Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Governor Won't Seek Re-Election--Will It Be Mitt And Matt?

Slow news day my ass! Tony Messenger drops this bombshell": Governor Blunt won't seek re-election, he has accomplished all the goals he set out to accomplish!

Holy Cow, maybe there is some truth to the feeling that Old Mitt Romney will be picking him up for a spot on the ticket as the VP--The Mitt and Matt Show!

As you can read from the previous post, Sarah Steelman announced she will run for re-election as state treasurer. Then Blunt says he ain't gonna seek re-election. And Steelman says, DANG! I spoke too soon!

Money quote: "After a great deal of thought and prayer, and with the knowledge that we have achieved virtually everything I set out to accomplish, and more, I will not seek a second term in the upcoming election. Because I feel we have changed what I wanted to change in the first term there is not the same sense of mission for a second."

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Blue Girl, Red State said...

Accomplished everythign he set out to? but all my neighbors east of Troost are still franchised to vote!