals".

That may be part of the game he plays when auctioning off foreclosed houses or dead peoples' stuff. However, the inclusion of those five words, "NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE", which is usually included on letters sent from congressmen for political purposes, is misleading and, unfortunately, becoming par for the course for the Long campaign.

Maybe our expectations are too high. He's an auctioneer for God's sake.
btw--in his letter, the auctioneer throws lawyers under the bus also.

My message is simple. We must send a true conservative to Congress who will stand up to special interest groups and "so" no to the career politicians, liberals, and lawyers who have devastated our great country. They have had their chance--it is time that the people get theirs.

*Auction chant (also known as "bid calling", "the auction cry", or simply "Auctioneering") is a rhythmic repetition of numbers and "filler words" spoken by an auctioneer in the process of conducting an auction.

The auction chant is a repetition of two numbers at a time which indicate the monetary amount involved with the sale of an item. The first number is the amount of money which is currently being offered by a bidder for a given item. The second number, which is the most repeated and frequently heard number in the "chant", is the bid that the auctioneer wishes to receive. This is the amount the next bidder will have to pay in order to buy the item for sale.

In between the numbers are "filler words" which are simple sayings, or rather a statement or an open-ended question, which connect the two numbers involved and help to bridge them together while also providing rhythm/smoothness to the chant.

It serves as a thinking point for both the auctioneer and the bidders. Typical filler words, which are taught at schools of auctioneering, are "dollar bid", "now", and "will ya' give me?".

The typically taught chant for beginning auctioneers using the following pattern: "One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me three?", and continues in this fashion until a winning bid is received.

Slurring filler words to make multi-part filler word phrases is a key element, giving the illusion that the auctioneer is talking fast, and thus creating more excitement and bidding anxiety among the bidding crowd.

Once an auctioneer becomes experienced in the auction profession, they usually develop their own style with regards to unique filler words, unique rhythm, and variable speed of delivering the chant.

Many chants are accompanied by the unique yelling of a ringman, who is an assistant to the auctioneer in the "auction ring". Ringmen are professionals who are often times auctioneers themselves. They assist in spotting bids and communicating essential information back to the auctioneer.

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Long Campaign Refuses To Play By The Rules They Agreed To Play By

The first rule in Jeff Roe's playbook is agree to agree to play by all the rules. The second rule is to ignore the first rule. That's why you got to fight fire with fire and play by his rules.

Bungalow Bill has the story:

The rules of the Springfield, Missouri Chamber of Commerce forum were straight forward. Chamber of Commerce members only and no filming or recording the event. That didn't stop Billy Long's campaign from sending one of Long's young handlers to the event.

The campaign member quickly whipped out a video camera, and he was pointed out by candidate Eckersley. The Chamber of Commerce members asked him to put the camera away.

So Billy Long's campaign sent a representative to the a forum no members of the Long campaign was invited to. Remember, Billy Long made the Chamber dates for these forums impossible to settle on in order to stand face to face with Eckersley as his campaign breaks the rules to get an edge on Eckersley. Then the campaign member pulled a camera out knowing that cameras and recorders weren't allowed. Finally, he stayed at the meeting knowing he wasn't invited. Witnesses say he left quickly when the event was over.

The Eckersley campaign said the forum was very positive and there was good interaction between Chamber members and Scott Eckersley.

Once again, we see Billy Long wiggle out of an uncontrolled event for safer refuge, only to break the rules, which is something Long seems quite good at, to get an advantage. Both candidates were explained the rules when they accepted their solo dates for a forum that was originally supposed to have both candidates present. As well, Billy Long hates when he is tracked, but obviously has no problem playing the tracker game.

If you remember, the Missouri State College Republicans escorted me out for trying to ask Billy a question about a campaign contribution he made to a career politician (see video below). It's funny to see how Billy Long plays the game by creating a disturbance and dealing with a disturbance all to his advantage. Also notice while Eckersley called the tracker out for breaking the rules, he didn't force the tracker to leave.

