Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Course He Hedged His Bets, He's A Poker Player. Has OTC Endorsed Billy? Their Board Member Is In His Campaign Ad.

Billy Long likes to gamble. He is a poker player, a high stakes poker player. A lady friend of mine has seen him in the casino just across the stateline at exit 1. She was there with some of her girlfriends and saw Billy in the place. I don't know for sure if he was gambling, he may have just been looking for a restroom.

I've got this sneaky suspicion that "Fed Up" was dreamed up as a campaign slogan, sort of like 'got milk' or 'we try harder'.

When I asked Billy why he gave $1,000 to Roy Blunt on November 23, 2009 even as he was campaigning on "fed up" with Washington, instead of giving it to Purgason, I didn't connect the dots.
Long didn't want Purgason to win. Purgason, for all the jokes about his toupee, was and is an honest man. He practices what he preaches. Long contribution to Blunt came when Purgason was in double digits in the polls and Roy couldn't crack 50%. Long hedged his bets and went with Blunt instead of Purgason. All this "Fed Up" crap that followed is just that, "Fed Up" crap.

I don't think in November 2009 Long was fed up with career politicians. Listen this exchange, I don't hear a fed up in there anywhere. I do hear a lot of whining about having to sell his business and how it ain't worth nothing without him. Naw, Fed Up was dreamed up to attract tea party crowd and boy, did they ever come! Billy swung so far right to get them, too.

This is the first instance I could find of "fed up". oh, that lady's voice is so serious, Obama, Pelosi, Billy Long, the prolife Republican (aren't they all?) with save the day! Say, Is that the newest OTC board member, Jeff Layman in that vidoe with Billy? Why, I believe it is! Does this mean the OTC supports Billy Long? And it is kinder, gentler Billy Long we see here, even if he doesn't look the part. He's starting to get fed up, getting into this fed up thing now. Look he's fed up with politiciains and their cronies---would he be talking about Roy and Tom and Jack maybe?

And thus we get to this--- Billy Long is Fed Up

But, he really wasn't fed up at all, that was just a campaign designed to get people to vote for him. And it worked! Only people didn't vote for Billy, they voted because they were fed up that their jobs are gone, that the war in Iraq is killing our boys, that economy is in the tank (thanks W2), their fed up with the direction the country is going. And Billy tapped into that and won the primary.

But Billy ain't fed up. Heck no. He's got a pretty good gig with the auction company, He's a regular at the finest restaurants and private parties in town. He hobknobs with car salesman, boot salesman and defense attorneys. He's not one of us. He went to Greenwood, fer crying out loud. 1969-1973. He gets manicures fer crying out loud! How's that going to play out down at the welding shop?

Some of us vote our pocketbook, most of us vote our convictions. We have been sold down the river. Billy Long no more believes in the tea party movement or the Spending Revolt but than I believe in the Easter Bunny.

Mark my words, if elected, Billy Long will vote to privatize social security for our younger people. He signed that Spending Revolt bus, that's one of their objectives, why else would Billy sign the bus unless he agreed with their platform.

Maybe he just signed it because he thought he could gain some votes?


Anonymous said...

The truest thing I've heard came out of the mouth of Bill Clinton. Imagine that. He thought these folks running for office to "stop spending" and "get our country back" need to debate and need to be asked by everyone for specifics.

They are long on campaign slogans and short on any factual information. Tell us something besides who you hate. We get it, you hate, it's your nature. You hate gays, you hate Mexicans (last month), you hate Muslims (this month). YOU NEED TO HATE. Listen to your talk radio and that's easy to pick up on. Now give us specifics.

I agree. Billy Long or any of the rest of these tea party people are not about to say WHAT they're going to cut, but it won't be their salaries, their health care or their pensions. F' no, you can bet on that.

People are being duped by these folks and someone, the media, someone better pin them down and start getting some answers and something besides slick campaign slogans. The last Republicans that ran this country nearly economically destroyed it. It will be years mending if it can be mended.

I miss Bill Clinton. Life was fun then and we all had jobs. We had a surplus, a balanced budget, and peace. Who knew we would want Clinton back?


Anonymous said...

Billy's a serial pledge signer, he signs anything and everything, including the fronts of checks he gives to Roy Blunt.

Sign on the dotted line, To most of us it is a pledge to buy a house, vouch to pay for a charge incurred, or to sign a check.

Long must just like signing his name. What an egotist.

Anonymous said...

Layman endorsed and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Long campaign long before he wass elected to the OTC Board.

He will be a good board member.

Anonymous said...

Okay help me out. Is it my imagination or does Billy look like one of the characters on South Park? I can't think of the character's name...he had a little tuft of blonde or white hair on top his head...not Kenny or Cartman, was it Butter's?

Help me out. I swear he looks like one of the South Park gang.

Anonymous said...

I went to the website...yep, it's Butters Billy looks like.

How fitting someone that fat would look like "Butters". Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Jeff Layman in laymens terms that Billy Long is a stupid man.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long is establishment not tea party