Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Does Billy Long equate his constituents with mice?

We posted earlier Billy Long's sixty-one seconds of fame today.

A tip of the bus driver's hat to frequent bus rider PP who noticed nuances in Congressman "call me Billy" Long's testimony that I missed.

I picked up on the barnyard analogy-- making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It didn't really work here...."You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear but that's exactly what the majority tried to do last year by using ten years of taxes to pay for a six-year program.."

The expression "make a silk purse out of sow's ear" is normally used to mean that it is impossible to make something fine out of inferior or substandard material. The idiom is normally used in the negative.

How does using ten years of taxes to pay for a six-year program match making a silk's purse out of a sow's ear? I think he missed the barn doors here.

But I missed this one:

When I think of this 2,000 page bill, I think of a big block of cheese out there.

Pretty tempting looking.

While the Americans I hear from, they don't want that cheese.

They want out of the trap of government run healthcare."

Is Billy calling his constituents mice? Or maybe, as pp says, Billy is telling his constituents who are under insured and uninsured, that they are like rats on a sinking ship.

How long before Long walks the halls of Congress with "kick me" sticky notes on his back.?

Another commentator said on the the Springfield News-Leader: :
At today's vote in the house, they asked Republicans and Democrats to also vote to give up their Govt health care if they wanted to repeal health care for their constitutes. Guess what. Every single Republican voted to keep their government run health care while voting to get rid of health care for their constitutes.

Every single Republican voted they could keep their children on their health insurance until they are 25 but not for their constitutes.

Every single Republican voted that their health insurance covers pre-existing conditions for their families, but said NO for their constitutes health insurance to cover pre-existing conditions.

In other words, all the consumer protections Republicans say is NOT good for middle class Americans' health insurance , they decided to keep in their own Govt health insurance.

Hypocrisy must be a standard condition for being a Republican.


Timeshare Jake said...

Is it any surprise that big Billy Long's first speech in House has food reference. Like having Fat Bastard as a Rep. Get in my belly!

Anonymous said...

Face it, we're about to find out how President Carter felt every time his ignorant brother Billy opened his mouth.

As the Bus says, ah Jeeze.

Wait til they catch him in Vegas boozing it up with girls. Oh yeah.