Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just Waiting For The Caucuses To Start,,,,Obama and Huckabee Projected Winners

Anedotal evidence from Tim Russertt more women, more independents, more young people than voted in 2004. Large numbers, one polling place in West Des Moines had 84 in 2004, 250 plus tonight.

Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa. Well, not really a definative win, but they got more delegates than their opponents. It's not even 50% plus 1.

Some news person said Obama and Edwards were the anti-clinton candidates because 66% of the caucus goers voted against Hilary. Well, the same holds true for Obama and Edwards.

Romney proves that, like Steve Forbes, you can't buy Iowa. It also helps to have 60% of the Republican Caucus goers be evangelical Christians.

It is 8:52 pm, cst, the Iowa caucus winners have been projected. Andrew Sullivan said it best: "In the end, voters want real people with actual arguments in order to change the country. That's why Huckabee and Obama have prevailed. They're real. The establishments of both parties lost." We now return to our regularly scheduled programing.

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