Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Commercials That Ran During Last Night's Debate That I Think Clinton and McCain Won

If we accept the premise that television commercials are geared towards those whom the advertisers think will be watching (Football has lots of beer commercials, soap operas seem to have lots of hand lotion, hair coloring commercials), one could only wonder who the advertisers on last night's debate thought was their audience.

It seemed that every commerical break had a ad running for Tena protective underwear and that prostate drug, Flomax. (Think about the name of that drug: Flo Max, maximum flow, the marketing guys must have been really tapping into the creative genes to think that one up.)

So, that led me to try to think of what products should have been paired with what candidates. Edwards, of course, gets the tanning lotion, Obama gets Winston ads, McCain gets craftsmen tools, Richardson gets Dunkin Donuts, Rudy gets OnStar (big brother is watching you....noun, verb, 9-11). I've run out of ideas and I got to get outside on this wonderful Sunday and do some dirt work in the backyard.

Any ideas?

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