Monday, January 07, 2008

Romney Supporters Steal McCain Yard Signs

Yard signs are a part of the political process. Last year, during the election, we made a post about yard signs.

Nothing can still up a candidate's ire more than someone messing with his yard signs. In the 2000 state house race for the 136th district during the Republican primary, people were staking out yard signs, stealing yard signs, filming vandalism of yard signs, and getting into fights over yard signs. And this was on the Republican side! A husband and wife were running in the primary, one was a democrat and one was a republican. The Republican side got pretty nasty. Message: don't mess with yard signs. Oh, BTW, BJ won the election.

After watching the you tube video below, it sort of sums up my feelings about Romney's campaign. And they were brazen enough to do it in front of cameras! I would say feelings are running pretty high in NH this morning.

After watching the video, link over to Dave Catonese at the KY3 political blog. He has another take on Romney's campaign.

A hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

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Jason said...

I really hope Romney doesn't win the nomination.