Tuesday, December 04, 2007

BusPlunge Scoops News-Leader on Toad Sucking Story!

Last week, in a blog posting about Governor Blunt and how he was "deeply troubled", we linked to a story about toad sucking:

(The toad has absolutely nothing to do with this story, I just had a neat picture of a toad and no place to use it. Incidentally, Constant Reader, were you aware toad sucking is illegal in Missouri?? That sorta puts a damper on our plans to take the bus to this par-tay!)
Today, the Springfield News-Leader ran a similar story.
I don't believe I would want to suck a toad to get high. I know I wouldn't suck a toad to get high. I wouldn't kiss a frog either.

The SN-L story contains this quote:
While smoking toad venom might sound extreme, an even more disturbing method to get high possibly includes sniffing fermented human waste. Vicky Ward, manager of prevention services at Tri-County Mental Health Services in Kansas City, said she has read e-mail warnings about a drug called jenkem.
I was going to post about 2 girls 1 cup, but I only made it as far as this guy. I'll let the SN-L have the scoop on that one.


Jason said...

You're going to leave the N-L "scoop" you on 2 girls 1 cup? ;)

Sky Girl said...

I heard about "jenkem" a few weeks ago. Ugh!!! One of the street names for jenkem is "s**t." My question is, if you do crack, your a "crackhead." So if you do s**t, what does that make you?

Jason said...

A member of moveon.org or the Ann Coulter fan club?