Friday, January 04, 2008

The True Ozarks

Thanks to the Ozark Daredevil for an interesting post about the "True Ozarks".

I think the "True Ozarks" started dying after the construction of Tablerock Dam.

I started a new blog, Ozark View Points which will feature True Ozark photos and history.

I have some photos up there right how. The old farm house in the photo belonged to my neighbor, Jack Pettijohn. That is him and my son in the photo which was taken about 15 or 16 years ago. The farm house had not been changed since it was built in 1909, except for electricity was added to it. Unfortunately, it burnt down this last Spring. It was devastating, burned to the ground, flue fire. Went out to chop firewood, and came back the house was on fire. Burned to the ground. It was rebuilt this summer on the same foundation. I will post pictures of the new home later.

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