Sunday, January 06, 2008

Howard Fineman On "The Huckabee Problem"

I could never figure out why Rush Limbaugh doesn't like Mike Huckabee. I thought since they were both from the South and both conservatives that they would like each other. Howard Fineman knows why and he writes a pretty dang good piece about "The Huckabee Problem".


Anonymous said...

Fineman's a hack.

Bottom line on Huckabee: he's got all the hang ups about religion that all the other winger do, but he's not a Club for Growth/Grover Norquist Repub. Jesus is all well and good, until he starts in with that "rich man through the eye of a needle" shit, that's when the Repubs have to dump the long haired guy. and that's why Huckabee's a threat.

Limbaugh and the rest of the noise machine gets his ultimate marching orders from the moneyed Repubs, not the idiots with plastic fish on the back of their car.

Sky Girl said...

Enjoyed the link. But SHHHHH, don't tell the GOP that they shouldn't run Huckabee. He's still my man for the Republican nomination, for all the reasons Fineman stated as well as his fiscal record.