Bull Crap, Horse Hockey And Cleaning Out The Crapper

Bull Crap

And Horse Hockey

And Cleaning out the Crapper

Don't Be Treading On These Veterans

They earned every penny they get and then some.
From Haven Lee's Hayloft:

Now I am not a politician, nor one of those guys who raise hell about what is going on in political campaigns.

But I am against guys who lie and stretch the truth.

Over at Roy Blunts campaign web site, he is bragging that "HE" was the one to push the "Concurrent Receipt" thru and get it passed.

BS to the nth degree........
Roy Blunt did not support Concurrent Receipt until after enough congressmen (and women) had committed to the bill.

If Roy Blunt was for concurrent receipt,

WHY DIDN'T HE MAKE IT FOR EVERYONE? Not just the ones who are 40% or more service connected.



I RETIRED IN 1989, and was granted 10% disability in 1990.

10% of my retirement pay was deducted because of the disability. The VA gave me the 10%. So since 1990, 10% of my pay was lost, and would still be lost, if the VA had not reevaluated me in the past 3 years and determined my medical condition has degraded.


When I emailed your office for support of the concurrent receipt for ALL retirees, I got not a single answer back....

To claim you ensured the Concurrent Receipt was passed is bull...

Tom Lee
A retired disabled military member who is fed up with Blunt and his bs.
Veterans know what the following photo is a picture of:
More on Blunt and concurrent receipt here.

Straight From The Horse's Mouth:

When you get information from the horse's mouth, you get it from someone who is involved in it and knows a lot about it.

Consider these recent stories:

From the St. Louis Beacon 09.17.2010: Blunt, Democratic group tangle over ad's reference to $1.5 million residential lot

In fact, Abigail Blunt formerly was a lobbyist for tobacco giant for Philip Morris but has not worked for them for several years. Her sole client is now Kraft Foods, which employs 2,000 workers in Missouri, a Blunt spokesman said.

From the St. Louis Today 09.25.2010: Ads in Blunt/Carnahan race are subject of legal threats
In a recent television ad targeting Roy Blunt, Democrats charged that the Republican Senate candidate's wife is a tobacco lobbyist and that he is building a million-dollar home in Washington.

Neither statement is true.

From the Springfield News-Leader 09.27.2010: Family attacks heat up Carnahan, Blunt Senate race
It described her (Blunt's wife) as "a powerful tobacco lobbyist" -- she once did lobby for Philip Morris tobacco but no longer does...


"The Wit And Wisdom Of Auctioneer Billy Long" by William H. Long II

Spending cuts are essential to shrinking the national debt while still promoting economic growth.

The government’s ability to tax and spend should be strictly limited and tied to a small percentage of the GDP

The practice of earmarking should be eliminated

Lowering taxes are important to stimulate economic growth, but taxes should be kept as low as possible because people have a right to keep their own property

The internet is important for the free flow of information and commerce! We do not need burdensome regulations or taxes on the internet.

Our food supply is important and should be able to operate in a free market without the distortions of government’s politically motivated subsidies

Free trade is a cornerstone of American prosperity. We have a massive free trade zone consisting of each state; anytime we can enlarge that zone by expanding free trade abroad we should do so.

Entities like the USPS, Fannie and Freddie are proven economic failures that operate at losses constantly. Service and profitability would be enhanced by privatization.

The market is able to deliver all manner of goods at lower cost and higher quality than the government. The same is true for health care services

Both taxes and spending should be limited by the institutional restraints of a constitutional amendment.

Property rights are the most basic right of a free society and the right upon which all rights ultimately depend

Competition delivers more quality for less cost and should always be an important component of government procurements

People who suffer loss should be compensated but awards should not be inflated merely to line the pockets of trial lawyers

As a mature industrial economy the United States requires vast amounts of energy. We should free up all potential sources of power from government regulation and let the free market determine how to most efficiently supply the nation’s energy needs.

To see the documents from which these comments originated, click here

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Cancel The Election!

