Sunday, January 06, 2008

McCain / Huckabee ---Could Obama Beat Them? Rather, Could They Beat Obama?

Barack Obama is a liberal, not that there is anything wrong with that. Vast numbers of Americans are falling on his words of change. He is a motivating speaker and he fills people with the promise of JFK or RFK or MLK. He speaks in the cadence of a preacher, easy to listen to and inspiring. He in on a huge wave that appears to be unstoppable.
Consider this then, first raised by Ross Douthat last November, Andrew Sullivan comments:

Ross aired the possibility last November. I sort of concurred. But at this point, it surely looks like a way to hold the GOP together, and offer a real contrast with a possible Obama movement on the other side. The key would be McCain's agreement to one-term. Huckabee is then the heir apparent, poised for 2012 with more national seasoning, and can complete the task of turning the Republicans into socially conservative economic populists. Both men like the power of the federal government, bait corporations, and back the Iraq war almost unreservedly. It's not my style of conservatism, but it is a logical next step to the past several years in Republicanism.

McCain seems game.

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