Friday, September 03, 2010

Billy Long's Two Most Favorite Billboards

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Long is Wrong said...

The fun never stops!

Horse-farmer said...

Word verify is

so I had to come up with something to use that perfectly perfect word.

Billy is shipsing along, not caring for us, just for him.


Anonymous said...

That whole billboard thing sounded good while they drank beer and dealt cards.....but it is already backfiring on them. That type of mean spirited thing always does. Those responsible are already trying to hide their identities.

I've already started boycotting those businesses --- even my local Subway...and they probably were not directly involved but, oh well. Many of my co-workers are too.

No calls, no letters, just a good ol' boycott.

Anonymous said...

what businesses are responsible for the Obama billboard?

Busplunge said...

is the guy who put up the sign.

His clients include:
* Grandvista
* BlueGreen Corp.
* Cushman Properties
* JW Franklin Co.
* Silver Dollar City (Herschend Family Entertainment)
* Gage Properties
* Missouri Partners, Inc
* Searchlight Industries

Commercial One Brokers provides expedience, creativity and seasoned thinking on behalf of landlords and tenants. The firm has been instrumental in providing solutions for an elite list of Branson's most successful businesses:

* Fudruckers
* Cold Stone Creamery
* Blockbuster
* Maggie Moos
* Anderson Mechanical
* Ragin Rhino
* Jersey Mikes
* John Deere Stores
* Games to Order
* Subway
* Commerce Bank
* The Veterans Administration