The Auctioneer's already identifying himself as a "Member of Congress"!
(click on image to enlarge)

Michele Bachmann Loves Missour-ah

Michele Bachmann gestures to the show-me state as she shows her love for us!
Remember when Michele Bachmann was urging tea partiers NOT to fill out the census form?
New study shows that based on the 2010 census Missouri will lose a congressional seat.
I guess the joke's on Missourians who didn't fill out the form because Bachmann gets to keep her seat while Missouri loses one.

The Auctioneer Is In! Long To Debate Himself! Scheduled To Hold Forum All By Himself! He's Going Solo!

The Auctioneer is in He's doesn't know what speech to give! He needs to pick one: the "All About Me" or "I'm FED UP" speech.

Auctioneer Billy Long has graciously consented to honor the Springfield Chamber of Commerce with his presence at an October 14, 2010 event billed as ""7th Congressional District Candidate Forum: Billy Long"

The Springfield Chamber had pro-offered nine dates available for Long and Scott Eckersley to appear on the dias together and participate in a forum before the Chamber.

Long, "I ain't afraid of anybody, anytime, anywhere", refused to appear on the same dias with his opponent, so he's going solo.

The Chamber should have just told Long and Eckersley, "Here is the date, show up or we'll put an empty chair up there."

Here is a preview of what can be expected at Billy's appearance at the Chamber meeting:

Segway Company Owner Dead In Segway Accident

The Huffington Post is reporting

Multi-millionaire Jimi Heselden, the owner of Segway Inc. since December 2009, has died after reportedly driving a Segway scooter off a cliff and into a river.

The fatal accident allegedly occurred at Heselden's West Yorkshire estate, according to the Daily Mail. He was "using one of the machines--which use gyroscopes to remain upright and are controlled by the direction in which the rider leans--to inspect the grounds of his property," writes the Daily Mail. "A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said today: 'Police were called at 11.40am yesterday to reports of a man in the River Wharfe, apparently having fallen from the cliffs above.'"

Police told the Telegraph that a "Segway-style vehicle" was recovered at the scene of the accident.

Hesco Bastion, the company of which Heselden was chairman, confirmed Heselden's death in a statement given to the BBC. "It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Jimi Heselden OBE, has died in a tragic accident near his home in West Yorkshire," said the Hesco Bastion spokesperson.

Heselden was known for his generous philanthropy: he had donated over 23 million GBP to charitable causes over his lifetime.

According to the BBC, Heselden "worked as a miner before losing his job in a wave of redundancies in the 1980s. His engineering business went from strength-to-strength and he had a fortune reported to be [166 million GBP], making him one of the top 400 richest people on the UK.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey John! I Found Them! They Live In The 7th District And Drive A Mini Van!

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening." John Kerry 09.25.2010

Lovin' You Both Is Breaking All The Rules

Stop Da Music! Stop Da Music! What A Revoltin' Duh-vel-up-min Dis Is!

Auctioneer Billy Long campaigned with the slogan that he was "FED UP with career politicians and their cronies." If he is fed up with anything it ought to be the conservative congress.

So, when he was endorsed by the group Conservative Congress whose platform includes supporting candidates who seek to dismantle Social Security, we started up the bus and started driving that series of interconnecting tubes looking in every dead end and under every rock, trying to find out more about these guys.

First stop- Conservative-Congress. These guys are way out there. The lede on their website: "Obama is cramming down our throat every thing we do not want..." gives an indication of where this group is politically. They think John McCain is a liberal Republican turncoat.

Also on the front page of their website:

To find worthy conservatives to support in your area, click on:
Also, if you would like to nominate a conservative for Congress to receive our endorsement who can meet a strong qualification standard, also go to the above link.
This link is to yet the says "receive our endorsement." Are the two groups the one and the same?

We clicked on, trying to find out who are the people behind this group. Notice the header topics? Home, then there is About this Project, followed by the Issues Statement (that's the page where Social Security is discussed), States, then links to Research, Candidate Evaluations, Forms, The Lobbyist.

