Thursday, January 10, 2008

Red Fox

Michael J. FoxDirty Sox Fox
Foxy Cleopatra
Atheists in Foxholes
Redd FoxxA different red fox
Another picture of the different Red FoxAnother picture of Red Fox
I was working in the shop this morning when the two aged schnauzers (Lexie and Pepper) started barking madly. I went outside and saw a red fox eating the neighbor's cat's food. I ran back inside and got my camera. By the time I got back outside, the fox was in the next neighbor's yard, trying to jump the fence.

I think it might be a sick fox because the tail was not bushy, it was really stringy and the fox couldn't jump over the fence.

I am thinking that the fox must have come from the woods by Elfindale. My neighbor said that sometimes his cats won't eat the cat food - maybe the fox has done this before and left a scent?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised one of our neighbors didn't call animal control...

The Lorax said...

Rodent control: Good.

Lose cat control: Good.

Yappy dog control: Very good.

Hearing the Jimi Hendrix song in my head everytime I see a Red Fox... priceless.

Mark said...

What a wonderfully creative post! Though, from what I am have read so far, this is par the course!

I don't know if you live anywhere near Jefferson, south of Sunshine, but some time ago I watched a fox run out in front of me and into a storm drain.

Such beautiful creatures, they are, though this one, as you pointed out, seems a bit sickly.

Don't get me going on the whole urban expansion, land-developer tirade. I live off of Oak Grove, south of Cherry. For the longest time, there was a secluded patch of woods that was home to many a wild animal.

Now, it's home to rows of ugly, insipid homes no one wants to buy because the housing market is down.

Sigh. Sorry to launch into a rant in your blog. :/

Busplunge said...

My parents used to live on South Jefferson, their back 2 acre lot adjoined the cemetary, it was neat old house with secret passageways and hidden staircases. Anyhow, there was a drainage ditch in the deep backyard and a den of foxes lived there. My mother told me she and my dad used to sit and watch the baby foxes play in their backyard. This was maybe 30 years ago.