Monday, September 27, 2010

The Auctioneer Is In! Long To Debate Himself! Scheduled To Hold Forum All By Himself! He's Going Solo!

The Auctioneer is in He's doesn't know what speech to give! He needs to pick one: the "All About Me" or "I'm FED UP" speech.

Auctioneer Billy Long has graciously consented to honor the Springfield Chamber of Commerce with his presence at an October 14, 2010 event billed as ""7th Congressional District Candidate Forum: Billy Long"

The Springfield Chamber had pro-offered nine dates available for Long and Scott Eckersley to appear on the dias together and participate in a forum before the Chamber.

Long, "I ain't afraid of anybody, anytime, anywhere", refused to appear on the same dias with his opponent, so he's going solo.

The Chamber should have just told Long and Eckersley, "Here is the date, show up or we'll put an empty chair up there."

Here is a preview of what can be expected at Billy's appearance at the Chamber meeting:

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