Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long On Debates: "I'm Not Afraid To Debate Anyone."

OK, then, how about rasslin'?Earlier this morning, I attended the inaugural Long Business Tour at Trailliner Truck Lines terminal here in Springfield.

In a continuation of the conversation between Long and I, here is our exchange about candidate debates:

Jim Lee (JL): Well, you need to debate Eckersley. You need to do that.

Billy Long (BL): We’re trying to get it set up.

JL: You know,

BL: We’re trying, we’re working on it. Give us a little time.

JL: And, uh, uh, uh, just, uh, because that, that would, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like –I equate your debate and Eckersley with the school district fighting this, um, audit.

BL: I like it when KOLR10 says Long won’t debate Eckersley and they put a picture of me and him up there at their televised debate six weeks ago.

JL: Um

BL: On KOLR10.

JL: That wasn’t a debate. It, it, when you debate Eckersley you shut all the naysayers up, you know, you’re right up there.

BL: I’m not afraid to debate anyone. I did seventeen, I did more than anybody, you can call them debates or forums…

JL: They’re, they’re, those weren’t debates, Billy. Debater is where you have questions and you take answers (unintelligible).

BL: Whatever I do won’t satisfy you because if I do one you’ll say that wasn’t really a debate, so…

JL: Ok, all right.

BL: We can agree to disagree.

Long Aide: We’re working the details out.

JL: Well, I’d, I’d like to see them happen and the sooner the better.

BL: We’re trying to make them happen and you know..

Man: We need some more entertainment besides pro football.

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