Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whose "FED UP" Is It OR HEY, Those Ain't Lug Nuts On Those Cows!

Remember when Roy Blunt did this farm ad last July and the Fired Up Missouri Photshop department staffers were wondering if maybe it was filmed in front of a green screen?

It was in this ad that Roy talked about all his accomplishments likebeing a high school teacher, the first in his family to go to college, a college president, and a whole bunch of other stuff but he never mentioned being a career politician and friend of Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay.

This ad was remarkable only in its forgetableness--forever brazen in our memories as, "yeah, that ad he filmed in front of the green screen, you remember it, don't ya?"

Now lets look at Robin Carnahan's ad. This ad is funny. yeah, a negative ad that's funny. But I want how they got the cows to all line up with their rumps to the camera? And which unlucky Carnahan staffer got to spread the bs all over the cow's tail side?

(I just watched the ad again in proofing this piece, that cattle in that clip, they ain't steers, they're BULLS!)

You got to admit it, Carnahan's ad is funny. Especially the part when she imitates (not an easy thing to do when you are a skinny female) Billy Long and says she's fed up too!

Think Billy will go after her for stealing his campaign slogan?

How can he? If he does, he admits it's nothing but a slogan.

If he doesn't, he admits that Carnahan is right, Roy IS a career politician and Billy shouldn't even be seen in the same room with him, let alone giving him money, what with all that "Fed Up" Bull Billy was shouting about in the primary Remember, pointing his finger at the audience and telling them he's fed up and he approves this message? I do.

And that's just what it is, Bull.

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