That last one, The Lobbyist is interesting, especially since the auctioneer Billy Long campaigned "against career politicians and their cronies". If these are the guys he is fed up with, why did he accept their endorsement? Did he take any of their money, too?

This is what bothers a lot of voters in the 7th District about Billy Long: he was elected the Republican candidate (with a plurality of votes) by running on a platform of "Fed Up", with what, we are not exactly sure although, by the auctioneer's own words, part of that with what he is fed up includes "career politicians and their cronies".

Since that August election, Long has suddenly become bff with everyone and everything he campaigned against.

Most disturbing, aside from his duplicity, is his apparent endorsement of plans to dismantle Social Security.

Scary Stuff, this Auctioneer Billy Long.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Trying To Ferrett Out The Auctioneer's Stance On Social Security: He's Wants To Dismantle It

Auctioneer Billy Long who is campaigning to replace arguably one of the most corrupt member of Congress, Congressman Blunt seems to have a difficult time answering direct questions from constituents, especially when those question pertain to Social Security.

Frequent Bus riders will remember the stop Long made in Joplin at Missouri Southern State University on September 1, 2010. Appearing before the College Republicans Club, the auctioneer ignored a reporter's question about Social Security: Congressional Candidate Billy Long takes questions in Joplin.

At an appearance of the Spending Revolt Bus here in Springfield on September 13, 2010, the auctioneer chose to ignore the question; "If you get to Washington are you in favor of privatizing Social Security?"
On September 13, 2010, when appearing at the MSU College Republicans Club, when asked if he was in favor of raising the social security age to 70, Long replied, "No. no. uh-uh. I'm on record on that."

On September 7, 2010, at the first stop of the "Billy Long Business Tour", I was present and presented the auctioneer with some questions, questions about Social Security:

Female: I have a question, I worry if Social Security is privatized, like the folk, like you know, Blunt and Bush wanted to do in 2005, what would happen to us with our money? And uh, cause I know the private money we had was lost, well over a third of that money.

Billy Long (BL): Yeah.

Male: I'm concerned about my son, you know, his future and so forth.

Female: Yeah.

Male: And you know.

BL: I'm concerned about our future. You know we used to say we're worried about our grand kids, you know

Male: Yeah.

BL: our grand kids, spending our grand kids' future and we said

Male: right.

BL: we said we're spending out kids' future and right now we're spending out future so it's what.

Jim Lee (JL): Well, uh, I, uh, I feel like I'm 62 years old and just whenI get ready to collect Social Security, Boehner's talking about raising the, uh, retirement age to seventy and, and I thought, My God, I worked my butt off for forty plus years.

BL: Yeah, we got to honor our commitment to people.

JL: Yeah.

BL: We can't, we got to honor our commitment to seniors.

JL: Well, then, are you saying that, uh, you would consider raising the Social Security retirement age to seventy?

BL: Listen, I'm, I think we need to honor our commitment to our seniors.

JL: So you would vote against, if John Boehner got to be Speaker of the House, you would vote against his plan to raise the Social Security age to

BL: I haven't looked at his plan, to be honest. But I'm not for raising the age of Social Security right now at all.

Female: For any reason? Not even for the future?

BL: We're talking about for now.

Female: Ok.

JL: Well, well, well.

The problem here is that Long told the three of us that he is not for raising the Social Security age right now at all. He didn't answer when we asked for clarification.

So we turn to other sources of information about Long, surveys and questionairres he has answered and who he accepted donations from. If he accepts money from NARAL, that is a pretty good indicator his is pro-choice. If he receives an endorsement from PROMO, that is a pretty good indication he is in favor of gay marriage.

Look now at a story in this morning's SN-L about political surveys:
"That's just another out-of-state survey," said Republican candidate for 7th District Billy Long. "We get a jillion of them. There are a bunch of others I don't fill out. I've got my positions listed on my website."

Researchers at Project Vote Smart were "unable to determine how Long stood on privatizing Social Security, capital punishment and regulations to affect climate change."

