Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaves From An Ozark Journal -- May - June, 1937

It's been awhile since we've shared anything from E.T. Sechler's Leaves From An Ozark Journal. Picking up where the bus stopped last:

Trip to Illinois home May 10-12. Mrs. Watson very sick with cancer. L.P. Jarvis very sick. He died May 17th. Big crowd and four preachers at his funeral May 18th. I wrote his obituary and learned L.P.'s father was a preacher, too. A cousin, Anna Jarvis, was the founder of Mother's Day. L.P. Jarvis was buried in Pisgah by the side of his first wife. L.P. hoped one of his sons would be a preacher. L.P. was a pioneer preacher in Texas Co. Seven years pastor at Plato.
Rural Preachers Institute at Camp Aurora in Dallas County--17 preachers present. Drake, Eckhoff, Werner, Todd, Burger, L.V. Brown, Crance, Millard, Waterman, Welty, etc.

Talk with a man who had left his family to live with another woman. I was told to keep my _ _ _ nose out of his business. I asked him to see his wife and settle troubles out of court.

Soon I called on two men who said to me, "You never make people angrey." To this I replied, "You wouldn't have thought so had you seen me five minutes ago."

Churches helping to send Mrs. Gourley to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. I took her on my way back to Rantoul May 24.
Reading "J.B. Larimore and his Boys." Leland Gourney a guest in our home May 29-30. He still keeps preaching in mind but plans to specialize in journalism at U. of Oklahoma.

Preached at Houston May 30 --four additions, there of which were confessions. Sermon, "Memorials of Christianity." (1)Sunday (2) Lord's Supper (3) Lord's Burial--Baptism.

Committee reported Church Budget over subscribed. Building Committee appointed. Good crowd at baptizing at Brushy Creek. L.V. Brown pleased at his call as pastor at Stoutland. Finished Leadership Class in Dr. Tilley home.

June 1st a registered letter calling me for Mrs. Beaumont' funeral

June 2. 120 people at Plato Amateur Contest. Earl Smith won third place.

At the funeral June 3 for Mrs. Beaumont I met her sisters and professor Byrnes from Milligan, Tennessee.

More Socials and Ice Cream Parties at Houston and Oak Hill in behalf of Lindenlure Camp Fund. At Summersville 18 families of 26 in membership represented.

My first trip to Eminence June 7. A side trip to Round Spring. At Arroll there was a large crowd for the Ice Cream Social, Music and Games.
June 8. I was subpoenaed to appear in Court at Houston as a witness. E.E.Moffat with me. The courts seemed shocked when I qouted the words of the defendant in the case.

Reading "Behavioristic Psychology" by Karl Stolz, Pastoral Psychology is worthy of several quotes:
"Good preaching so searches and finds the individual that he is moved to appeal to the pastor for private aid" p.24.
"Unification of the individual depends on continued reconstruction of personality" p.26.
"To praise a child is to put him on his mettle" p.31.
"Balanced personality is characterized by emotional stability," p.37. "Listen to child's own explanation" p.45. "Blaming others for our misfortunes is an infantile attitude." p.105. "In our competitive social order, an adequate income is one of the most effective builders of self-esteem" p.143. "Play and recreation destroy fears," p.153. "Only when people like us can we them good" p.235.

June 13 call came for two funeral to be held on June 14---J.T.Dixon and Mrs. S.T. Sillyman. Mr. Dixon's funeral at Pisgah, then to Emory Chapel for Mrs. Sillyman's service.

Lulu Lunte visited in Springfield June 17 where we visited one hour and then drove to Prairie Grove for the Ice Cream Social. Near 100 at High Prairie next night.

Lulu with us at Plato and for the Success Picnic later.

At Big Creek Singing Convention I met several people from Nagle and made a date to preach there July 5.

Three cars helped bring children to Plato Vacation School. 87 enrolled. Average attendance 67. Six Sunday Schools cooperated.

At Oak Hill Ailene Britzman made the good confession. Offering $5.37.

On June 27 Lulu, Virgil and Errett's came for church at Plato. A great family reunion. Nora and I celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Mary McGuire baked a cake for us. Forty Children gave a Program at night.

Church Board voted to invite Guy Howard of Cross Timbers to fill pulpit third Sunday in July.

Lulu gave each of our kiddies a dollar and got us new linoleum for our front room.

The Pop Stand at Success Picnic failed us. I saw three drunk men there, two of whom were my friends. I took a cold pop drink with them. Lulu was horrified over my friends. "What will people say?"

At Summersville I told H.H. Richards, "not what happens to us but in us," is of first importance.


Sara said...

Like the links, Dad! Good stuff, makes me want to go walking around old cemetarys

Anonymous said...

Take the time to do that Sara, and a camera.

I've taken Fall days over several years and taken photos of family lineage final resting places in about 20 cemeteries. Have that many more to go.

Found a headstone in Thayer that said "bee keeper" engraved in the stone.

Busplunge said...

Sara, were you with me when I came across this tombstone?