Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#10 With A Bullet!

It's Got A Good Beat And It's Easy To Dance To, Dick.


Anonymous said...

Billy Long is as wide as he is tall.

Anonymous said...

But will he actually debate or are the staffers, as we speak, preparing a good excuse for why Billy is a "no show"?

The "no show" seems to be real popular with other tea party candidates. Just beg off and you don't have to answer any questions. None of that liberal media arch enemy asking hard questions about tea party positions regarding ending social security, medicare, unemployment, and repealing the new health care law. Not to mention ending the oversight on Wall Street and stop "picking on" the big banks with unnecessary regulations. And while were at it, let's just repeal all taxes.

How to not show? You can:

-Be sick.
-Have a scheduling conflict.
-Channel Obama's dead father and have him cause a natural disaster.
-Be called away to Washington for a much more important meeting with the RNC or the AMA.
-Take a trip to Iraq to support the troops.
-Ditto to Afghanistan.

You'll get more press not showing than you do showing up and answering questions and being expected to cough up specifics on some of the stupid stuff you've said.