Thursday, September 09, 2010

Long Reneges On 10 Debate Agreement; Issues Counter Offer

The Springfield News-Leader's Cory De Vera reports on a Billy Long for Congress news release:

Republican Seventh District congressional nominee Billy Long has agreed to three debates/forums before the general election, his campaign announced in a news release

Ah, jeez, not this sh*t again.

Tonight, the Long campaign issued a press release saying that Long has agreed to three more debates/forums.* Which is a different tale from last August when he agreed to 10 courthouse debates.

A Long spokesperson said the reason the 10 courthouse debates at high noon won't work is because "People are working, taking care of their families, in school."

That's why all the debates need to be televised so voters can TIVO them and watch them when they aren't at work, or taking care of their families or in school. And there needs to be more than three, at neutral venues. Televised debates would also provide closed captioning for deaf voters.

Now, remember that when Long and I talked on Monday we had this exchange:

BL: Whatever I do won’t satisfy you because if I do one you’ll say that wasn’t really a debate, so…
JL: Ok, all right.
BL: We can agree to disagree.

Well Billy, I ain't satisfied.

You agreed to three debates on three dates at three venues. Who did you agree with? Saying you agreed implies that someone ---other than your campaign-- pro-offered those dates and venues and you accepted their offer. Who did you agree with?

Who decided KWTO? Who decided KSNF? and who decided the "Young Conservatives"?

From what I read, it seems like Long's campaign made those decisions. Reding told KOLR 10:
"The Eckersley campaign asked us to present our suggestions*** for the debates and that's what we've done here," says Royce Reding, Long's campaign manager. "Scott has told the media that he's willing to debate anywhere, anytime, so we just found venues that we thought provided the best venue for the voters of the seventh district."***
Ah, jeez, not this sh*t again. "Anywhere, anytime." Long said it, I heard it. Eckersley said it, Reding told us he did.****

What part of "anywhere anytime" don't these guys understand?

Remember when Long was on that radio station talking about making 'the deal'? I do. He said:
because I’ve been in sales, I’ve been in negotiations my whole life, OK, I’ve negotiated a million real estate deals, contracts, and, you have to have people that are dealing in good faith. When one is and one isn’t, you can’t get a deal put together...I’m not going to let Scott Eckersley cram things down my throat.

Long also said in this radio interview that Eckersley wanted the debates "it’s kinda like my way or the highway." He used the same phrase with me on Monday: "oh no, it’s that or nothing, my way or the highway, you know."

Now it seems like Long, though Royce Reding, is telling Eckersley that it's "my way or the highway." I guess a good saw cuts both ways?

I do not underestimate Billy Long. Anyone who plays poker for the kind of money he plays for has got to know how to bluff ---I can tell you I ain't never gonna play poker with him.

Billy is a salesman, a dang good one. He's a good auctioneer. He knows how to play a crowd, he knows how to work a deal. By his own admission he's negotiated a million deals and contracts.
Anyone who has ever bought a house or a car from a dealer knows how the game is played.

counter to the counter
counter to the counter to the counter
etc, etc, etc

Until finally both parties agree and a deal is consummated or you walk away.

Two major components of negotiating (remember, Long is experienced at this-- a million times experienced): Never accept the first offer and Never give concessions without getting one in return. Trust me on these two components, I know. Billy knows too.

Right now it looks like Long is counter offering Eckersley's offer. Which is to be expected from a seasoned real estate salesman like Long. You never accept their first offer. Make'em sweat, make'em sweeten the deal.

This is interesting political theater but we're running out of time Billy and Scott.

Come on guys, this ain't rasslin', this is serious business.

*On a blog posted Monday, frequent bus riders will recall that Billy Long suggested that "we can agree to disagree" on the difference between a debate and a forum.

**suggestions? But, but your press release said Long agreed to do three debates. Now you say these are just suggestions?

***Remember the two key components of negotiations: Never accept the first offer and never give a concession without getting one.

****In my conversation with Long, he stated, when the subject of debates arose, that "I’m not afraid of anybody. Anywhere, anytime, you know."

personal to Scott: recommended reading

Personal to Billy: "I mean these people are serial news releasers." LOL! Do you remember saying that to Nick Reed about Eckersley's campaign staff? I do. Pot. Kettle. Black. Especially since the first Eckersley heard of your counter offer was through a news release.

In fairness to you, you did foreshadow your counter offer while riding the bus.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Steelman for moderator!

Busplunge said...

I have since learned from a reliable source that the television station brokered the deal for the debate.

Which leads to the obvious question of why do tv in Joplin and not in Springfield?

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhhh. I like the Sarah ideal

Anonymous said...

The dreaded toe-hold, a wrestling hold in which the opponent's toe is held and his leg twisted against the joints.

Years and years and years ago when wrestling was a regular event at the Shrine Mosque, a wrestler was renowned for the toe-hold.
I want to call his name as he was billed as 'Joe McCarthy and the Dreaded Toe-Hold.'

But I'm easily confused. The McCarthy in politics and this guy were both of the same caliber.

Does anyone remember his name?

Busplunge said...

you talking about this dreaded toe hold?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but yes, yes, yes, this is the dreaded toe hold.

I wish I knew the name of that guy back in the 1950s at the Shrine Mosque. The men at the feed store would report each Saturday how he had used it to whip some villan in that week's match.