Sunday, January 13, 2008

Politicians With Flags

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Jason said...

(obligatory easy joke)

Couldn't find a lot of photos of Democrats with flags?

(/obligatory easy joke)

I love the Off-Beat site. :)

Anonymous said... least the Dems don't run away from the flag drapped coffins that are coming home everyday from Mr. Bush's dirty little war.....he is not even man enough to be around those, but waves it when he wants to excite the relegious right for more year...God help us!

Busplunge said...

Remember several years ago, Bush came to town for a town hall meeting (actually a Rovian campaign event). The day he was in town, that afternoon a funeral was held in Aurora for a Captain who was killed in Iraq. The funeral was so large, it had to be held in the armory. That afternoon, Bush went to Bass Pro Shop.

Anonymous said...

nuff said