While we don't know how many surveys or questionnaires the auctioneer/political candidate didn't answer (somehow the number "jillions" seems to be quite the exageration), he did find time to respond questions from two groups that a simple google search picked up: "Citizens Against Government Waste" who said "Billy Long responded to CCAGW’s questionnaire and signed CCAGW’s ‘No Earmark Pledge'.

The auctioneer also answered a survey for "Conservative Congress". He received this group's endorsement also. Conservative Congress supports candidates who seek to dismantle the Department of Education and Social Security.

From the Conservative Congress website:
Conservative Congress supports candidates who are committed to de-regulating and dismantling wasteful federal social agencies and programs. Specifically, Conservative Congress supports candidates who seek to dismantle the Department of Education and Social Security, by and through constructive reforms, and who firmly oppose the expansion of federal control over our nation’s healthcare industry.
In endorsing Billy Long, the Conservative Congress says he is an approved candidate and fully in line with their mission statement.

Long also is a of 'vanguard' member of John Boehner's Freedom Project

By looking at these groups and their positions on Social Security, and their endorsement of Billy Long and his acceptance of their endorsements (remember how Long was all over Goodman for accepting casino donations? I do.) can only mean one of two things:

1. Billy really does not want to raise the age of or dismantle social security and he accepts these groups' endorsements because .... well I don't know why he would accept them unless he agrees with their positions in issues such as social security.

2. Billy is exactly who John Kerry is referencing about when he said, “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,”

Are you "FED UP" now?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

There Is A Difference Between Saying You Are

"Fed Up" In A Campaign Commercial And Saying You Are "Fed Up" In A Campaign Commercial And Actually Having A Record Of Doing Something About Being "Fed Up" As Opposed To Just Saying "I'm Fed Up" In A Campaign Commercial.

This is Scott Eckersley. He was "fed up" when "fed up" wasn't cool.
This is Scott Eckersley's website.
Scott Eckersley is the guy who went head to head with big government and, despite a vicious smear campaign by Matt Blunt's (and Ed Martin) administration, was exonerated.*

Eckersley was "Fed Up" and did something about it.
He's got a new campaign commercial up:

Here' a campaign commercial from his opponent, auctioneer Billy Long, just another angry white guy:

*In 2007, Eckersley was an attorney in the office of Governor Matt Blunt. His duties included responding to requests for open records. Eckersley was fired after he said he advised the governor's staff of their duty to maintain e-mails as part of Missouri's Sunshine Law. Eckersley's morals and professionalism were called into question during the ensuing scandal. He was exonerated in letters from current Attorney General Chris Koster, Gov. Jay Nixon and the Missouri Bar Association. -Springfield News-Leader, July 27, 2010.

Auctioneer Long In D.C. For Fundraiser: Apparently He's Not That FED UP With Career Politicians And Their Cronies

Where's the Auctioneer Billy Long? You know, the guy who is FED UP with "career politicians and their cronies".

He's having a fundraiser in Washington D.C.

Yesterday at what used to be called the SAMA but is now called the MAM Long said he would be in D.C. today.

Well, for a guy who is fed up with with career politicians and their cronies he sure seems to spend a lot of time with the same. Yeah, I know, it is just so much bull...but what do you expect from the auctioneer? (This truck has a driveway guarantee. I guarantee it will drive away. I don't know how far, though. Now who'll start the bidding at $5,000?)

Gregg Hartley tweeted this earlier this evening

gregglhartley: attended fr for Billy Long #MO7 and meet Mike Pompeo running for Todd Tiahrts KS seat today about 5 hours ago via web from Deale, MD Retweeted by you

Also--- John(Hell NO!) Boehner and his Freedom Project-- from his website:

The Freedom Project is a political action committee (PAC) established in 1995 to provide assistance to Republican candidates for federal office.

The Freedom Project 1) provides direct financial assistance to Republican candidates for federal office; 2) supports Leader Boehner's political efforts to promote and fundraise for Republican candidates across the country.

We focus on candidates in House races because that's our mission: to help elect a new Republican Majority to Congress. We feature candidates enrolled in the National Republican Congressional Committee's “Young Guns” program.

