Thursday, September 02, 2010

Billy Long Speaks At MSSU, Says Youth Needs To Be Engaged In Politics Then Ignores Their Attempt To Engage Him

Yesterday, Billy Long was in Joplin, speaking to a group at MSSU, encouraging them to be engaged in politics. Between 20 - 30 people attended the meet and greet.

He even tweeted about it:
Then, as this audio tape records, Billy completely ignores them as he is asked a serious question.

Once again Billy Long shows us he truly is "FED UP" with any attempt at serious conversation that goes beyond a 30 second sound bite.

Why didn't Billy Long answer that question about social security?

Read Eli Yokely's account on his blog, the fuse joplin. He was there:

Afterwords in the media availability, Long took questions from a reporter asking general questions on why he was speaking to the group and youth involvement, but when asked about social security reform, something incredibly relevant to college age students, Long ended the interview, and proceded to leave the building.

The Long Is Wrong blog raises some interesting questions also:
Billy Long continues to appear to be fed up with this whole election thing. After running from debates for the last month, Billy Long is puzzled why more young people aren't getting involved in politics. Perhaps, they have lost respect for the system because of dishonest people who choose to enter politics and not engage in debates and serious political discussion like Slick Billy himself. Once again, we are learning, Billy Long is avoiding the tough questions on the campaign trail.

Billy also appears to be FED UP with the Republican softball game.

Billy Long isn't ready for Congress.

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Long is Wrong said...

Billy encourages the youth to participate in politics and then shuts them out. Classic Billy, but who is really surprised based on the lack of depth in what will probably be the most embarrassing man to ever represent this district.

Billy Long is truly wrong. Answer the question Billy! That's one of the reasons what we elect representatives for--to report back to our district what is going on with our federal government. If you can't answer the question now, how can we expect answers when those bills grow increasingly more complexed for your unprepared brain?