Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Change May Mean Throwing Everybody Out And Starting Over: Midge Potts, Come Back, All May Be Forgiven

In this case, I believe Hillary Clinton is right. Just electing someone because of a promise of change doesn't mean change will happen. You have to look at the track record.

I like Hillary Clinton. I would much rather vote for her in a general election than Barack Obama. I believe that Hillary would walk away from the election if her opponent was anybody but John McCain, that would be a close. I also believe that Barack Obama would walk away from the election regardless of who the Republican nominee is.

Clinton, Obama, regardless of the nominee, in the November election I am voting for a Democrat. But as much as Clinton and Obama (and Romney and Paul and nounverb911) talk change, it won't happen on K street until we get rid of everyone up there who is an obstructionist or acts like an obstructionist. And this sounds pretty obstuctionist to me.

Come back Midge Potts, all may be forgiven.

BTW, Steve Helms once again agrees with his candidate: Fred Thompson.At first glance, Helms' argument reeks of common sense:

Profits are what millions of retirees are planning to use to pay for their golden years. Profits are what companies put back to expand and grow. It is what keeps a business viable so that employees have a job and with that job comes a paycheck that puts a roof over a family.
But lurking beneath the surface is the stark realization that profits have become more important than people. Millions, including me, have 401k plans to pay for our retirement years. And even as we look forward to collecting the money, we groan about the high cost of fuel, groceries, the weakening dollar, etc. But for the sake of profits, we will give up our American jobs, we will expose our kids to unsafe toys, we will go in debt to China for trillions of dollars, we will......oh the heck with it, I ain't never gonna change his mind, dang it.

It just always strikes me as ironic that those who stand to lose the most are the easiest swayed. The late Russell Strunk told me many times to "vote your pocketbook"---you use your vote to improve your economic condition. This is where the Republicans catered to the evangelical right, they used them to gain a stranglehold on government by dangling abortion, same sex marriage, defense of marriage, alcohol issue before them. And they did a good job of it. But now, it has come back to haunt them. It always amazed me to see those rusty pickups or those 88 Oldsmobile Cutlass', driven by minimum wage workers, sporting a circle W in the rear window.

Do you all remember how many times alcohol issues, abortion issues (stem cell) or same sex marriage issues were on the ballot of the 'big' elections here in Springfield? Liquor in the park, Amendment 2, the marriage amendment...etc, etc, etc. It worked in 2000, 2002, 2004, not so well in 2006 and 2008 remains to be seen.

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