Well, Well, Well, look who is featured on Boehner's Freedom Project website! It's the auctioneer Billy Long!

I think the auctioneer sold us a pig in a poke. He ain't against Career Politicians and their cronies. He wants to be just like them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry, You're Not On The List: Debate Details Emerge : Long's Running Scared:Will He To Refuse To Allow Press Presence

Auctioneer/Candidate Billy Long didn't want to debate Scott Eckersley on the courthose steps because "Meeting at noon at the courthouse steps really doesn't work for many voters here in Southwest Missouri. People are working, taking care of their families, in school."

Instead, the Long campaign said they would let The Y.O.U.N.G. Conservatives (yesterday's oath under noble guardians) host one of the three debates.

The media will only be invited if all three candidates agree. TYCOA say this debate is about promoting their organization and is for their members, even though the public is invited.

Hey Billy, remember this? I do.

I guess that "I ain't afraid of anybody, anytime, anywhere" meant nothing.

Leaves From An Ozark Journal, July - August 1937

After too long of an interlude, we returned last night to our chronicling of "Leaves From An Ozark Journal", the reminisces of Ozark preacher E.T. Sechler. We pick up from where the bus stopped last night:

Church basement being built at the Houston Church. Delmar and Della Pownall went to Nagle with me. Big crowd here. Glad to meet the Bradford family with whom I stayed overnight in 1929 when preaching at Clear Springs. Very few members at Nagle.
Letter from Vernon Kiess in Colorado. He sent $5.00 to help send youth of Oak Hill to Lindenlure Camp.

July 7, Dr. Fisher's funeral at Plato. Mrs. Johnson's at Pisgah. Lynden James Fisher,1859 - 1937

Nora sick, Lulu doing the housework with Mrs. Maurer helping. To Dallas County, Lulu and Louise stayed in R.B. Turner home in Buffalo.

Services at Lindley, 20 present. Mrs. Haney thought it "unusual to have four young men at church and attentive." Overnight at Haney's. I learned of George Watkins gift of $1,000 for Dallas County work. He sold 98 acres of land near Indianapolis for $300 per acre and now subsidizes the ten Christian Churches in Dallas County $100 each.

Talk with Lulu about father's estate. Grace's estate is to be shared equally. Took Lulu and Louise to Faye Taylor's house for Club meeting.
Made talk at Lynchburg CCC Camp on "What Happens In Prayer." Men attentive.
Full house at Long Hollow services. At home Nora informed me that Lulu wrote Will to advance us estate money. Dr. Tilley absorbed C.E. losses on the Success Picnic stand.

At Camp Aurora I met Mr. and Mrs. Loomis from University of Missouri.Loomis rather socialistic in Rural Church Problems Class. Professor Eckoff disappointed in that the Director of the Camp smokes.
Eckoff reported how in New O'Leans People say they can tell a clergyman--"." Eckhoff thinks Christianity has compromised too much with the world. I agreed.

July 13. At Dave McWilliams for supper. 45 at Evening Shade services. Friedly told me how people there are about ready to go back to a Union Sunday School. More sickness at home.

July 16. A trip to Springfield, Talks with Errett and Lulu. $300 check from Will.

At Houston July 18 the Board reported all bills paid. $50 in the bank. Prosperity returning. Nora and I both sick. Earl Brown drove for me to Oak Hill. A sense of failure experienced.
Dr. Tilley tells me his ambition now it to quit medicine and help his community in school and church. I learned of his $5,000 annual income in years past.

A letter form Bob Crawford at Summersville to come baptize him. Mrs. Crawford ready for baptism also. Tears were shed.

Some hard feelings in Summersville over the question, "Who wrote the card for the liquor inspector to come?" I replied, "I did," but refused to tell who asked me to write it.Reading Dale Carnegie---"How To Influence People."

Baptized Christine Marler Aug.14, 9 A.M. Youth gave Camp echoes at C.E. Aug. 15. Two confessions and baptisms at Houston. Church voted to finish the basement. Clara Creason staying with the children at home.