Saturday, September 11, 2010

National Blog Links To Busplunge, Long Stories Generate Lots of Traffic Also

Think Progress did a post on Friday (09.10.2010) titled "Blunt Releases Ad Attacking ‘Failed Stimulus,’ But Took Credit For Many Successful Local Stimulus Programs"

The money quote (as far as I am concerned):

– Blunt attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Ozone Disinfection System in the City of Springfield made possible by a $16 million combination low-interest loan and direct grant from the stimulus. As local blogger Jim Lee notes, Blunt’s ceremony unveiling the funding coincided with the one year anniversary of the stimulus. When approached about his opposition to the stimulus, Blunt simply smiled and said “no comment.”

Another post on this blog chronicled how Blunt's "no comment" reply evolved in this post: Roy Can Dance, Especially Around the Question: The Evolution of an Answer.
This blog has had over 2,000 visitors this past week, a week in which almost all the posts were about 7th District Republican Candidate Billy Long.

This indicates to me there is a lot of interest about the Long / Eckersley campaign, at least among people with computers. (Two other blogs also closely follow the 7th race Long Is Wrong and The Fuse Joplin.)

Thanks Billy, for riding the bus, thanks for answering my questions and thanks for being accessible.

Are you up for a another bus ride?

I've got some more questions.


Anonymous said...

Billy Long accessible? What have you been smokin'?

Anonymous said...

The famous, double-joker, dirty-dancin' photo.

Anonymous said...

Is Roy AG? I didn't think AG allowed dancing?

Anonymous said...

No. Roy was Baptist at one time. But with the new wife and adopted son, well.......things change.

Of course, you never want to take only one Baptist fishing with you. He'll drink all of your beer.

There also is a joke about Baptist and standing up and dancing but I forget the punch line.

Busplunge said...

Matt's still a Baptist. His web site says he attends "a Baptist church."

That would be like me saying I attend a catholic church instead of saying I attend St. Agnes or I am a member of St. Agnes.

Matt still has a website up, -- he's a problem solver. I mean it's on the internet so it must be true.