Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LA Times: David Catanese Baby-Faced

KY3's Baby-Faced Reporter David Catanese From today's LA Times:

On this night in southwestern Missouri, it comes after a rally at a Teamsters hall, where the Democratic presidential candidate has just brought union workers, teachers and farmers to their feet, shouting in affirmation.

"Senator," says a local television reporter, in the post-rally quiet, "if you continue to take second and third place in these primaries, what are you going to do with your delegates at the convention?"

The former senator from North Carolina does not miss a beat. "I'm gonna be nominated president," Edwards says. When the baby-faced reporter persists, the candidate's eyes narrow as he drawls: "I'm gonna be president."


Sandy said...

The guy who wrote that is probably leather-faced and jealous.
Yes, Catanese is a baby-face. Who wouldn't love to pinch those cute cheeks??
But he's also a dang good political reporter. I don't know how he keeps up with all the stuff he does. I'd hate to be his girlfriend.

The Lorax said...

That's great!