Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Messes It Up With Obama Security

Read this from Lynn Sweet.. If there is anyone I wouldn't want to be messing with right now, it is Barack Obama. You know his security has got to be tight, tight, tight.
Here's what Bill O'Reilly says about the incident:

"A big guy, 6'8" and stands right in front of 'The Factor' camera. So I asked him, fairly nicely, 'You're blocking our shot, sir, you need to move a little bit.' The cameraman that I had actually moved away from him. He moved right in front of the cameraman again to block our shot. So, I had to gently remove him from that scuffle, I just removed him from in front of the camera....I might have called him an 's.o.b'...N0 one on this earth is going to block a shot for the O'Reilly Factor, it is not going to happen."

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